Police Seize $14,000 Worth of Uncut Heroin in Scranton

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Police in Lackawanna County arrested four people Friday after finding drugs during a traffic stop along Pittston Avenue in Scranton.

Police made the arrests around 11 a.m. on Friday.

Authorities say they found 21 grams of uncut heroin with a street value of $14,000.

Investigators say the raw drugs would amount to 700 stamp bags of heroin.

Additionally, police say they seized needles, scales and $1150 cash.

Police have not released the names of those arrested.

Lackawanna County detectives and the Scranton Police Department Street Crimes Units assisted in the investigation.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.




  • Stella

    We all have and should exercise the right to refuse to allow our vehicle to be searched . The law enforcement officer asks your permission to search…. You are by no means obligated to give it to them. Having nothing to hide is all the more reason to exercise this right . If they truly have reason to believe you are concealing some sort of contraband or other otherwise covering any illegal activity of any kind , they can hold you right there while obtain a search warrant .

    • BastiatRules

      How do you know there was probable cause? I don’t see any evidence of that in the story. There are far more people who have their vehicles torn apart and nothing is found. They did it to my wife, who was transporting donation bags to the Salvation Army. Those aren’t reported on the news…for obvious reasons.

      • BQBM

        I am sure your wife didn’t fit the usual description for a drug bust, however, if everyone thought like you, there would be no busts at all! We can just hope and pray no innocent people ever get hurt in one of these situations. More importantly given situations of abduction this would be a plus as well. I for one have nothing to hide either, therefore, let law enforcement do what is has to do to make the things better and sager for us. They’re not perfect true that, but that’s neither and excuse or a license to give criminals an easier time of it!

    • bobc74

      And while we’re at it we should just give up the pretense that we live in a “free” country and pretend there is no such documents as The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. (sarcasm)

      • tom

        A free country doesn’t mean one is free to break laws-a dangerous situation could arise if one is in crossfire in a bad. deal.As much as I hate to admit it-I guess there should be searches.

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