Dog Missing After Family Tragedy

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BLOOMSBURG -- Family members say Charles Lawton of Bloomsburg was a great man and they are devastated over his sudden death almost two weeks ago at age 62.

"He loved his family, he was a great man and he's very much missed," daughter Cherry Slusser said.

Family members say Charles was driving on Millville Road on May 29, and pulled over because he was having a heart attack. He died behind the wheel. The family's dog, Susie, with in the car with Charles, and ran away once firefighters got there. Susie is still missing.

"She's very timid. She was really connected to him. Now she's traumatized, so I doubt very highly that she might go to somebody, however, she may collapse if she doesn't get food soon," Bonnie Lynn said.

The Lawton family is desperate to find Susie. They enlisted the help of Bonnie Lynn, who owns Bellabons Pet Recovery, which is based out of Muncy.

"I have had feeding stations set up and trail cameras but just haven't caught her yet," Lynn said.

Charles' wife Darla says Susie looks similar to the dog in this picture. She weighs about 40 pounds and is an all-black cockapoo. Susie was recently groomed, and is 4 years old.

"I'm just hoping that someone who may have picked her up doesn't think she was a stray or a dumped dog, that she does belong to somebody," Lynn said.

The family said Susie and Charles were inseparable and Darla feels the dog is her connection to her late husband.

"My dad just absolutely loved this dog. He would always say to my mom she's not just beautiful, she's gorgeous," Slusser said.

"I guess everybody could imagine what she felt like getting the word about her husband and then also that the dog was gone and we can't find the dog," Lynn said.

If you do see this dog, the family is asking people not to chase her because she is probably scared and is a very timid dog.

If you have any information about Susie the cockapoo, you are asked to contact Bonnie at Bellabons Pet Recovery at 244-1789, day or night.


  • Bonnie S

    I guess you didnt listen, this dog was traumatized by a window smashed out, sirens ect… Lisa, you are so right ;) Thats a very uneducated person to say the least…

  • really?

    The only timid dogs are those that were beat. A dig that runs away from humans is an abused dog.
    Poor dog.

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