Man Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 8 Children

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Courtesy: Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Courtesy: Williamsport Sun-Gazette

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP — A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon  after State Police said he allegedly molested eight children.

Troopers arrested John Beiler, 47, from Allenwood in Union County.

Authorities said Beiler molested five girls and three boys in Washington over a 15-year period ending in 2012.

The victims ranged in age from an infant to children in their teens.

Beiler is locked up in Lycoming County prison in lieu of $250,000 bail.


  • smurfette

    only thing i have say is i gave up on god yrs ago but i havent choice to do anythin stupid like killin or rapin anybody so u dont have to believe in anythin to make a choice between ryte n wrong

  • Tari Hampe

    Please tell me he will be shunned and the Amish won’t bail him out! My heart goes out to all the young Amish that have had to deal with this sickening abuse. I pray to God that this didn’t happen to the young Beiler girl that I travel far and wide to buy my tomato plants from. This story has tarnished my respect for the Amish. Rape is violence. The Amish pride themselves on non-violence to the point they refuse to go to war and fight for our country. I hope social services investigates all Amish families in this part of PA in case this monster has relatives like him.

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    IF someone is TRULY guilty of molesting a child, the AUTOMATIC Penalty should be CASTRATION !
    America does not have barbaric enough penalties for scum ! If they did it would DETER these monsters !
    Any Pedophile that would know the penalty is CASTRATION if convicted, would think twice before harming a child !

    • crackers81

      Yes, and then there’s reality in which life’s challenges are not black and white, and cannot be navigated in black and white terms. “Tough on crime” rarely works and typically costs the community who embraces it more than it costs the criminals.

      In prosecuting these criminals we must take every pain not to become like them. We are not savages. We have a JUSTICE system which PROSECUTES criminals, not a vengeance system which persecutes criminals. What is the point of cleaning the streets of these people if we just allow ourselves to sink to their level? We already had amoral, antisocial people. At absolute best it’s a waste of energy.

      Every decent human being has a right to be horrified, angered and disgusted by this man’s actions ASSUMING HE’S FOUND GUILTY —-AFTER—– A FAIR TRIAL. But none of us have the right to call for unconstitutional penalties. It’s not about him and his comfort. It’s about us and our ethics, and our opportunity to prove to the world and ourselves that we aren’t monsters too. These monsters already take so much from our communities, don’t let them take your soul too. They don’t deserve that victory.

      • Adam

        Tough on crime always works. And as far as sinking down to their level, if that’s the level I have to climb down to in order to get my message across, then so be it. They will hear it and feel it in no uncertain terms.
        Its the liberal policies of being soft on crime means that law abiding citizens have to live like caged animals in their own homes behind state of the art security while criminals roam free outside, .then clearly the liberal policies are wrong. Bring back the tough on crime laws and let the criminal live in fear, the more deadly the fear, the better. Dead criminals do not commit crimes. Dead criminals do not use up tax dollars to feed and house. Dead criminals are a win win situation.

  • alisha edwads

    i would like to know what is going on about St Clair school in St Clair when Ms Hinkle can get the school in be in trouble about one million dollars next year there will be one music art schools

    • Tari Hampe

      They won’t let me post on this article. I would love to know about ANY organization out there to help these girls get away.

  • carol

    You people are something else. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. If he’s guilty then he deserves whatever punishment he gets but it’s up to the courts to decide

  • C stahl

    Might I add, he’s being charged with raping an infant. Wtf. Capital punishment is not enough for what this guy has done.

  • Loretta

    Raping children has nothing to do with your race or religion or which side of the tracks you come from. These SICK , TWISTED MONSTERS reside everywhere :/

  • r

    Why is it that ppl judge the whole Amish community by what they know about a few members of the Amish church? I know there are still some honest Amish ppl who try to do what they believe God wants them to do. And it may be true that some families dont read the Bible and only hear it thru the preachers but it’s not true for all the Amish. And they have the english version in their homes just as well as the German version. And there arent any arranged marriages among the Amish.

    • Guest

      as for the bibles, we have lancaster Amish here and they are not to have the english bibles in their home, and it is correct that they only get the teaching from the german and the children are not taught german. so they don’t know what is taught. only from parents and bishop..

  • Mary Schwartz

    There are so many Amish guys that get away with doing these things! I myself was molested when I was 14 in the Amish.

  • james

    What do any of your faceless gods or religions have to do with rape..? I read a comment above that states: “Without god one is more likely to do wrong and not think twice.” It should read without EMPATHY one is more likely to do wrong”… So stuff your kumbayas in a sack and save em for sunday…

      • Mary Jo

        So well put. Sadly, too much evil is done in connection with religion. This only gives those who don’t understand the difference between being religious and truly following the teachings of a loving Creator more ammunition for their hateful rhetoric.

    • Francesco Zerilli

      God gave you free choice to decide between right or wrong, Without God and his teachings, where does a moral compass come from? And without a moral compass, what is left? As for your statement about “Empathy”, what is the basis of “empathy”? The answer is simple, Morality. And where does Morality come from?
      Blame the ills of the world on Christians if you wish but they have done more to help the suffering than any govermnent or muslim empire in the history of humanity.


        There are many more religions than Christianity and Islam you close minded buffoon.

  • Mary

    I grew up Amish. Was never molested. Neither of my 8 siblings were. Had wonderful parents who cared and protected us. I’m no longer Amish since I got saved. Amish are different, just like any other people group are. I NEVER heard of arranged marriages like someone quoted. Thats a myth!

  • lg

    90% of girl are and the predators go unpunished because they dont believe you if you come foward i was as well from 5-15…

  • DuEast

    True that! The simple matter of fact that people still assume someone is “good” because of what they appear to be leaves me with nothing to say but we told them so!

  • Guest

    you are all right in saying that they are just like others. But without God in one’s life we are all more likely to do wrong and not think twice. All Amish are NOT the same. I know families that are the kindest and most careful people. They abide by Amish rules. It is not right to judge others when we have sin in our own lives,. Yes it is wrong for what he did. Amish follow rules, and dictation and not God’s rule book(the Bible)..the German Bible is taught but not read in most Amish homes, the english Bible is not allowed in the home. So most Amish don’t know all of how God wants us to live.They are told whatever the Bishop tells them.Check out online when and where the Amish came from.

    • massageadvertising

      How is the English Bible different from the German Bible? Two different languages? In all of our communities homes when I was growing up , both were read daily and taught. They are well aware of how God wants us to live. They read for themselves, not just “what the Bishop tells them”.

    • DuEast

      Their works of legalism and posturing of puriy isn’t going to save them; if they don’t know God personally; it’s all for nought! Clearly this guy didn’t get the memo. Listening to whqt their bishop(s) tell them is just like listening to a priest or pastor without finding out fr one’s self what God has to say about everything! No one is exempt from accountability save those too young to be held accountable! Which is roughly around the age of 12.

    • Yea-No

      When people stop using religion as a crutch and justification for everything they don’t and can’t understand…and when people stop believing that “god” controls they’re purpose and destiny…the world will be a better place. Religion has been a problem for as long as humans have existed…how many millions have died for or because of their religion and how many more will?

  • Paul Kersey

    All to common with the Amish community, I know this goes on more then you think. The amish try to handle things themselves and don’t speak up. Try talking to the amish. They still have arranged marriages and so on. There not what most people think they are…

    • massageadvertising

      I grew up Amish and sadly, yes this is way too common. I was myself a victim of this at age 11. However, the Amish and conservative Mennonites do NOT have arranged marriages. In my entire growing up life and into my 20’s, I have never seen or heard of this happening in the community.

    • kim

      I see all organized religions as being cult like .

      I also however don’t see what a petsons religious affiliation has to do with sex crimes including molestation . Unfortunately abuse occurs across all lines. I hope this man is punished to the full extent of our laws. I further hope the victimized receive both the help and support that they will need to begin the long process of recovery.

    • DuEast

      Groups that set themselves apart to a great extent like Koresh, the Hasidim, Jim Jones, The Amish, Several Fringe Christian Groups, That crazy Mormon group with that thing Warren Jeffs, and yes, much of the priesthood of the Catholic church, are known for and have a history of sexual deviation. You can see all organized religions as a cult all you want, but mainstream Judaism and Christianity is not. But, everyone has an opinion and you know what they say about those.

    • JAKE

      Im xamish and that’s exactly what it is a cult i should know i was amish 34 years. They donotbelieve in Jesus they believe in amish..

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