Police: Taxi Driver Murdered in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Police are searching for the killer who shot a taxi driver early Friday morning.

Investigators have identified the taxi cab driver who was killed on the job along the 1600 block of Crown Avenue in South Scranton around 4:30 a.m. Friday.

He is Vincent Darbenzio, 47, of Scranton.

He lost his life on the job just about a mile and a half from his own house, and just a short time before many kids in this area were waking up for school.vincent darbenzio

"I saw someone who was shot in the back of his head, obviously. The bottom of his body was still in the vehicle. The top of his body was on the ground," said Misty Losavich.

When Losavich walked out of her front door, this is the scene that eventually unfolded on Crown Avenue with police everywhere. Investigators confirm Vincent Darbenzio, 47, of Scranton, a McCarthy Flowered Cab taxi driver was murdered.

It's the second homicide in the city this year.

"At the very least, that's someone's son who's senselessly no longer with us," said Losavich. "I'm still shaken. I don't even want to talk with the kids about why they can't come outside and why they can't go to school."

"This is just absolutely barbaric, and even for the kids who live in this neighborhood to have to wake up this morning and see a homicide steps from their windows, it's just ridiculous," said Brian McCarthy, President & CEO of McCarthy Flowered Cabs.

McCarthy learned about the death of his employee overnight.   He says the cab driver had been on the job for only about five weeks and was a hard worker.

"He made a pickup in west side and he told us where the destination was which was over where we are now. The dispatcher never heard from him again. The dispatcher started to get very nervous and started to send other cabs out looking for him one of our other cab drivers found him here apparently hanging out of the cab with a gunshot wound to his head," McCarthy said.

The violence took place near the Valley View Terrace housing development in Scranton.   We were there as parents helped their kids head off to class. Police were also on hand asking questions, with hopes of catching the person who pulled the trigger.

"It was graphic, it was bloody, and it was senseless. And it was sad," said Losavich.


  • Kiisooblu

    Dont worry mike you will prob be in a nursing home soon where the so called garbage will be the ones feeding you and taking care of you washing your face changing your clothes treating you like a human being

  • SRV

    So sorry for this loss of life. Scranton is not safe at all these days. When is the mayor going beat down the walls of the federal government for help?

  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    The welfare system was largely responsible for the decay of the black family. It discourages single mothers from having the father in the home. After 40some years, this is what we get. Prior to our current welfare system, the number of single mother homes was very low. I’m NOT against helping people who are in need, and I realize that NOT ALL welfare recipients are like this, so please spare me the comments. The numbers speak for themselves, with generation after generation growing up dependent on government.

  • E

    I am so sick of this “hardworking person” nonsense that comes from Scranton. Most people like myself work hard in this world, this is common knowledge, but why do the citizens of Scranton think that sets them apart? Working a difficult job does NOT automatically make you a good person, despite local beliefs or whomever you look down upon to feel better about yourself. e.g. people on welfare, unemployed, etc. If working hard is the only positive thing about someone then they clearly aren’t much of a person. lol.

    Scranton is not a decent place to live and has never been. That city has been a dumping ground for the northeast region of the US for many years. Unwanted things are disposed of in Scranton and that shows. When large urban areas, such as NYC circa ten years ago, clean up their neighborhoods where do you think the criminals go when pressured to leave? Simple, they relocate and set up operations where corruption is law and the police are incompetent. Scranton, Pa.

    The people posting these comments blame politicians and the wealthy for criminals moving to Scranton by the thousands. That is not true. The simple truth is that the people of Scranton have created such as vile, disgusting place that only street gangs, drug addicts and hardcore criminals are interested in moving here. No decent person would EVER move to Scranton unless they had absolutely no choice, and then it would only be temporary.

    I know it’s painful to acknowledge that your past behavior is directly causing your own misery but that’s the truth. Sit in a quiet room and reflect on your past and you will recall many examples of why you deserve to suffer.

  • Lindsey

    As a former driver for the McCarthy Flowered Freakshow, I assure you, Valley View is That bad and very few decent people live there. And believe me when I say the money grubbing fools who run that place care Nothing for their drivers. The police are equally useless.

  • Michael Bush


  • lkreu

    I agree with some but NOT all – I do NOT consider people on welfare being paid NOT to work – I was once on the receiving end of assistance – I still – got some skills training – found employment and never looked back. The money you get paid on welfare is NOT enough to live a good life. Close to the end of the month you struggle to feed the family. Some may refuse to work – not all.

    Don’t be so judgement – as you shall be judged one day

    • Stick

      South Scranton is lost and has been lost for quite a while. West Scranton was the next to fall, and now North Scranton is beginning to turn. Property values are the only thing keeping East Scranton propped up, and even that neighborhood hasn’t been left unscathed when you consider the hill section.

  • murder inc. didnt happen in Scranhattan

    Please stop with indian royalty immediately!! slumdog millionaire is even too much for that kid!

  • alicia

    I like your way, of thinking and its so true the wealthier you are the easier you can get the drugs

  • alicia

    This is to mike ,not all people that live in projects (valley view) are as you said “garbage” you can meet amazing people in the projects , I know sometimes you get the ignorant people , but who are you to judge people that grow up in the projects ?? Before you judge know your facts !!

  • Mike O'Hara

    This is the end of the line for our patience with the garbage living in and around the projects, especially Valley View.

    • Carol

      Instead of condemning every innocent man, woman, and child because they happen to live in or near the projects, put the blame where it belongs– on the POS that did this

    • Lynne

      Grow up Mike O’Hara – what a judgmental thing to say – do you know EVERYONE in the projects???? You can find garbage everywhere and anywhere Mike

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        Mike O’Hara did NOT say that EVERYONE in the projects is garbage. Seriously, why do you folks insist on reading what you want to think is there.

    • miranda

      First of all MIKE ! Do you know any one up ther to be calling people garbage ? Probably not so there fore keep your mouth shut cause any one could of did this any they didnt have to be in Projects its not only Projects that is bad the whole scranton is getting bad so watch What you say cause some one could say your GARBAGE !!!!

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