A Blast from the Bahamas: The Antoan Richardson Story

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Antoan Richardson grew up in Nassau, Bahamas, and is now a professional baseball player in the Yankees organization. Currently playing outfielder for the SWB RailRiders, Richardson grew up in a place that didn't really have a form of organized baseball. He played some softball as a child on the island, but didn't start seriously playing baseball until he came to America. At 16, he discovered that his speed, dedication, and accuracy could likely give him a college career in the sport. But, with no baseball player from the Bahamas turning pro in the last 28 years, Antoan, didn't think that he could actually make a living playing ball. He went to a junior college out of high school and then went on to play at Vanderbilt University. In 2005, he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants, and played five years with the organization. He then went to the Atlanta Braves where he made his major league debut! That moment was one he will never forget. Antoan felt that making it to the big leagues was a big moment for the people of the Bahamas. He felt proud to accomplish something that few had before him. Known for stealing bases, and with the highest on base percentage on the RailRiders roster, Antoan is just taking the game day by day, and hopes to continue being an asset to his team.