Carnival Rescued By Community in Turbotville

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TURBOTVILLE---The Turbotville Area Community Carnival kicked off Monday night.

The carnival in Turbotville has been a tradition since the 1930’s.

"We come over probably every night, especially for Randy's hot sausage," laughed John Wolfe, a Turbotville Area Lions Club member.

"It's fantastic, I hope it does real good, I really do. And I think it will because the community really is behind it," said Carl Heiss of Turbotville.

The Warrior Run Area Fire Department ran the carnival for years, but last year, fire officials said they were ending things.

They said it took too much manpower to run the carnival.

Folks in Turbotville were not willing to lose their community carnival.

A group of volunteers got together, collected donations, arranged for entertainment, concessions and rides.

"We had a good crew, everybody pitched in and here we go!" laughed Christina Mensch, head of the carnival committee.

Organizers said they do not just want to keep this community tradition going.

They want it to grow.

They said for the first time in Turbotville history there will be fireworks this year at the carnival on Wednesday night.

“We’re bringing back some things and putting new things into perspective to try to make this bigger and better than before," said Cathie Harrison of Harrison's Concessions, which serves the carnival's famous hot sausage.

The Turbotville Area Community Carnival runs through Saturday.


  • hulsizer5

    My wife and I were in Wednesday evening into the Turbotville Community Carnival and as we were in the Train Station, I looked out through the windows . I watched the crowd and as it got larger and larger .I realized that the Community had done it. They had joined arm and arm and made it work. I had heard different folks talking about what was planned and coming together. I saw the excitement in their faces and in their voices. You know a lot of times, things happen for a reason. I don’t think we should be disappointed in our Fire Company or point the finger they carried it many years. I think it was time for a change of the guard per say. It is there responsibility to care for are safety in case of a fire and maybe it was time for them to have that time to work on their skills or learn new things and do what we really rely on them for our safety . The Community has proved to us they can handle this responsibility and it brings all of us out of are homes to see each others faces rather than a Facebook photo or on Twitter .We miss the personal communication with each other today. When we work together, regardless what you volunteer to do you talk and help each other and find out who your neighbor is or the one across the street or from downtown. If you haven’t made that commitment give it a try .I’m very proud of our community for all the planning and hard work they have done and yet to do. Also a Thank You for all that donated for the Fireworks they were top notch .The young man who put the display on tonight was a son of our long time resident. So if you do give volunteering a try, you may just find out that, what we have been missing is the personal touch of the world around us.

  • Tristan S. Wertman

    The fire department has been nothing but sportive of the Turbotville community carnival. you keep making us out to be the bad guys. is that a fact? ask the carnival committee how many tents the fire company has let them use, ask them who donated the power poles and electrical equipment to put a little light on the subject. we even sent one of our food trailers over to be used by one of the local churches to sell food out of. ask them who’s contracts were signed at the end of last years carnival.( band,rides,etc..) The cake wheel and the soda pitch equipment was also allowed to them for there use this week. It was a very tough decision to make to go down to one Carnival a year. yes we did ask for help from the community with no response. we wish you great success and only can hope that we stop being looked upon as the bad guy in this situation. p.s WNEP i hope we can get the coverage and support from you and the community of Turbotville when it comes to the one remaining carnival that we have starting next week June 9-14. i think maybe its time to stop pointing fingers and all of us come together as the WARRIOR RUN AREA that we all live in.

  • DuEast

    Way to pull it together guys! I tip my hat! The statement that, “The Warrior Run Area Fire Department ran the carnival for years, but last year, fire officials said they were ending things.,” perplexes me though? They said it took too much manpower to run the carnival.” Isn’t it like that for all the carnivals? So why leave Turbotville out? We definitely will be there for Aftermath! If the fire departments who run these things need more help do they not ask for it? I am sure the communities will be all too willing to chip in one way or another!

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