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UPDATE: Trucker Shot During Altercation With Police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP -- A trucker was shot by a local police officer Monday night along Interstate 80, according to state police in Columbia County

The incident happened around 9 p.m. at the I-80 east off-ramp at Buckhorn.  State police said a Hemlock Township officer shot a truck driver.

According to state police, the Hemlock officer pulled over a tractor-trailer for equipment violations. During that stop, the officer told the driver his rig would be taken off the road and impounded.

A tow truck was called.  State police said the driver approached the police officer and started some kind of fight.  Troopers said the officer pulled out his gun and fired at the truck driver.

The truck driver was hit and was in surgery overnight. His name and condition have not been released.

A stun gun was spotted near the truck. Police did not say if the truck driver was hit with that. Police also have not said if the truck driver was armed, where he was coming from, where he was going, or what was wrong with his equipment.

State police have not said how long the off ramp will be closed. Troopers said they will release more information at a later point.


  • Donna

    My opinion, since truck drivers are held at a higher driving accountability because they are professionals, for example if there’s an accident the truck driver is at fault regardless of the situation. Police need to be held at that same higher accountability since they are professionals

  • Kevin

    The local cops got there hand in the cookie jar to. Trucking companys pay hundreds of millions in fines every year. It’s not so much about the safety.. NOT AT ALL.. It’s all about generating cash as much as they can take away from you me and every one else.

  • Bill

    Well now to all the people blaming the Officer hope you just saw the latest report! The scum bag sprayed the Officer with pepper spray and then attacked him with a hammer! Who was the one to blame…..the truck driver!!

    • Donna

      I saw the update, it makes me blame the officer even more!! Stunning then Shooting someone 2 times?? Really?!

      • Bill

        Well when the taser didn’t work and the Officer was then ATTACKED with a hammer which can cause serious injury or death….after being sprayed with pepper spray the Officer was totally within his right to shoot the driver…the scum bag driver was the one who caused himself to be shot not the officer….but feel how ever you want about it as some people just love to blame
        the Police even when they are the ones in the right!

    • Donna

      The update makes me side with the driver even more. The cop could have distanced himself from a hammer IF the driver had 1, how is it the cop couldn’t use a stun gun but could use his gun 2x, IF the cop was pepper sprayed how was he able to shoot accurately? This story doesn’t add up

      • Bill

        It will all come out in the dirt bags trial….done arguing as everyone has their own opinion as to right and wrong and as it seems on this page everyone thinks the Officer was so I’m done. You all can just keep blaming the cops for everything…..until you need them!!

  • P

    Local police in PA can enforce the federal motor carrier laws if they’re certified. IT DOESN’T MEAN THIER DOT. I never heard of D.O.T Police??? At least in PA. I have heard of the PA public utility commission motor carrier enforcement and state and local police in PA that enforce the federal transportation laws. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Maybe Ill ask my friends, fathers, stepsisters, uncle. Hes a driver, he’ll know the law.

  • Jennifer

    Unless the cop was DOT or DOT certified he had no right to pull that driver over. My bf is a truck driver so I know laws of a trucker. Ppl who don’t know anything about DOT laws need to shut there mouths. Truckers have my support.

    • ray

      Yes police can pull over rigs but they cannot dot the driver or equipment unless the officer is certified I know I’m a driver

    • Donna

      My husband has been driving over the road since the 80s, cops can pull trucks over, they can’t impound trucks but most cops, especially in PA are DOT certified

  • co/owner & truckers parter

    There is an update on this posted on the news channel’s web site. Like the drivers name, and where he’s from. Also states he will survive his injuries.

    According to the acticle, driver came at cop with hammer, cop then attempted to use Pepper spray, than a taser before shooting him.

    States truck was put out of service because there was no front bump and other violations.

    • Francis Drake

      The fact is a local trucker saw the truck and driver parked on the get off ramp doing a walk around and thumping his tires checking tire pressure and no cop or state patrol was present. That cop pulled up minutes later. That cop is stating he pulled the truck driver over. That’s the red flag.

      • Donna

        I accidentally hit unlike & I can’t figure out how to change it to like :( The cops version doesn’t add up

    • Donna

      I’m sorry to hear your co driver was hurt & it’s ridiculous he’s being charged with attempted homicide. I sincerely hope the truth comes out

  • Jerry

    Yea, this is a bad one. The officer was out of line for shooting him, he is supposed to be trained to subdue the offender, and being a taser, was found oN the ground? So was he tased, and then potentialy executed by the Hemlock police dept.? Nice!

    • Jeff Martin

      The cop wants nothing but money,if the cop cared about safety he would have directed the truck to a FULL SERVICE (365 days 24hrs a day-NEVER closed) truck CERTIFIED REPAIR center . There is ALWAYS at least 1 mechanic working EVERY HOUR of the YEAR! Which also has full ROAD SERVICE! UNDERSTAND this,the garage is in PLAIN SIGHT ,directly beside the highway at the spot this happened. My point, STATE and FEDERAL enforcement officers should be the only ones certified to inspect a commercial vehicle, a local cop will NEVER get around enough of the trained experienced people to be at the top of the field in this,he needs to see that working WITH the drivers and not AT the drivers, will result in a safer road for everybody. I have also been stopped by this cop and caught him trying to SWINDLE me out of money! He quickly became aware of the fact, I could remember the FederalMotorCarrierSafetyRegulation Manual. After all I have 25years over the road and 5years local commercial driving. Oh yea forgot to mention a14years certified commercial combination driving instructor. Which included training law enforcement officers! In all over 100 guys. In closing EACH and EVERYONE that has been trained by me WILL answer any question about me!

  • Bill

    All you people saying these truckers have it so rough and that the DOT makes things so hard for them should just shut up. First I drove truck for twenty years and if the DOT shut me down sobeit I did what they said had to be done. Second if these truckers killed anyone of your family members or friends you would want the them to get the death penalty. Third if they can’t handle the rules and regulations set forth by the DOT, if they don’t like being away from there families for weeks at a time and if they want to complain that the pay stinks, THEN QUIT DRIVING. I quit got a great job and am with my family every night. Some drivers love there jobs and I applaud them but the ones that complain keep it yourselfs. And now for the shooting none of you know what happened for sure so why start rumors. Yes the local yocal probably jumped the gun a bit but you don’t know. It said the truck driver came after him well I would defend myself too maybe not by shooting but you don’t know if the driver had a weapon or not. Quit assuming people if the cop was your family member you would want him to protect himself.

  • Jason

    I am not saying the cop was in the right or the driver was. The main point here is, only the people involved in the incident know the details. Remember both parties involved were doing their job, the trucker and the cop. People are speculating that the cop was in the wrong, cops abuse their power, but none of us know what happened. It may have been the cop was at fault, but before you judge others and shoot off your mouth, try waiting a bit for the facts!

  • fratboy

    Some truck drivers are road hogs, some are courteous. Some run four-wheelers off the road, others understand the average Joe is not accustomed to driving alongside a big rig. I hate when someone uses the argument that trucks keep America alive. How can that statement justify truckers that violate the law? Oh, he’s a trucker, he provides America’s lifeline. So what if he kills people on the road.

  • Bill

    Better check your facts Mattie. Local police CAN do truck inspections without a DOT officer and place trucks and drivers out of service.All they have to do is go through the training and be certified. Love how it is always the Officers fault….the dirt bag attacked the Officer!!

  • Kristy Bishop

    I don’t understand how a non-DOT officer can impound a rig unless it has contraband in it or its been reported stolen! Now based on what I read, the truck was pulled over for equiptment violations, that does not warrant a wrecker nor impound! Giving the driver a ticket and placing the vehicle out of service (if officer is a DOT officer) I can see! Now, the officer shooting that driver, if driver did attack/fight the officer then the officer was protecting ,himself. I do hold a full Class A. As for some who commented “Most truck drivers are Dangerous” , you need to get a brain!!!! Most Drivers work extremely hard, take their career very seriously, and most are Courteous to those who aren’t driving like idiots, like cutting us off, tailgating,riding in our blind spots!!! Keep in mind, if your near a semi and you can’t see the driver in his mirrors, he CAN’T SEE YOU, HE DON’T KNOW YOUR ALONG SIDE,BEHIND HIM/HER!!!!

    • Henry

      Not sure where your from but I am from the area and Hemlock Twp police are DOT officers. As well as Point Twp in Northumberland Co as well as Lewisburg in Union Co to name a few

  • Robert

    For you tom, nobody actually goes 45 in a construction zone. Usually the speed limit is 55 through there and people usually go 60 which is normal. If anything you were dangerous to the road and were putting others at risk of injury going 10 under the speed limit. Get a grip man

  • Susan

    We all seem to point fingers,we don’t know the sitution.Maybe we need to see the cops dash cam. There are good and bad in both of the industries. Speaking from experience.

  • Pete

    I would like to know why Hemlock Twp is out there pulling trucks of of the interstate. Didn’t know that they had any jurisdiction out there.

    • Henry

      Yes they do. The officer in question is a federal d o t officer and they pull trucks all the time. The officer was justified in shooting the driver. There are so many drivers out there that do drive trucks that arent fit for the road all the time and it hurts the industry a great deal. Thats why dot are out there to make it safe

    • co owner

      This is NOT a good example to support the use of dash cams. I would be very surprised if the where in front of the semi. More likely the drivers exited his truck and head toward the cop’s vechile.

  • steve

    what i dont get is that he shot the driver when it clearly states that the driver was only fighing him physically??? so does this mean if i get someone fighting me physically (no weapons) i can shoot them shoot didnt think it was allowed.not only that but who know what the violation was and the driver knew what could of been done and this cop pushed it to far.

    • Shade

      This info is coming from the news media. We do not have all of the facts, and therefore cannot yet know exactly what the trucker might have done to cause the officer to feel the need to use his weapon.

    • sweetsobriety2002

      State police say that Hadean pulled out pepper spray and sprayed the officer. He is also accused of hitting Dieterrick on the hand with a large hammer, causing the officer to lose his grip on the stun gun

  • Elle

    Love how you point out how commonplace it is for trick drivers to break the rules & violate laws, yet the police officer is automatically assumed to be deficient. Perfect example of this area’s miserable attitude. “Cops are bad, man”.

  • Glenn T. the Super Trucker

    I’m betting that this is a case of excessive force. The cop found equipment or logbook violations, which is common, and the truck driver got into a heated conversation with the cop…which is also very common. It’s not unusual for a truck to be taken out of service. This is what happens when an officer finds, for example, mis-adjusted brakes or even an Hours of Service violation. It’s very common for drivers to get upset about the nature of some citations, as many times they really are unnecessary or excessive, and start to question the cop’s decision. I’m wondering if this driver ended up shot just because he raised his voice and got “too close” to the cop. I guess you’d have to be involved in the trucking industry to see what I’m saying. Sometimes the fines really do get out of hand, when there may be another solution to the problem.

    • justaguy

      So if I’m driving with a busted tail light, I can expect to be pulled over and get a ticket. What gives me the right to complain and yell at a cop for doing his job. Whatever personal feelings you have toward police, if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. If this guys truck was in proper working order and all his paperwork was good he would not be taken off if the road. If he was mad because he was being taken off the road and he had violations that justified this, then he had no right to confront the officer, wether state or local. People on here need to grow up and have a little respect. If it comes out that the officer was in the wrong then go ahead and make your comments, but so far the story only reads that a truck had violations and that the driver initiated some type of physical altercation with the cop. So far sounds to me like the driver got what was coming to him.

      • concerned about the cops

        I live in Hemlock twnsp and you can trust me that the cop who shot him is a hot head and everyone knows it. The trucker has my support on this one.

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