UPDATE: Trucker Had Doctored Paperwork

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HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP — A truck driver shot by police in Columbia County had doctored paperwork so he could drive a load of fruit cross-country without taking required breaks, according to state police.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Columbia County district attorney said troopers were looking into the possibility that the fruit, worth $80,000, was stolen. State police later said that the fruit was not stolen but the manifest had been doctored.

Troopers said the load of peaches and cherries originated in California and was headed for Bronx, New York. They said the paperwork had been altered to make it appear that the truck driver left two days earlier than he actually did.

Troopers say they are still investigating who altered the paperwork.

The truck driver, Dan Hadean of Oklahoma City, remained in the hospital Wednesday, two days after being shot by Hemlock Township police officer Charles Dieterrick.

On Monday night, Dieterrick pulled Hadean’s tractor-trailer off Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn Exit for several violations.

Authorities say that when Dieterrick said he was going to place the rig out of service, Hadean became combative. Dieterrick fired his stun gun. Hadean responded by spraying the officer with pepper spray and hitting him with a hammer.

That’s when state police say Dieterrick shot Hadean in the shoulder and the abdomen.

The Columbia County district attorney has ruled the shooting justified and says Hadean is expected to be charged when he is released from the hospital.


  • Francis Drake


  • Fed up with idiots !!

    I have an idea . How about you all just wait for the whole story to come out before writing up your own theories !! WNEP even has to report before they have the actual facts just so they can say ” We got the big story !” Sooner or later it will all be pieced together and just for Randy and James Booth …I think you both need to find a hobby besides crime story writing …you are horrible at it !!

  • really folks??

    So the cops pull over a tractor trailer for safety violations. Isn’t that what they are suppose to be doing? If they were found to do nothing and the truck killed somebody they would be criticized for not doing their jobs. It seems that nobody ever thinks they are doing the right thing! In the process the guy pepper sprays and assaults him with a hammer! And gets shot. What seems to be the argument? I would have shot him too! He was unarmed? What was the hammer? Let me hit you in the head with a hammer and see how harmless it is! Now don’t get me wrong I was quick to condem the two local high speed police chases that ended in fatalities of innocent people but this guy got what he asked for. Come at me with pepper spray and a hammer and see what happens!

    • Randy

      You maybe right, the office has a right to a justified shooting, let the public know that the truck drivers prints were on the can of pepper spay and the rubber mallet. end of story, every one has a right to a fair and impartial hearing, I kind of found the DA jumping to conclusions before the facts were set forth, I hope wnep may obtained the finger print report,

    • DuEast

      Now you know better than that! NEPA is anarchist central! And, yes, people defending this truck driver are the same people who probably have something to hide themselves. Freedom does not equal zero rules and regulations in life. That’s why The Big Ten was necessary.

  • Tm

    Hemlock police should stick to givng parking tickets to the trucks at Walmart I dont think a missing bumper is a big safety issue or worthy of being shot

  • disabledtaxpayer

    ill bet the truck was good shape as it left California an all the way to P.A. were the roades are very nasty . Now for the Doctored paperwork that’s not good . But he was trying to make a buck or two

  • James booth

    Internet police Sully and Rich are on the case. It must be true and warranted. After the pounding the force took in yesterday’s story they made sure to show up and pound their chest. Amazing what a 50 grand a year salary can buy (rolleyes).

    • Chris

      Yeah and uneducated private investigators james booth and randy have it all figured out through assumptions and guesstimates

    • sully

      Mr/Ms Booth, I can assure you, I am not a internet cop. And I do not work for he department who employs the officer mentioned in this article. I believe in the investigation already conducted by the PASP, and the district Attorney. And by the way Mr/Ms Booth, or internet name caller, in sure you are one of a select few, yes few judging by the thumbs down, that have had your “run in(s)” with police. We identifiy you as a name, but I wont’ reply. I rymes with BIRD.

      • James booth

        Another one lol yup must be because I have a criminal background to voice displeasure. Yeah that’s it. Might want to refer to yesterday s article. It was the other way around with the thumbs voting. BTW you logged in as chris a minute ago. Quit drinking the Kool aid and show me proof. Oh yeah the other guy is dead. Zimmerman should have been a cop

  • Never mind the truth...I watch WNEP

    You folks seem to forget that there are officers out there like Mark Kessler. Policemen have every right to exercise self defense, but these days, many officers have a lust for blood. They are now trained to see citizens as the enemy, to be seen as guilty until proving they’re innocent. I’m not buying this story until I see more details. If the cop mistakenly shot him, what’s to say he didn’t just SAY the man attacked him with a hammer(an item that could be found in any truck)? Also, incorrect logbooks do not = doctored paperwork. You make it sound like the Great Muppet Caper or something.

  • Rebecca

    You people are amazing. The hours of service rules are in effect for a reason, so drivers don’t drive to the point of exhaustion, fall asleep, and kill someone. He doctored his log book to make more money on the trip and get to NY faster from CA. Equipment violations can mean the difference between life and death in many cases. What if his brakes were bad, or the tires worn out? The article clearly states “several violations” and the truck was being taken out of service, meaning the load of fruit would have to be picked up by another driver and the current driver would lose money on the haul. So perhaps the bumper was the reason for the stop, but other issues were found.

    If he would have fallen asleep at the wheel and killed a family in a head on collision, everyone would condemn the police or DOT for not doing something to enforce the rules. What a no win situation for the police.

    Clearly attacking an armed police officer with mace and a hammer is not in one’s best interest. Guy is lucky to still be breathing.

    • Chris

      Rebecca, it’s useless trying to talk common sense to a wall…the people who post on here don’t have the slighest clue what they are talking about. But they like to think they are well educated individuals…but they aren’t

      • James booth

        Chris just take your associates degree and take a civil service test. It seems you think you have all the answers.

  • Jeff Herbert

    ?? He made it from California with no front
    Bumper? 2 he was probably sleeping on a
    On ramp, local area, no parking ect.. That being
    Said he got tazzed for some reason. Pepper
    Spray an hammer. Don’t get me wrong, I drive
    Over the road, see it every day, just like anywhere
    There are good an bad apples in trucking.
    What’s needed is places to park, north east
    The worst,

  • brian

    OH, NOW I SEE WHY HE SHOT HIM, his log book was altered. why didnt you say so in the 1st place. now its justified. WHAT A JOKE

    • James booth

      1st the PA state troopers tried saying the fruit was stolen. When that didn’t check out went with the olé altered books. Got it. Gotta love the most corrupt force in the country oversees the investigation..

      • Chris

        And they are corrupt why? Because they have you a citation for speeding ice and you didn’t think you deserved it? Or maybe because your aunts, best friends, cousins, dads, brother was arrested for doing something that he shouldn’t have? Yeah exactly

      • James booth

        Such a predictable response chrissy. If some disagrees or comments agsinst the police there is always one guy that says somehow there is a criminal history of someone. Quite the contrary. You must not watch TV or are always wrapped in your little bubble with chips posters. Please stop baaaing like a sheep. It is very unbecoming

  • Randy

    His log book wasn’t correct. stop telling these stories, now you want to DOT him after you shoot him. and is this to help make this shooting justified, really wake up. Ok, he will receive a $100.00 fine for each messed up log page. This still does not justify this shooting, Show me something that was criminal from the start, other than the bumper on the truck. for even detaining a shipment.

    • Chris

      Ever think that maybe he had already inspected him and the driver went off the handle when he was told what was going to happen….think

      • Randy

        Chris, I was a truck driver and I have great respect for both truck driver and our police, They are both stressful jobs and long hours at times, I don’t want you to feel I am attacking the police, The DA jumped to Justified shooting before all the facts were set forth, I find a problem with shooting an unarmed person. I only feel that a judge and jury should weigh the out come of justification. The digging to the after fact tells me they can’t find justified reason for this shooting, Chris, understand I would have raised the questions for you if you were in this situation.

  • hae32

    I cannot believe that there are still people out there that are defending the truck driver. Saying he was an unarmed man is simply insane. Would you consider him unarmed if he came at your family member with pepper spray and a mallet??? He was NOT unarmed, just because he wasn’t armed with a gun, does not mean anything. Of course the cop had his gun on him for a traffic stop. Have you ever seen a cop do anything without their gun while on duty??? NO! They keep it in their possession AT ALL TIMES! This trucker had doctored paperwork and there were several moving violations. There are many law abiding truck drivers out there. This guy was not one of them.

    • MM

      Well… he did get hit with a stun gun… I’d come out swinging too… the shooting isn’t justified. A trained police officer should have been able to contain the situation without firing a gun. The cop is a coward.

      • ME

        Ueaj, he got hit with the taser gun, after he was probably given commands to do other wise which he obviously failed to comply with. So the next step after verbal commands would be to tase him, which he obviously did and was not effected. What more would you want him to do, not only did the officer get hit with mase, but hit with a hammer! His absolute LAST resort is to use his gun, and he had no other choice! You Sir- are a MORON. I am glad you don’t wear a badge.

  • Joe

    Clearly justified! Isn’t even an argument to say it wasn’t. I thank that officer for what he does and all the other officers who risk their lives everyday! You never know what type of people you’ll see during these traffic stops. Thank you again!

  • Level headed citizen

    Comments section of any news article: Where intelligence dies,
    and the stupidity of our nations citizens shine.

    No Police Officer would shoot
    one shot at a suspect. No right minded individual trusts their accuracy under pressure and stress.

    I have stated my position on the matter, now everyone please
    return to your Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

  • srtmack

    I am a combat vet and formerly a police officer. Police and military are trained to shoot two rounds, commonly known as the “Double Tap”. These shots are directed at the center mass of the body to ensure that the threat is resolved. This is what this officer did.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the single shot to hand or foot, as seen on tv shows and movies, does not work and no law enforcement or military forces utilize this.

    If the officer has his vision obscured by pepper spray and is being attacked with a hammer, they have no choice but to use deadly force. This is not a decision made with enthusiasm or zeal. This is the hardest decision anyone can make and these officers have to make that decision within a split second.

    God bless the officer and hopefully he has a quick recovery too.

    • Randy

      Your right Soldier, in combat take no chances, for the other assailant has a weapon just like you, not to bust your bubble, the man had “NO WEAPON” the was not guilty of any major crimes, really, I guess you will decide to shoot him for having no bumper, now you decide to DOT the driver to help incriminate him further, Stop the News and supply the facts for this shooting, tell us, he was wanted or something on that order. Your wrong this is a mark against good police officers, I am sure you under stand, I will always stand for good Police Men.

      • Chris

        So pepper spry and a hammer is not a weapon? It has to be a gun?

        Weapon – is any device used in order to inflict damage or harm to living beings, structures, or systems.

      • MisterPL

        If anyone ever takes pepper spray and a hammer to you, Randy, remember; they’re unarmed. Just calmly and politely talk your way out of it.

  • Randy

    I also agree, one bullet in the shoulder would have been more than sufficient to stop a person. Why don’t you come with another story, like the man grab you and your gun went off, Where was the back up, he still shot an unarmed man..

    • Ryan

      You are an idiot. I want to see you in a split second under duress shoot a certain area of the body. Let me fell you , you couldn’t. As I stated above, every police officer is trained to double tap to center mass until the threat is defeated. Man the idiots really shine on this thing.

    • sully

      WOW, Randy, you really have no idea what your talking about. I mean you really don’t. Police do not “shoot for the shoulder”, we stop the threat moron. In case you did read the article, a mallet is a threat, it can cause serious bodily injury or death. And I really enjoy reading the “officer cant make a stop on the interstate”. really. Local police can, and do. And DOT inspections are done by both state and local police, both of which receive the SAME training. But again, I do realize that the vast majority do support officers who do it the right way, which most do. judging by the overwhelming “thumbs down” to stupid posts. And to the fine, LAW ABIDING” citizens in PA, It’s great to see support for an obviously justified shooting. Too many times, it’s the criminal who harms the officer. Randy and others, know what your talking about before you post, you sound stupid.

      • Chris

        Sully, THANK YOU!!! I have come to the conclusion that the stupid idiots who post on here have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, but tend to think they know everything. They have nothing better to do that critize other people…when, if placed in the same situation, or if it was a family member, would do the exact same thing. No one on here was there to know exactly what happened…but they make assumptions and feel that it is gospel.

      • Randy

        Sully, I see a sad case whereas a gun was used on an unarmed individual and I see by all the articles that he has no criminal record, according to this incident If in fact there should be a camera on the cruiser showing the whole incident as it transpired, There was no mention of a camera “Puzzled” there was no mention of finger prints on the objects used as weapons, I would like to see this as it un-ravels. This will never happen because the DA said it was a Justified Shooting, before all the facts were given, And as for all the other stories, it appears as if they are digging to incriminate this man. Maybe News 16 can check to see if the objects were checked.

  • Randy

    They have to find something to make them selves look better, Remember now they have time to rehearse this whole situation to make them selves look good. They are working there hardest to find fault, Impound the Truck for what? Dig up a better excuse, I still don’t. buy ii. He still shot an unarmed man, That a no-no. This was bot criminal, it was traffic, there was no 911 call in, that make it a simple traffic stop,

    • Dave

      unarmed??? um, no. He attacked the officer with pepper spray and a hammer. He is lucky to still be breathing.

      • James booth

        Well we only have one side of the story. As history has shown if you kill the only other eye witness chances are pretty good for u. Where is the dash cam footage or audio recording device that is triggered during a stop.

    • smid1972

      most officers that are shot in the line of duty are performing a simple traffic stop as you call it. it’s one of the most dangerous things to do since they have no idea what or who they are pulling over. mast minor traffic stops (light out, bumber broken, etc, etc) lead to major drug offenses and wanted criminals.

    • Shade

      On top of all the other arguments I could offer, moron, this is in fact a criminal matter. A traffic violation is a criminal matter. That’s why they’re written by cops, and resolved in front of a judge. It isn’t civil litigation dipstick.

  • chris askew

    Why is a local officer pulling over a truck on an interstate highway? 15 years of O.T.R. trucking and have never seen local police doing D.O.T’s job for them. This is why they have weigh/inspection stations. Then the officer needed to shoot him twice after taxing him???? Now they are saying the produce may have been stolen. Really? Corruption at its finest.

    • TBK

      Read the article or watch the story. It was on an ON ramp. This would be a ramp coming off of a state highway or local road onto an interstate. If you are a good OTR driver. You would know the difference. Stupidity runs rampant here. Oh and after he tazed him he struck him with the hammer so yeah the bullet was justified. Oh and if you were not aware many local police department have their own officer to do DOT inspection. Good luck out there if your still driving.

      • chris askew

        Tbk, reread the article before you call me stupid. He was pulled from the interstate onto the offramp. It says it in the sixth paragraph.

    • Ryan

      Any police officer in the commonwealth of pennsylvaina can be certified by the FMCSA to conduct commercial motor vehicle inspections. Any local officer mey enforce any law on any roadway which runs through their municipality.

  • LCR

    I hope WNEP realizes the weight of the statement that the trucker MAY have been hauling stolen fruit. You don’t know that for sure. The DA is looking into the possibility. Why not report the news when it is actually news, instead of when it’s pure speculation?

    The man was shot….twice! And while I feel that the police have every right in the world to defend themselves and it is an EXTREMELY dangerous job, wouldn’t one bullet wound have sufficed to subdue this guy? The DA should probably look into the definition of “justifiable” instead of using his time to congratulate an officer for shooting a man….twice.

      • Randy

        The officer put himself in the situation, there was no criminal activity that warranted a gun, maybe a tired truck driver, still it was “traffic” as for anger, what happen the driver went for his paper work and the cop got nervous and now it time for excuses? We hire Police for criminal matters, If there was something criminal, what was it at the time of this incident. Mr. DA you tell the public or the news.

    • Jay

      Police officers are trained to “stop the action”. In this case if the attacker didn’t stop after the first shot a second shot would have been justified. Being that the truck driver was attacking the officer with a hammer that would result in a deadly force situation

    • smid1972

      The guy was tased and still managed to mace and hit the officer with a hammer. shooting was justified.

    • Ryan

      Every police officer in this country is trained to double tap. Two shots to the torso. This is done until the threat is defeated. Know what your talking abt before you open your mouth.

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