Day 4 of Testimony in Murder Trial Against Neil Pal

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SCRANTON -- Keri Tucker, the ex-girlfriend of Jason Dominick took the stand on Thursday, the fourth day of testimony, at the trial of Neil Pal for the July 2013 murder of Frank Bonacci.

During her testimony, Tucker said she also dated Bonacci for a short time before his death, adding she felt like she was in the middle between Bonacci and Dominick.

Tucker said Dominick wanted to fight Bonacci on June 8, 2013. She said, that night, Dominick and Pal told Bonacci to meet them at Step Falls, the area where Bonacci's body and vehicle was discovered a week after he went missing.

During her testimony, Tucker broke down while reading text messages she had with Dominick. She said she was getting different information from Dominick on the night Bonacci went missing and started to get suspicious.

The prosecution played a recorded phone call between Tucker and Dominick the day after Bonacci was found. During the conversation Dominick said, "Neil didn't do it. I was with Neil the whole time."

Tucker also said that Pal was the more dominant one in Pal and Domick's friendship and the only person Dominick would get a gun from would be pal.

James Bonacci, Frank Bonacci's uncle, also testified.

James Bonacci read Facebook messages between him and Pal while Frank Bonacci was missing.

When police found Bonacci's body and jeep on July 27, 2013, Bonacci's uncle messaged Pal saying they found him. Pal responded: "I heard. Sorry for your loss. Any word on cause of death yet?"

Dunmore police officer Tom Butler gave his testimony on Thursday morning. A recording of an interview with Neil Pal just a few days after Frank Bonacci went missing was played for the jury. The interview ended with talking about Bonacci and said, "He was one of my best friends."

Court will not be in session on Friday because both the judge and attorneys have previous commitments. The jury will be back in the Lackawanna courtroom to hear the rest of the trial against Neil Pal on Monday.