Truck Drives Into River, Driver Blames GPS

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BRADFORD COUNTY -- The driver of this truck ended up in the Susquehanna River in Bradford County.

The Wyalusing fire chief says it happened around 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

A 24-year-old man from West Virginia drove into the river. And then ended up swimming to the other side!

The fire chief for the Good Will Fire Company, Brad Fassett, assisted in the rescue. He says the water must have been about 40 degrees.

"The individual who swam across the river, in our book, is lucky to be alive," said Fassett.

The fire chief said the driver's GPS told him he could take State Route 2025 and cross the river. A sign states that the road ends. The man didn't see it since it was late at night and he drove right in the Susquehanna River.

"With the river and the forces they way they are, it wouldn't take much for someone to drown very easily. Time is the essence and we want to get there as soon as possible," said Fassett.

People near Homets Ferry heard the man screaming for help early Thursday morning.

When the rescue crew found him. He told them about the GPS issue.

People who live near the river said they don't get it.

Residents said there used to be a ferry in the area, but that's long gone.

"It's not been here for years and years. It's quite obvious when you get there that there's no ferry you can drive across," said Ronald Davenport from Wylausing Township.

But it's actually the second time it's happened this year!

The fire chief in Laceyville says another driver had a similar GPS problem in January, but he was able to get off the river since it was iced over at the time.

Even so, vehicles in the river are not something they're used to dealing with.

"Yeah, we don't see that too much up in this area," said Fassett.

The driver found eight hours later near river bank. He was treated at Memorial Hospital in Towanda for hypothermia-like symptoms.

As for the vehicle, it's still in the water and authorities said they're not sure when it will be retrieved.


    • Funny Stuff

      Hey “no” Common Sense do you think before you post? Your funny like he saw a river, he was lost! You must feel better about your self if you can put others down.

  • Donna Konkol Williams

    Clearly, the people who say the guy was just stupid: did you see he was on a road? Bradford county has many dirt roads like this. Did you hear it was 11:00 at night? Roads like this aren’t lit by streetlights. Did you see how shallow the river was, and how it resembled a puddle much like the ones we had from the hard downpours? Can the GPS be wrong? Absolutely! It seems as if someone is responsible to put some sort of barricade along this spot. Shame on you reporters from WNEP for making light of this situation. If you are not familiar with the rural roads in our area, a mistake like this is understandable. Wow, people are even judgmental when someone makes an honest mistake that could have taken his life.

  • Me

    That wasn’t the river he drove into. That was a pothole that hasn’t been fixed in 25 years !!! It’s not the drivers fault. He had GPS. Lol lol lol lol lol.
    What a dummy

    • Funny Stuff

      That is funny a person from Bradford county is making fun of West Virginia. Talk about false pride. LOL.

  • jennifer

    ok let me tell you all something…i used to live in bradford county and it is alllllllll backroads and country….let me be more specific…amishville…soooo i really don’t blame the guy since nothing in bradford county has been updated except the houses….in generations… with that being said it’s hard to get signal out there let alone for a GPS to give you the right directions especially if very little signal is available….stop being so hard on him….it’s really not his fault

  • Gurumandy

    I can see this happening actually. If you’ve ever been on a road like this that goes into water, it’s very hard to see at night. Long before GPS I was patrolling a back road and my eyes couldn’t focus on the road. I did stop to see what was “over the hill” because that’s what it looked like. I was actually 3 feet from driving into the lake! I couldn’t believe how easily it could have happened. Unless you’ve seen something like this and realize
    That he was probably never thinking “water,” it is not fair to judge this guy. I’ve see another place like this in daylight where several people had driven into the lake at night!

  • Heather

    It’s probably still open because people still live on the road!! Just because it’s a dead end, doesn’t mean that the road should be completely inaccessible!

    • Funny Stuff

      I think they are talking about just closing the road before the river not the houses. Here your sign… LOL

      • griz

        well since that end of the road is used for a boat launch why close it. if you don’t know the road slow down!

  • Donnie Woodruff

    we need bumper barriers on the side of all of our roads as well I guess cuz you know that’s the only way to stay on the road. or maybe if you cant see STOP WOW

  • Gail

    GPS, Mapquest …BEWARE! These directions are not kept up to date when there are changes. This young man is not at fault. This, unfortunately could have happened to anyone driving at night, in fog in an area unfamiliar. What good is a GPS that is not current to changes? There should have been flashing lights and a barrier! Thank God the young man did not drown!

  • Randy

    Let face it, the GPS told him to take this road. And the green light said to go. Well look at the bright side the only thing hurt here is his pride, And for the vehicle its all washed up. .

    • Brian

      I have had and use a gps for years have had a few problems you still need to pay attention dont just rely on gps and thats what i tell everyone who gets one.Its called using some common sence’

    • Funny Stuff

      Really James. You think he knew he was driving into a river? You must be really cool and night vision equipment when you drive and you know everything about every where. Yep your from Bradford County.

  • jared

    if this is 2ed time in less then a year a large barrior with a sign needs to be put up not juat a small road cloased sign

  • Dianne South

    i wonder was it foggy, because on the 22nd i had to crawl a a snails pace tp get home………fog can really mess you up…….just glad he did not drown…….

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