Grave Marker Dedication for Revolutionary War Veteran

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LARKSVILLE -- A veteran from the Revolutionary War now has a grave marker at a cemetery in Luzerne County.

A grave marking ceremony was held at the Shupp Cemetery in Larksville on Monday.

The cemetery is full of veterans' graves, but many of them are unmarked.

The Daughters of the American Revolution raised $500 to place a marker at the grave of Absalom Case. His 8th, 9th, and 10th generation descendants were there for the unveiling.

"It is such a great honor that Shawnee Fort got the money together through fundraising and got the stone for him so that now, when people come to visit the grave, they'll know that he was a Revolutionary War soldier," said 8th generation descendant Mary Beth Konrad of Plymouth.

Absalom Case was buried in this part of Luzerne County back in 1828.

On 5/26/14, this story was updated to correct the year of Absalom Case's death. He died in 1828, not 1858.


  • BastiatRules

    Nice! People so often don’t realize what many of our ancestors went through to settle the Wyoming Valley. They had to endure warring native tribes(whose allegiances often switched), the British, and even other settlers whose right to settle the area was bloodily contested(see the Yankee-Pennamite Wars). Today, we drive by places like the Wyoming Monument only loosely understanding the horrors that occurred there. There are hundreds of bodies under there, or what was left of them. If anyone would like to read some REALLY wild stuff, you should read about the late 18th century history of the valley. Many of those stories can actually be found online with just a bit of searching. I promise, there is some truly brutal and fascinating stuff that played out crazier than any modern TV serial. I really wish that someone would do a series on the history of Northeast PA…kind of like HBO’s John Adams series, a few years back.

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