Robert Mericle Reports to Prison

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One of the highest profile defendants in Luzerne County's "Kids for Cash" scandal reported to federal prison on Monday.

Businessman Robert Mericle will serve his time at a minimum security prison camp near Minersville in Schuylkill County where he reported on Monday afternoon.

Mericle was sentenced in April to one year behind bars and a quarter million dollar fine.  He admitted to knowing two Luzerne County judges took bribes to help keep open a juvenile detention center near Pittston.


  • tom

    You got to love it-mininmum security prison-sounds like a resort community.Why not county jail-like regular commoners.

  • jim

    all the kids have been perfect little angels their entire lives ? that’s like saying WILK’s Corbit is a news guy. Ain’t true !

    • John Redcorn

      There is a major difference between making a childish mistake and knowingly making an adult mistake to profit. Did any of these kids do anything to ruin another persons life and did they ever make national news and have a movie made about how badly corrupt they are?

  • P. Kersey (clean up the streets)

    Only 1/4 million dollar fine is a joke. Should be about 5 million!!! Also 5+ years for what this scum bag did. Wish he would have been investigated even more! ROT IN H#@L!!!

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