Fire Destroys a Barn and Kills Two Calves

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GREGG TOWNSHIP -- Fire destroyed a barn along Route 44 near Allenwood.

According to reports, the fire at the farm could be seen three miles away when the flames were reported around 5:30 Saturday afternoon.

The place collapsed and authorities believe two calves were killed in the blaze.

No one was hurt, and officials have not said what caused the barn fire in Union County.


  • Sharon Lynn

    I am disgusted to see that the injuries of the dog left there to die and her rescuers injuries are not mentioned, talk about a miscarriage of justice going on here…Please contact those tending to this poor dog and get a story of a survivor thanks to her rescuers NOT the owners who stood there watching this dog on fire.

  • Lala

    When a dog is CHAINED to a burning barn, your freakin kidding me that the right thing to do is to let it die, The owners didn’t care one bit about that poor dog. Maybe if more people had compassion for animals, then maybe they would be better citizens in this country

  • Garrett smith

    I’m sure there is reason behind all of it. Just glad no humans were killed fighting the fire as we’ve come to look after pets these days more then we do our own.

  • Lala

    You need to run the story about the German Shepherd dog that was tied to the barn & the family told a person who was trying to help it to let it die or kill it. Thankfully the woman didn’t listen and took the dog to the Emergency Vet for care in Watsontown. Help is needed to pay the vet bill obviously the people who own the dog don’t care about it. The dog will also need a good home. Please get this out there

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