Charges Including Attempted Homicide Filed Against Truck Driver

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HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP --The truck driver who was shot by a police officer Monday night is now accused of trying to kill a cop. It’s the trucker who state police said became unruly during a traffic stop in Columbia County.

Wednesday afternoon, state police filed attempted homicide and other charges against truck driver, Dan Hadean, from Oklahoma City. He's the trucker who was shot by a Hemlock Township police officer Monday. On Wednesday, state police searched his truck again and are also investigating the trucker's paperwork.

State police did a more thorough search of a tractor trailer on Wednesday, trying to get more information on what Hadean was hauling Monday night when he ended up being shot by a Hemlock Township officer. Now, charges against Hadean include attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

State police said Hadean attacked Officer Charles Dietterick with a hammer and pepper spray. It happened near the Buckhorn exit off Interstate 80 after the officer told Hadean his tractor trailer was going to be out of service until violations including a missing front bumper were repaired.

Authorities told Newswatch 16 that Hadean was taking a cargo of fruit from California to New York and was carrying fake shipping manifests with him. State police said the forged paperwork would allow Hadean to drive on the interstate with fewer breaks. A state trooper was with Officer Dietterick when the trucker was stopped Monday night, a practice police told us is not unusual.

"Some interstates pass through municipalities and there can be agreements with state police with enforcement in those sections of the interstate," said Chief Roger Van Loan of the Bloomsburg Police Department.

State and local police said that under some circumstances local police are allowed out on the interstate, especially if they are also motor carrier enforcement officers.

Officer Dietterick is also a motor carrier enforcement officer who specializes in truck violations. Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan said local officers play an important role in keeping unsafe truckers off the road.

“It's not uncommon because of money schedules to violate those rules just one simple thing as sleep," said Chief Van Loan.

Charges including attempted homicide and aggravated assault were filed against the truck driver who was shot by police. He is still in the hospital recovering.


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  • Sam

    By looking at the picture of the truck it was older than what ca emission will even allow. People talk about getting the story right they should start at point A

    • Francis Drake

      Seriously Sam you know nothing about truck driving, they already stated the truck driver was out of Oklahoma City thus his truck was registered out of Oklahoma which does not have the same stringent regulations on emissions as CAL. What they said was that the load was out of California. If you people that comment on trucking have never driven a truck nor live the lifestyle please just watch and listen to people who know. Real Truck drivers are not impressed by armchair quarterbacks that want to comment on things they know nothing about. I hope the local driver who saw the truck driver on the westbound I-80 232 get off steps forward and tells that community what really happened. As it is the local driver saw the truck and the driver who got shot by that cop on the off ramp checking his truck and tires with his hammer and there were no cops or troopers present which explains why there was a hammer already in the drivers possession. All truck drivers carry a tire thumper or hammer to check tire pressure that is a fact. That Bloomsburg PA city council should be looking into that cops story since he states he pulled the truck driver over WHICH ACCORDING TO A LOCAL TRUCKER IS NOT WHAT OCCURRED. The trucking community by enlarge are not the type to start fights with cops or law enforcement, we truckers have too much to lose more than any law enforcement officer especially if we are owner operators, I myself am an owner operator. I can tell you now I’m not risking 6 figures on some punk with a badge that prolly makes $26k to $35k a year if that in that township. The truck driver I’m betting was approached by the cop, the cop saw the hammer and panicked thinking the driver was going to attack him which was not the case. Thus the cop initiating the violence by deploying his taser like any other punk with a badge would’ve prolly done nowadays. Cops are cowards are love to stomp on people they know are law abiding. Trucker I say again have no reason to get into promote or initiate a fight with any law enforcement officers because we have more to lose than any cop. I can only ask that the local driver have the courage to step forward and give his deposition of what he saw. HAMMER DOWN! Stay away from the likes of 8ball out of west Memphis and that so called world famous BBQ man lol you truckers know what I’m talking about. Lol

      • Sam

        Guess Francis you know nothing about trucking in California the laws are the same for pa drivers as well as the other 49 states

      • Sam

        There’s no explaining to you than you come off as a highway hero. You can brag about what you have but the rest of us know better have a good day

    • Francis Drake

      What laws are you referring to Sam if I may call you Sam. We are talking about emissions laws right. Unless your referring to the FMCSA or DOT or IFTA or CVSA which laws are you referring to explain how I do not know about trucking. Please explain how it is that I fill out my J.J. Keller log books each day for the past nearly 12 years and I know nothing about trucking. Explain how I am able to earn a 6 figure income and know nothing about trucking. Explain how I am able to own a 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale which I drive during my off time and a Rolex Presidential white gold watch and know nothing about trucking Sam, I would like to hear your philosophy and argument and I’m sure other owner operators truckers are chomping at the bit to hear your jaw flap. Please speak or type.

    • Francis Drake

      Sam what is your argument about emissions? Does the California air resource board govern Pennsylvania state laws? You made a comment directed at me and I responded in kind. If bragging about what I have is how you take it that’s a personal issue within yourself. Your no where near my level but you have the choice to attempt to get there just as I did. I just hope your not on some welfare program hurting PA states hard working citizens pockets. Your the clear example of a troll and yes everyone reading my comment should already have come to the realization that you Sam are uninformed on many levels and are very superficial. Because I’m successful and it took me a few years to get to this point I giving that Oklahoma truck driver the benefit of a doubt only because I’m part of the trucking community and know we have all stayed up all night being CB Rambos and talking about whoopin each other’s butts, and yes the driver we all know,”I ain’t got no panties on”. I may very we’ll pay for this truck drivers defense. What will you do Sam? Life gives everyone abilities, how you choose to use them is up to each of us. You sir with your narrow minded response go off and do what you feel is in your best interest Sam. Good Day. ;)

  • Lauri Berner

    I live in Danville. I am a truck driver. I used to go to that TA a lot, good food. A few years back this officer started pulling trucks over & inspecting them on the shoulder of the road. From what I’ve been told he ALWAYS finds a violation & it comes with a fine.
    The TA has lost a lot of long-term customers because of his harassment.
    What they say the driver did was definitely wrong, I will not deny that, but the officer shooting the driver twice was uncalled for.
    Also, that truck came out of California with the load, when it comes to truck safety there is no stricter state than California. He also had to pass through several states to get to PA, why wasn’t he stopped for his front bumper along the way?
    As for his bills, if he had several pick ups he had several bills of lading, BUT you can buy bills of lading in any truck stop & make your own. With that being said, without seeing them, it’s hard telling if they are real or fake.

  • Francis Drake

    Please note that the truck driver was already stopped on the offramp checking his truck when the cop pulled up behind him. the cop did not pull the truck driver over according to witnesses across at the TA truck stop

  • Sarah Goida

    I would like to know why all of a sudden there was a state cop there. If the local cop got pepper sprayed and hit with a hammer wouldn’t he have to go get treated and also he wouldn’t of been able to aim. Pepper spray temporarily blinds you and he wouldn’t of been able to shot so well or fast. Nothing in these reports are adding up. And all of the people blaming the truck driver for his paperwork obviously you don’t know anything about trucking. They do not make their own bill of ladings. The shipper does and even signs off on it. They are finding anything they can to blame the driver then the cop who did wrong.

    • Danielle Ruckle

      It is unfortunate how the people posting on here are only listening to one side of the story. They do not have a clue of what a Bill of lading is. They have only heard what the police and media tell them. This driver may or may not be guilty but the facts are not all here yet. I would like to hear the drivers side of the story too.

    • Nellie

      First, they always said there was a state trooper there, it ain’t just coming out now. Second How do you know the officer wasn’t treated? Third OC spray does not blind you, it just an irritant…you can still see…it’s just difficult. Fourth, in the police academy police are sprayed with OC spray, then have to shoot and hit targets.

  • Donna Skorpil

    why are they inspecting the truck the 2nd time if they didn’t find nothing the first time and why did the cop shot him twice was the cop trigger happy because the driver was a truck driver this is gonna cause all truck drivers to be afraid to be pulled over by Pa cops or anywhere. Paperwork as cop said in the news don’t they mean log book and bill of ladings. It was very unsafe for cop and truck driver to pull truck over on the off ramp it very unprofessional of the cop to do so a professional dot officer would of pulled truck driver to a safe area so is this cop a professional . Truck drivers are not suppose to pull off on on or off ramps so why did the cop do so.

    • Nellie

      The reason the officer shot twice was because that is what he is trained to do. Every officer in the country is trained to double tap(shoot twice) to center mass until the threat is defeated. Meaning, two shots, evaluate situation(split seconds) and repeat if necessary.

      • Nellie

        Oh and if it was soooo unsafe for him to pull the driver to the side of the road and truck drivers aren’t supposed to pull off on the ramps…then why every night are the on ramps stacked with trucks?

  • paul fields jr

    I’m a truck driver i want to know why that local yoco pulled the truck driver over on the ramp where no one could see what happened why did he not let the truck get to the truck stop so the repairs could be made why did he pull him over on that dark ramp us truckers are not by law suppose to stop on ramps or shoulder except in emergency’s and second off how did he make it though all scales from California to pa without dot or the weight stations doing anything about it this cop is crocked all the scales have been open though there I came home from California myself.

    • Danielle Ruckle

      Police steal from these people every day as if they are mobile cash registers. My husband and i drove together for a period of time and i seen first hand the corruption of D.O.T , Does any one have a clue what is involved in the in the food delivered to them from truckers? This driver made 2500 miles through all D.O.T weigh stations plus interstate covered with state police. He was pulled over on a ramp. Has any one considered that this cop framed him and maybe the driver did not attack this police officer at all. Police corruption runs rampped today look it up sometime. God love you people that want to live in a police state, martial law may be coming soon. I personally do not know who is right or wrong here but i see more problems with the police side of the story. Time will tell

      • Mark

        Call your local legislator. They are the ones who make the laws. Police just enforce it. And let me guess…every single truck driver out there never breaks the law, their trucks are in tip top shape all the time! Right. And do you realize how stupid you sound. The officer set him up. You’re right…I’m sure the police officer hand enough time to get out his wreches, remove the bumper of the truck and hide it in his car where it wouldn’t fit…use your head before you open your mouth…you just sound dumb

  • Skeptic

    Illegal truck, illegal manifest, attacks an officer with an incapacitating agent then a deadly weapon simply because he didn’t like the fact that he just got caught… yet many of these comments are still defending the trucker? Disgusting. Next time you folks need help, call an illegal trucker. That leaves more cops for the rest of us who actually respect them. Funny how you rarely hear about a “dirty cop” attacking someone who did nothing wrong. It’s almost always someone who was violent, under the influence, or otherwise doing something they shouldn’t be, who then claim that the officer reacted poorly to their actions and “didn’t do enough” to calm the situation. I’ve never been beat up or shot by a cop… cause I’ve never given them a reason to. Pretty simple concept. Attack me with a hammer, you’re getting shot. A cop’s skull will fracture under a hammer just as easy as mine, so they should have just as much right to respond to deadly force with deadly force.

  • mdog

    Missing a bumper? Of course he asking to be pulled over
    so he could set up a situation with a cop and sue him for
    a million. Look at the idiots defending this raging maniac here.

  • Shade

    @ rules don’t apply. Finally, whether the stop was right or wrong, whether the alleged defects existed or not, etc., the bottom line is that the truck driver, from a legal standpoint, upped the ante exponentially when he became aggressive and attacked. What would have been some citations that could have been pled down turned into much more serious felony charges, maybe including prison time, not to mention that he darn near got himself killed. So, even if he and many here hate cops, even if this particular cop was unjustified, this truck driver screwed himself. He could have acted appropriately, fought the case legally, in court, but he chose to take the law into his own hands. And the main one suffering is him! Y’all can crow all you want about the mean ol’ fuzz, but this trucker (and it sounds like most other posters) are clearly making one bad decision after another that results in serious consequences.

    • Wilson Shires

      Allegedly became aggressive. It may be true but, the facts should be allowed to play out in court. I find it interesting that this officer, and others in the area, seem to get away with just about anything (look up Stout for example). I hope this driver has a good lawyer.

  • Shade

    @ rules don’t apply. But if I had to take my chances with LEO v. the average citizen / driver, I’ll take the cop. I guarantee you most violators are total jerks and have significant histories, including criminal backgrounds, drugs, abuse, failure to pay child support, and lots of bad debts. What astounds me in this situation is how many people think its okay to physically assault a cop at a traffic stop.

  • Shade

    @ rules don’t apply. I’m not a cop, or a family member of a cop. I’m a lawyer and I frequently represent truck drivers and others in citations for speeding and other violations, including in the area where this happened. I realize cops are not perfect, and I realize there are cops that aren’t fair or are corrupt.

  • justaguy

    Does no one have any respect anymore? Do the right thing and you have nothing to worry about. Yell at, move toward, attempt to put your hands on, or actually contact an officer and you deserve whatever comes your way. This trucker got what was coming to him.

  • Jaime Curtis

    Now its attempted homicide really?? Mybe if cops were not so shady ppl would not feel this way.. poor guy

  • citizenband

    Im not saying the driver was right in what he did but to all you on here defending the officer maybe you should be out on the road and deal with these guys that have a power trip going to there head cause not only are they an officer but also dot and these guys can become very rude to the drivers and most of them dont even know what their doing during an inspection but because they have a badge every thing they do is ok

  • mdog

    Cool he was slicker than a sauteed pineapple till till
    PA. Cops snagged his loom of fruit.
    Now nail this fruit ball till off the roads permanently.

  • Danielle Ruckle

    I still need more information on this story. It’s not adding up. This driver made it through multiple weigh station checkpoints and no one caught the multiple violations? 2500 miles from California to here! A local police officer spots all of his infractions and is going to shut down his truck. Supposedly he has a Bill Of Lading Manifest that allows him to drive more hours. A driver cannot drive beyond 11 hours period unless its a fema disaster. He supposedly attacked the officer with a hammer. Is it possible the officer pulled this tool out of the drivers truck to set him up? Hammers are often used to do a pretrip inspection. I am not saying this driver is innocent but multiple people seem to agree with anything the police and media have to say. I would like to see how this all turns out as this story seems very fishy.

    • Randy

      I feel the same way as you, There has been a lot of people complaining that local cops in Pa. have been citing people for stupid things, They maybe told to start this to gain revenue, but I don’t know, I read awhile back there was a similar case in Girardville where a cop shoot a man that was on drugs, I know at times they have to make split decision in there job, in both of these situation they should have had back up before using a weapon to take down a perp.. But for as the Police I have never been cited as a truck driver for something that wasn’t wrong, He was a “dot cop” an had every right to inspect this vehicle. The outcome to this will soon come an I am an interested reader,

    • Joann

      Too many people just buy into what the police tell them instead of using common sense. There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

  • vicky

    Why is it now coming out that there were two officers at the scene?? And why could two officers not subdue the driver??? Something is not right here… I’m not saying the driver was right in what he did but something just isn’t right….

    • Trevor

      From what I know & have heard about this stop is that a PSP officer was there at the initial stop. The PSP officer was then called away and after the departure is when the hostilities began.

  • Randy

    COOL, now that is what I have been rooting for, as to finger prints on the items, if his prints aren’t on the items, I would be totally surprised, since they were his Items. I my self would sent this driver to seek help for his problems, normal drivers do not fight with Police, As for a postal moment in life, he will be sorry for the night he met office Hemlock

    • Randy

      Joann, This information is for the court and jury to decide about his action, of right or wrong, it will be interesting to keep the public informed, I would like to hear from the mans family, to get a picture of it all. Was he a loving, caring person, or a miserable human being. the out come will be interesting,

    • sully

      The officer does not have to suffer an injury for him or her to take action. If you ATTEMPT to cause bodily harm to the police, the outcome can be bad. As far as dashcam evidence, if the local police had one in the patrol vehicle, it may or may not come out right away. If the matter goes to trial, it will come out in the discovery phase of the proceedings. BTW, not ALL police vehicles have dashcams. For the State Police to end an investigation so quickly, this suggests the evidence is overwhelming in favor of the officer. Say what you want, Pa has SOME of the finest, most well trained officers in the country. For local or municipal police, the PA State Police offer some of the best training, free of charge, to any and all police agencies in PA, including training for local police in large truck inspections. The GAS industry has visited this area, and some, not all, companies affiliated with the industry have trucks on the road that are a danger to everyone. Some are very good too. I will add, most truck drivers are some of the best driver’s on the road. Many, many crashes involving trucks and passenger vehicles are the result of the action taken by the operator of the passenger vehicle.

  • tim

    Ffirst, I agree that the officer did what he had to do. I think everyone who is efending the driver is wrong but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Even stupid ones. I do think that it is wrong that this driver is being charged with attempted homicide for using a hammer and the carbondale cop who choked and beat a handcuffed man with his baton is getting a simple assault charge. I think the carbondale cop should get attempted homicide our the truck driver should get simple assault. Fair is fair

    • sully

      Tim, you make a valid point. But remember, the item used against the officer could have caused serious bodily injury or death, thus the officer took the appropriate action. Most likely outcome will be some type of an assault. Could be Aggravated(felony), or Simple(misdemeanor). Also remember the officer does not have to get struck with the object in the head or otherwise. Its the ATTEMPT that can justify the action. As far as the Carbondale officer, if true, very sad and action should be taken against the officer. I seems as though the truck driver’s actions were a result of his attempt to cover up his cargo issue, which escalated unfortunately.

      • Joann

        Sully … Your right the officer doesn’t have to be hit in the head to cause injury. In which the attempted homicide charge is nonsense. In which I doubt the trucker was even thinking at most he should be charged with intent to cause bodily injury. I’m not saying he was right but, I do believe the charge is a little extreme. I guess we all jump to conclusion. But we all shall wait to see the evidence against the officers and the trucker!!

    • Rules don't apply

      Shade you are either a cop, a family member of a cop or someone who hates truck drivers so much that you can’t stand them. Anyone wanting to do what you just stated needs mental help themselves. Go seek some.

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