Financial Impact of Natural Gas Drilling

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Counties throughout Pennsylvania learned what their shares will be from the impact fee collected from natural gas drilling.

Bradford County will collect nearly $7 million from the fee. Susquehanna County gets $5.4 million.

Nearly $5 million goes to Lycoming County, and Wyoming County's share is expected to be a little more than $1 million.

All four counties are among the most in the state.

Townships, boroughs, and cities found out their shares on Monday as well. The funds come from a statewide distribution of $135 million, paid by companies drilling gas in Pennsylvania last year.


  • Lisa

    The funny thing is that no one ever mentions that the gas companies are not the ones who actually pad the impact fee or to have the roads fixed. The money is deducted for landowners royalties prior to payment.

  • The impact fee should be distributed to adjoining or other nearby affected counties. The vehicles that provide chemicals, sand and supplies to the sites often are leaving from the rail yard in Scranton or Taylor. The roads here are negatively affected by

    The impact fee should be distributed to adjoining or other nearby affected counties.
    The vehicles that provide chemicals, sand and supplies to the sites often are leaving from the rail yard in Scranton or Taylor. The roads here are negatively affected by the weight and number of these vehicles. There should be a fair distribution of funds to Lackawanna or other affected counties.

  • toddreeder

    People say we shouldn’t criticize fracking because it brings money and jobs to people. Alot of good that does to people who can’t drink their water because it is polluted from fracking. And people say thousands of people would be out of jobs in West Virginia if the didn’t have coal mining. Hundreds of thousands can’t drink or use their water because a chemical used to wash coal leaked and polluted the water. They can’t drink or use their water. But thousands still have coal industry related jobs.

    • Drill Baby Drill

      Tod How Many HUndreds of Thousands of PPL Cant Drink there Water here in PA due to FRACing? That was one co’s mistake in the very begining. And shame on them for that , But they also fixed the problems they caused and prob bettre then before. The water thing you need to really look up, cause i have heard that same story now since it happened 6 yrs ago. But Strangly enough nothing since.. GOOF! STFUS

      • toddreeder

        It wasn’t caused by an accident. It was likely caused by carelessness. Or people who weren’t properly trained. The companies told the people the water would be safe no matter what. And they lied. In 2012 the EPA says Dimock water is safe to drink. The Gov’t failed to inspect thousands of wells at risk. The EPA would drink the water after the told people it was safe to drink. Residents told the EPA drink it yourself if it is safe. The people from The EPA refused. Why would they refuse to drink water they say is safe?

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand the idiocy of people around here. Some of you act like the gas companies are doing us a favor. Let me say this slowly so you can understand…..WE.HAVE.THE.GAS. You talk like if we charge too much, they’ll go away. They want the gas,they’ll pay for it and they should pay for it. Last year, we charged more in taxes on the casinos than any of our neighboring states. Other states that they could set up shop and forget Pennsylvania. They stayed here and they still made money.

    • Chris Novrocki

      If we/you have the gas Jeff, then maybe you’d like to go and get it. Companies pay 3x’s the taxes IN TOTAL as a company does in Texas. So just because we CAN tax them more doesn’t mean we should.

    • Drill Baby Drill

      Jeff says WE HAVE THE GAS, and Talks like the state is going to set the price of it…. No NOT at ALL Jeff WE and living here in PA WILL be the Ones paying in the end every MTH when you get your BILL Goof! They will pay if need be, However so will you and I and the rest of us. Talk about IDIOCY! Get a Grip stupid! They are doing us a Favor, employing ppl, Cutting Welfare, Purging the Economy with new Businesses that come here. That give our kids jobs. See When I saw the cut unemployment and boosted jobs its not just jobs in the Gas Industry. It reflects all the Businesses that came into the area and also had to staff ppl. Everyone thinks of that BIg Drill Rig Shining into the air and thinks its all abiout that! What about the way of life ppl are living now and how much better our numbers look now Vs. 6 years ago. And how easy it is to Find a job. Not to mention the expanded College Courses now just for this industry. It’s not just about the gas its everything that you need to sit back and look at. The Politicians and Pocket Greasers in the Big Cities are Pissed of the Power Shift! They can’t just comein and toss the money around and get there way anymore! Central PA and Places like it nlw don’t need the Money they toss around and can actually thinking for better things and People like you don’t like giving others a say. Its all about you and what you want! NOt what is best for the Area!

      • Drill Baby Drill

        And the thing that gets me is the Fact that the Gas Industry Already Pays to have every Road it Travels Fix! Sometimes Better then they were Prior! And this isn’t something new!

  • Drill Baby Drill

    That seems like a awfull lot of money just given out for doing nothing , that is except complaining all the time! We should all be greatful at the amount of jobs that it has brought to the area. Let alone the money it has given out to each land owner. I don’t see anyone complaining when they cash those checks at the bank! Weather the are “impact fees” or royalties , Or leases, or pay checks supporting families employed. Or Misc. fines mearly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They don’t talk about how the state has already been making money this hole time on taxes, water, and there own land! Everyone wants there hand out for doing nothing. Be happy with what you get or they just my pick up and shut it all off leaving thousands of People Unemployed! AGAIN! And loosing there homes cause they can pay for them, living on the streets! Great idea lets chase them all out! And buy more foreign oil and depend our other countries to bail us out. I mean put us in dept farther !

  • Roscoe McCloskey

    This pathetically small amount of money can not come close to paying for all the damage done by this industry. John, you say you worry that the funds will disappear if they apply a tax? I worry that the process of extraction will continue and destroy even more before the gas runs out. Tax this industry enough to mitigate the damage they do and I will consider it proper. Anything less is theft! As Aunti and Garrett both have indicated, this money does not go to the people, it barely benefits the people at all.

  • Garrett smith

    Yeah I almost choked on my coffee Aunti you’ll see that when pigs fly and I don’t mean maxwell


      No. The municipalities get the money not individuals. They can use the money to fund projects as they see fit. Our township has used these much needed funds for road projects and to buy much needed equipment. I worry that these fund will disappear if an extraction tax is applied to the gas companies.

      • oops

        The gas companies fixed the roads before the impact fees and now the impact fee money does that…. let’s see how many roads get fixed

      • Jon

        Your worries are correct. Contained within Act 13 is a provision that eliminates the impact fee in the event that an excise tax is enacted. As far as I have seen, no plans for an excise tax have included provisions to keep funding in the communities currently receiving impact fee money.

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