New York Times Features Landmark Destination in Wayne County

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HAWLEY -- "The Poconos for a Pittance" - that`s the title of this week`s New York Times travel article that`s creating a buzz in one part of Wayne County.

Folks at the Hawley Silk Mill are taking to some new-found fame and exposure, some didn`t even know about.

Tucked away off Route 6 in Wayne County sits the Hawley Silk Mill -

A growing hot spot in town that caught the eye of a New York Times travel reporter this Memorial Day Weekend.

His article entitled 'The Poconos for a Pittance' featured his affordable stay in Promised Land State Park and his travels -

"We first knew because a friend texted us a link to the article, my husband then sent it around to the family," said Silk Mill Owner Jeanne Genzlinger.

Genzlinger owns the Silk Mill in Hawley with her family and says the reporter stopped and shopped here in their Mill Market, bought some beer, and got a guided tour from the man behind much of this artwork on display - and wrote all about it.

"You know, I never take for granted who`s coming over here. Everybody is very welcome. And I feel so honored to meet so many people from different areas," said Looking Glass Owner Juan Espino.

The article brushed over much of the building, owners say barely scratching the surface of its hidden beauty and history

Other stops in the Poconos were featured too - like here at Fluff's Deli, for a $5.50 lunch stop.

Many folks here in Hawley are just learning about this New York Times exposure but say they`re excited to share with so many others a place they`ve already fallen in love with.

"Of course, I hope more people come and enjoy Pennsylvania," said Olivia Schneider of Greentown.

Olivia Schneider of Greentown and her friends stop into this market often. They say this Silk Mill is the perfect spot for them to shop, study over coffee or just browse.

"We`re like, wow I can`t believe this is Hawley, PA. I`s just really cool that we have this in the area. It`s a nice place to go," said Kristina Roy of Wallenpaupack.

And with some new-found fame - many hope more visitors drop in and enjoy all the Poconos have to offer.

"We sure hope so, we hope so, it can only help," said Genzlinger.