Trial Begins For Second Bonacci Murder Suspect

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SCRANTON -- The trial of a second man is now underway for the murder of a man from Dunmore.

His alleged conspirator is already convicted.

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of Neil Pal for last summer's shooting death of Frank Bonacci in Scranton.

Late Monday afternoon the judge denied the defense's request to move the trial to another county because of all the attention on the Bonacci case.

Neil Pal of Scranton is charged with first and third degree murder. Prosecutors have labeled him as the accomplice to Bonacci's murder.

It took attorneys from both sides all day to pick a jury, six women and six men along with four alternate jurors. They'll decide whether to convict Pal after hearing testimony the rest of the week.

Neil Pal's co-defendant Jason Dominick was convicted of third degree murder in his own trial last month.

Pal faces the same charges and the same potential sentence even though prosecutors don't believe he pulled the trigger.

Attorneys told jurors Monday afternoon that they expect it to take seven days to get through all the evidence in the case that will start after opening statements, scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors will try to prove Pal provided the gun used to kill Frank Bonacci of Dunmore in July of 2013.

Bonacci disappeared after a party. His body was found in his SUV at the bottom of a ravine near Nay Aug Park.

Police believe Jason Dominick of Scranton is the one who pulled the trigger. He was found guilty of third degree murder and conspiracy after a trial in Scranton last month. Dominick is awaiting sentencing.

Police also believe Dominick and Pal put a rock on the accelerator of Bonacci's gas pedal, sending it over the cliff, hiding the vehicle from view for a week.

At his trial, Dominick testified and told the jury he didn't do it. He said it was Neil Pal who pulled the trigger.