Neighbors React To Accused Killer’s Words

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SCRANTON -- Neighbors reacted to Aazis Richardson's words when he was lead away in handcuffs in Scranton.

Aazis Richardson, 16, seemed to have no regret as he was lead away in handcuffs Friday night after confessing to killing Scranton cab driver Vincent Darbenzio.

Richardson's apparent reason for the shooting was that he thought the cabbie was running up the fare when he allegedly shot him twice in the head on Crown Avenue.

"That's what I do to people who don't listen," said Richardson.

The nonchalance displayed by the accused teen horrified the victim's neighbors.

"It's crazy, all I can say it's crazy, I mean who does that at that age?" said Daisy Valentine of Scranton.

"I didn't know Scranton was that bad, you know, I mean I could see something like that happening in New York, but Scranton, I did not expect that," said Israel Clemente of Scranton.

"If that were my kid I would have to beat them down, their parents should teach them right from wrong," said Betty Jean Webber of Scranton.

Perhaps the most surprising words Richardson uttered were directed towards the dead man's family.

"What do you say to the victims family. **** them."

A small cross now stands in the spot where Vincent Darbenzio lost his life.

His brother Chris said that he was left speechless by what the accused killer had to say to the victim's family.

"For him to use the f word, against the family, when the family didn't do absolutely nothing, it's insane," said Clemente.

Darbenzio was a father of two and had only recently started driving a cab.

Richardson is locked up without bail on charges including first degree murder in Lackawanna County.


  • deborahrmorgan

    When we were kids …..we knew all the black families….we played w them…..miss mary mack and all that……these new families no one knows except thru the news of their evil deeds, im with ya.

  • Diane Brown

    I am black and proud. This person or his actions do not define me or my people as a race. Neither does it or any action of any individual or small group justify stereotyping black people or any people for that matter. He obviously is a danger to society and no doubt to himself and even to his so-called “homies”; I pray he finds peace in his own mind. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

    • Stephen Levano's Grandson

      Since when do whites randomly target defenseless Blacks, elderly Blacks, lone individuals in restaurants…..??? The incidents are too numerous to name, but I’ll name a few : The brutal murders of octogenarians Delbert Belton in Tacoma, George and Nancy Straight in Tulsa, Lawrence Thornton in Biloxi Mississippi……..Since when did you hear of white teens brutalizing elderly Blacks? Since when did you hear of a white teen raping a ninety year old Black woman? Be proud of whatever you choose to be proud of, but it is all about race, and whites will take only so much.

    • John 3:16

      Yes, black and proud. We’re proud of you too. Proud that you haven’t completely destroyed all of what’s left of the social contract and civilized behavior. I’m tired of you proud delinquent simpletons. Completely tired of you!

      • Diane Brown

        You leave that as a comment and your identity is John 3:16? You don’t even know what it means….I’ve already said my piece and have never been a fan of participating in meaningless banter with people who can only ever really consider their own point of view. The fact that you can seriously call an entire race “simpletons”, and yet never met most of us and most certainly never met me is an indication of the depths of your ignorance. But God bless you anyway, because when the scripture with which you claim to identify said, “For God so loved THE WORLD….”, you were also included; in fact, seeing as we all live here, NO ONE was excluded. That being said, everyone have a bright and blessed day! God bless!

      • Diane Brown

        In addition, you say you are “Proud that you haven’t completely destroyed all of what’s left of the social contract and civilized behavior”….really???? You call the whole institution of slavery in America civilized behavior?? Oh, right….that wasn’t you so why am I still bringing it up? Sounds ridiculous and unrelated, right? Well, if you want to identify my whole race of people with every negative incident committed by people we don’t even know just because we’re the same color, then why shouldn’t I do that with you? But I won’t. Judge the behavior, and not the race. I don’t even know that boy or even associate with anyone like him, be they black, white, or otherwise. Only intelligent, God-fearing people in my circle, regardless of race. It could have been another of countless idiots of various races (we ALL have them), that could have done this. It doesn’t change the outcome. Someone died who didn’t deserve to, and we all mourn with that family. But I personally cannot accept responsibility; I don’t know that boy. Yes, it bothers me and probably many others that it was a member of my race that committed this crime. Race relations are of such in this country that I’ll bet that’s what we all ask when a crime is committed, “Was he black or white?” or whatever. It’s so ridiculous. But truly, I love everybody, because that’s what God said to do. I’ve been raised in the church all my life, and the behaviors of this individual are foreign to me. I cannot defend them. Neither should I feel the need to defend myself or my family and friends based on his actions when we didn’t do anything simply because he happens to be the same color as me. But I’m sure this isn’t the first time something like this has been said, nor will it be the last.

  • bebe

    where’s Al Sharpen, Jay z, and everyone else when this happens to a white person, but if its a black person all hell brakes loose!!!

  • luvshorses

    OMG… leave it to people to make this about his race…. why do you even put something like that in print. This is about the senseless taking of a human being’s LIFE over something so ridiculously insanely unjustified that I fail to find words to express my sadness that the nation of PEOPLE have become so callous and uncaring about another human being. Shot because he didn’t like the way he talked to him and he thought he was trying to rip him off???? When did our nation become one of EVERYONE (EVERY COLOR, RACE, CREED, GENDER) feeling they are entitled to take the life of another because they don’t like something about them? And then to absolutely feel no remorse.. hell to curse about the one he snuffed out? He spoke of love for HIS family???? How does someone that can so easily pull a trigger to someone that caused them no harm, would did nothing to his family, who did not threaten him … know about love?? He is void of all feelings. My God, stop the crappy bantering about race.. this is about sociopathic behavior that comes from pure evil.
    My heart goes out to the family who was robbed of their loved one, who will never have another day to make memories, while this lower than life walking, cursing idjet gets to live off all those who follow the path of morality and work for what they want. Death could not be a more just punishment for him.. he feels no remorse and will do it again if allowed.

    • Stephen Levano's Grandson

      How could people be so naieve This is all about race, and nothing more. Throughout this country there is a plague of Black on white violence, empowered by a Justice department that virtually condones it and the media that is afraid to admit it. Blacks have been making babies out of wedlock at previously unheard of numbers for decades, and fatherhood is a virtually non-existent phenomena in Black America. Children raised by teen mothers, in so far as one could call it being raised, are far more prone to gratuitous violence, and Blacks have little self control where sexual discipline is concerned. There will be a mass, violent White backlash, and the sooner the better. Being a racist at this point is simply a matter of being honest about the leviathan that faces whites and Asians across this nation.

  • tom

    Take this rooten scum-tore him then finish him off by something slow and painful.Let’s have no excuses about drugs,the hard life he had-everyone’s tired of all that crap when it comes to these people.

  • kimmy

    What happened was a horrible tragedy !!!! But let’s be grown here !!!! The race mattered nothing !!!! It just so happened he was a black male !!!! But in the Frankie case Jason Dominick was a white male who also shot and killed someone’s son in a horrible tragic way !!! But everyone is oh he was forced and he isn’t like that !!! The race isn’t the problem its us parents who are nnot teaching respect and discipline !!!! Parents need to step up and make addifference !!!! I see these children today and they have not one ounce of respect ! And these children are white black and Spanish !!! Grow up and stop with the he is black he is white !!!! Let’s change things for our kids !!!! This has got to stop !!!!

    • Ralph C.

      You’re right, but have you tried disciplining your kids lately? Growing up, we learned respect from the back of a hand. Now, if you even look at your kids cross-eyed you’ve got someone on your doorstep claiming they’re being abused.


    I am all for bringing back CRUEL and UNUSUAL Punishment for individuals lie this, regardless of a killers color CRUEL and UNUSUAL Punishment, Torture should be brought back for obvious murderers, that really could deter future murders, if they knew being caught, convicted would punish them in the most cruel manner for the pain they inflicted on their victim’s and victims family members !

  • Me that's me

    God bless all you sick racist ignorant people. I will pray you all will be safe and protected always. Nothing you can say will ever make you feel better for your insecurities in yourself. This is why u lash out with your race driven comments toward anyone who isn’t white. God bless you all. One of my Best Friends was recently shot Execution Style by a a White Male. And guess what I am married to an amazing women of color.. So go milk some cows, shot your guns, and look to California where another white privileged male shot and killed innocent people. But it’s sad your all so insecure and because of that you lash out towards others who are not like you. Fear is the ultimate tool for self preservation. God bless..

  • shaking my head

    Cannot believe that people believe that drugs only ravage the black race! Maybe you need to come out of scranton…come to the country where there is 1% black population but there herion and meth problems are outrageous and there is just as much crime…I’ve lived in the city for years! Met more junkies in Wyoming and susquehanna county then I ever encountered in the city where I the white person was the minority! But, I met alot of great people! Everyone wonders what the world is coming too? Why? Isn’t it obvious I mean it’s 2014 abd we still haven’t conquered racism. Pathetic.

    • deborahrmorgan

      You must not have gotten out much cause washington square park….spanish harlem, harlem,the bronx and washington heights are full of them as are the subways……are you stupid or just blind.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Shaking your head…….your suffering from selective perspection……that make you stupid…..not blind…..thanks for clearing that up for the fine folks of nepa. Lol

      • shaking my head

        Have you read all your other comments in this thread? You say I’m suffering from selective prospection? Clearly, I am not the one who is stupid! I know addiction does not discriminate! I think it’s quiet ridiculous the day of age we are in and we still discriminate against one another!

  • black citizen

    I am not in no way shape or form defending this person who deserves to be locked up forever or worse. Black and White has nothing to do with it. End of discussion on my part. I know I know blacks sell all the drugs, we buy all of them too. This is a black only problem.

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