Woman Arrested With Child and Heroin in Car

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SCRANTON -- Police arrested a woman for drugs after she allegedly led them on a chase with a child and drugs in the car

Officers said Lisa O'Leary would not pull over when they followed her with their lights on Saturday morning.

According to officials, O'Leary had 210 bags of heroin and a hypodermic needle with her. Police said her 4-year-old daughter was also in the car with her.

O'Leary is locked up in the Lackawanna County Prison, and her child is with Lackawanna County Children and Youth Services.


  • Ashleigh

    First off, I (unfortunately) know a lot of people who’ve been addicted to heroin, have gone to jail, been on probation, gone through ALL the programs, etc…and are still on heroin HARDCORE after years of in and out of jail, and I don’t just mean one person. AND YOU! @Dueast, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!? It disgusts me to see such ignorance in this state, yes I understand this is a widespread problem, but take a look in the mirror, YOU do not make it any better, your ignorance and arrogance does nothing but worsen this awful problem, people like you do nothing but spew from the mouth and make this matter worse, you judge people you have no right judging, people you don’t know, people you’d never give the time of day to, maybe that person walking down your street was down on their luck, maybe they had medical or mental issues? You don’t know! And for you to just judge right off the bat makes me disgusted. It’s sad this is what our world has come to, just nothing but judgment. maybe open your eyes for once instead of your mouth sweetie. and WTF @concerned ?! are you joking??? You’re the only one who brought up race, to even insinuate she won’t be charged is beyond racist. How can you complain with the comments you’ve chosen to submit and then say what you’ve stated? THATS RACIST.What you’ve stated is an assumtion that because this woman is white, she won’t be charged? Are you serious? … You people (and @concerned I mean all the ignorant people who comment and just never open their eyes, thought i’d clear that up before you attack me next) are just as much part of the problem, not the solution. All of the comments on so many posts on this site I see are just pure insanity. It makes me want to move.
    How can you be so close minded? I agree with Jay, you people need to wake up.What makes the person who (unfortunately) walked down YOUR street a heroin addict/out of place? I bet if I walked down your street you’d label me a junkie because of the way I look, but guess what IM NOT, what because I’m covered in tattooed, have red hair and wear dark clothes? lmao. You people are ignorant. I have a job, I’ve modeled professionally, I have a huge heart and what because of the way I look I deserve to be judged? I disagree, which makes me feel bad for the lot of you, just because someone stands out does not mean they deserve to be judged. This woman got what she had coming, she made a horrific mistake and now she will spend time in jail and most likely lose her child, which I believe is a good punishment, however it is sad that a lot of the time this addiction is too strong and no matter what programs, rehabs or jail stints these people do, nothing helps, it has a lot to do with them also, if they dont make the effort it wont work, so I’m not supporting them either, Im just trying to explain so maybe you can open your eyes. Just the fact that people are so quick to judge and overlook so many things … its sad. I DO NOT support junkies or drunks in anyway, but Im not closeminded either, just take a look around, maybe try to help, instead of judging, not all can be helped some dont want to be, and thats there loss and fault, but there are good people with bad problems …

  • jay

    ok so far from what i read out of these comments, is nothing but racist and prejudice remarks. yes what happened is shameful and down right wrong. but answer me this, do you know the ” heroin addict” that walked down your street? what makes him an addict? what if he has a medical condition? who are we to judge that he is out of place!! and to the person going on about race, as YOU stated, NO ONE mentioned race! to say ” i bet no charges will be filed” was by far the most racist thing said. im going to go out on a limb and say your a person of color, but what does that matter?? its people like you that are the prob. WAKE UP!!!

  • tom

    What a dumb broad-with her child there too.Child should be taken away and she should never be allowed to see her again.Now we’ll have hear all the comments about how sad this bimbo’s life is-no money-an addict-all the sad sob crap.if people like her got a job they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense.I do not feel bad for druggies & drunks.

  • Concerned

    its funny how there are no racist remarks for this article, however, had the mother been of color or Hispanic it would have been a different ball game. My point there is scum in every nationality, scum does not come with a race. Wrong is wrong despite your heritage or where you come from. People need to stop focusing on where the person comes from and more on how we can make things better. There are black drug dealers, white drug dealers, and Hispanic drug dealers. A criminal is a criminal they come from good homes and bad homes. We need to stop looking at what does not matter and start paying attention to the things that are bringing our youth down, blame it on who you want but I guarantee that wont change a thing. Wake up!

  • DuEast

    Wow woman, just wow. If you really care about your daughter, you will get your act together or let someone else give her a better life..you gave chase to police with your daughter in the care? You need to snap out of it. I hope they give you enough time to clean up and wise up!

  • Capt Bogart

    Once again this person/persons picked the wrong county to deal in. In Susquehanna County one can deal in broad daylight, and this seems to be acceptable to law enforcement.

    • DuEast

      That’s a shame sorry to hear this. It’s a widespread problem to be sure. Larger towns in NEPA are becoming the new slums of PA. I hope they start cracking down in your county soon! They have no choice! No sooner than I was sharing a story of our misadventures of people we knew TOO close to home with heroin; down comes one walking random on a nice quiet tree-lined family neighborhood of nice folks. I cannot tell you how out of place this guy looked. Thank God he didn’t bother no one, but it was the last thing I expected to see!

      • DuEast

        Thumbs down? OK fine. Maybe you don’t mind zombies walking around in broad daylight while kids are out playing. Maybe we should just start picking them off sniper style? The govt’ officials have to start to clean this up! The cops are working hard to do their job only to find the same addicts and dealers back on the street after a cat nap in jail. The should be kept in there until they’ve gone through withdrawal and on a counseling and medication program. WITH ankle bracelets. As for the dealers? If they don’t stick to an education and job-training program lock them back up until they learn they are NOT going to get away with dealing drugs. And when they bust the crime lords? Never, never, never let those SOB’s out…ever again. Life.

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