Artists Prepare for “Piano Palooza”

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SELINSGROVE -- In Snyder County, what may turn heads this summer is when people see pianos out on the streets.

This may look like just a warehouse filled with colorful pianos now, but in just a few weeks, these pianos will be the center of attention in downtown Selinsgrove. In the beginning of June, nine pianos will be scattered along the sidewalks of Selinsgrove.

"People will be able to randomly step up and play them. Some of the pianos are in better shape than others as far as sound, but it's all about the sound and the act of seeing them and being able to play them," Mary Jo Tavares said.

The event is called "Piano Palooza". It is sponsored by Selinsgrove Projects Incorporated. The pianos were all donated, and nine local artists spent the past few weeks decorating them. Mary Jo Tavares used duct tape on hers.

"I then went on a rampage to find all the crazy cool duct tape I could, and there's a lot of it out there. The piano just took off and I had a blast doing it," Tavares said.

"I went with a water theme and I use a lot of decoration in my work so a lot of patterning over and over and over," Joanne Landis said.

Each piano is sponsored by a local business who is responsible for covering it at night and in bad weather. Organizers say they are not concerned the pianos will get stolen. The artists say they hope "Piano Palooza" Gets people interested in art and music.

"Most of my career I've tried to stress the importance of art and the arts and it's just wonderful to see how things have spread," Rodney Ries said.

The pianos will be introduced to the community on Saturday, June 7th and will be on display in downtown Selinsgrove all summer long.