16 Year Old Charged In Scranton Cab Driver’s Murder

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SCRANTON -- A 16 year old is locked up on murder charges for the shooting death of a cab driver in Scranton.

Aazis Richardson was arraigned Friday night on numerous felony charges for killing Vincent Darbenzio early Friday morning.

Aazis Richardson is charged with murder in the first, second and third degrees.

Police said Richardson was riding in Darbenzio’s cab when Richardson shot him because he felt the driver was trying to overcharge him.

“What did you say to him when you guys were in the cab together?” Richardson was asked.

“I didn't say [expletive] to him, I just told him take this way, he didn't want to listen, he got his [expletive] shot.”

Aazis Richardson not only showed no remorse for allegedly killing a Scranton cab driver, he also appeared to justify it.

“I feel my homies die, everybody got to die,” said Richardson.

Scranton police charged Richardson with numerous felony charges, including murder in the first, second and third degrees for the shooting death of McCarthy cab driver Vincent Darbenzio.

Investigators say Darbenzio picked up Richardson at a double block home on Washburn Street around 3:00 Friday morning then drove him to Valley View Terrace Apartments.

Darbenzio's body was found around 5 a.m. on Crown Avenue, hanging out of his driver's side door with two gunshot wounds to the head.

Tracking the cell phone records of who called the cab, police were led back to the double block home on Washburn Street and found Richardson hiding in the attic with a handgun hidden in a bag and took him into custody.

Richardson told police he killed Darbenzio because the cab driver was taking the long way to get to Valley View and ignored Richardson when he told him shortcuts.

Richardson said Darbenzio was ripping him off by trying to run up the meter, so he shot him twice then stole $500 from him.

“You shot him twice, why twice?” he was asked.

“Cause that's what I do to people who don't listen,” he said.

Police do say that Richardson himself did not call for the cab, but a female living in the adjoining apartment called for him.

She told police she didn't know Richardson personally, that he told her he didn't have a phone and he asked that she call a cab for him.

“What about your parents, do you have anything to say to your family?” he was asked.

“I love y'all,” he said.

When asked: “What about the victim's family?” Richardson said “[Expletive] them.”

Richardson says he is originally from Newark, NJ and told police he is suspect in a triple homicide there.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney says investigators will be contacting police in New Jersey about those remarks.

Richardson has a preliminary hearing set for May 30.


  • Rebecca

    We should be sending New Jersey a bill for his incarceration, because we know he’ll never see the death penalty here. Too many bleeding heart liberals whining about how painful or unfair it is or he’s just a teenager, or whatever. How about worrying about the victim, and the victim’s family? Hopefully New Jersey can pin the triple homicide on him. At least then, if he gets out of prison here, we could extradite him to Jersey so they can keep him until he dies, which IMO, isn’t soon enough.

  • corysiles

    You overcome it by not stooping to their level
    you overcome it by realizing god is real
    you overcome it by knowing its wrong and teaching your kids that too
    you overcome it by positive solutions instead of pointing the finger
    you overcome it by putting yourself in someones shoes thats been discriminated against
    you overcome it by doing the right thing

  • Black man

    Okay he’s a murderer what he did was wrong agreed. Why blame a whole race for it? You racist people are no better than him and you ultimately deserve the same fate which is an eternity in hell for the hate you cowards are expressing. Another thing if all blacks are degrading society how did Barack Obama Get Elected for two presidential terms? And Scranton is a terrible run down piece of shit town so whatever you weirdos are saying is just stupid because that town is already shit due to the amount of white trash that is located there of and maybe the mass amounts of confederate flags when PA is in the north… So I guess what simply needs to be said is we are all equal your hate speech changes nothing your commander and chief is black and if you continue to be demonic preaching hate and chaos you all will join this young man in hell wether you kill someone or not… KARMA IS A BITCH


    Three things the people of Scranton Desperately need

      • corysiles

        My point is not to defend this young man’s actions and yes I said man because he’s not an animal, or a mutant maybe a monster but still a human being… My point is to defend my black race because just like you I’m human and I didn’t get to pick a skin color when I was born and just like you I didn’t kill anyone so what I’m saying is people need stop blaming race because bad people come in all colors and if you are racist you are not a good person so that definitely makes you bad and when it comes judgement day you will share the same fate if you don’t change your hateful mindset

    • Jim Brony

      How did Obama get elected twice? Read the comment below yours that said he might be the best President ever and that should answer your question. Our nation has never been more divided and in a financial and moral crisis since he has been in office. Hard to blame the other guy when you’re the other guy. Idiots put him there, idiots think he’s the greatest. Our nation is doomed.

    • Don Helowitz

      Really! You need help. Please get off the drugs and get some help. The first step is admitting that you need help!

    • Dennis

      To Black man: Sir—to fully answer your question about Mr Obama’s election and re-election, it would several chapters to fully reply. So I’ll give it my best shot in this limited forum. 1) He and his handlers successfully sealed all of his records in the years leading up to his election so we didn’t really have an opportunity to know the man behind “hope and change”. We only got to see the good-looking, articulate rock-star version who looked like he stepped out of a Madison Avenue advertisement. Any information we did get was carefully hand-picked marketing collateral for release during th ’08 election cycle. 2) We have now have a press that supports instead of reports (biggest reason for his election). With an estimated 70% of reporters, editors, news directors as self identified liberals/Democrats, media bias played a HUGE role as few did their due diligence and even fewer properly vetted Mr Obama. To this day, he is seldom asked any tough questions. This is a terrible threat to our freedom as the “fourth estate” has been given special privilege throughout our history to be the watchdog for the people, keeping an eye on the government to ensure that we are mitigating corruption and abuses of power. 3), Electing a (half) black President was a source of great pride to many in our country as we celebrated “post racial America”. as if his election would right so many of the horrific injustices of the past. Many use the term “white guilt” to describe this effect and to be honest, I felt, too, felt pride in the fact that we elected a person of color despite not voting for him. 4), The Republican party doesn’t have a clue about communicating or messaging their vision for the country. Despite having many great ideas and principles which would be right for America—they can’t successfully articulate the reasons why and hence the Democrats have an easier go winning elections and the result is a continuation of failed policies and Washington dysfunction. It’s only when things begin to hit voters in the pocketbook or on their street or in their homes do they stand up and pay attention to the fact that liberalism is failing our country miserably (e.g. Obamacare). 5), John McCain was a horrible candidate in ’08 and Mitt Romney couldn’t connect with the American people in ’12 because Democrat strategists very successfully painted him as an elitist because he was rich and successful (this is an Obama tactic of divisiveness and demonization). If our nation had any sense it would have elected Romney who was the candidate with the best set of tools to turn around the economic armagedden we now face; and it’s coming soon to a theatre near you. As for those of you whose heads are buried in the sand, you might prepare yourself by reading Peter Schiff’s book about the real economic crash coming–one that will make 2008 look like a cake walk. Obama knows this, too, and knew it when he took office in 2008. Instead of making the tough choices then and making our country swallow the bitter pill, he kicked the can down the road and spent money that we didn’t have so that he wouldn’t be directly tied to the coming tsunami during his administration. Had he done the ‘right’ thing, not the politically expedient thing and made us endure more pain in 2009 and 2010, the damage wouldn’t be so great now. But by postponing the inevitable, the pain is going to be 10 times worse. That would have taken courage. That would have taken political selflessness that is rare in the public arena; both traits foreign to Mr. Obama. And before you liberals and Democrats that overrun NEPA immediately blame George Bush—this problem has been decades in the making; starting with Lyndon Johnson and the massive growth of government. To be sure, we should be proud that America elected a person of color—but if that was our goal, there were/are so many better choices than this camoflauged Communist from Chicago. And I don’t use that term lightly. Do your research and learn that his parents, his grandparents, his mentor were all Communists and many in his administration are children of Communists (called “red babies”). Yes, we elected a black commander in chief —- for all of the wrong reasons. We took the easy road as a nation, didn’t pay attention, believed all of the media lies and remained oblivious to their “under-reporting”. One could argue we elected Mr. Obama much like we select American Idol winners. If they look good and sound good, we vote for them; be damned their actual positions on issues, personal history, or qualifications. We will all pay dearly in the long-run for that laziness. The result is decaying society and the breeding of nests with thousands and thousands of Aazie Richardsons both black AND white. There are many reasons for this political and cultural decline—blind ideology, lack of intellectual honesty, and of course the profit motive (there is money in selling rap, producing violent movies and games, and movies and TV with no socially redeeming qualities). Sadly I have to agree with Jim Brony (earlier poster)—we are in trouble; very grave trouble. Until we all stand up and say enough is enough, invest in our ourselves (through knowledge) and, most importantly, demand that our leaders come up with practical and pragmatic solutions, we will race towards the trash heap of history and our once great country will disintegrate before our very eyes.

    • SRV

      I agree with everything you say about defending your race. Most serial killers are white males. Many of the criminals we read on here are white males and white females. I don’t see anyone blaming the whole white race. I am white. I profile too. After 911, all muslims were terrorists. After a clutch of family members were into drugs, that whole group of them became suspect along with their friends. Everyone that passes thru my door I scrutinize. You almost have to these days. They don’t get that evil has no preference as to who it possesses save a willing participant. All the trash in my town are white. It’s a small town with no black residents to even the score is all.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Well miranda…..where are all these nice black people your alluding too? Where are all the wonderful nice black role models….if there are any in sceanton …..please step forward and clean up the mess. Whos that guy…..bill crosby……better get him here to give y’All a talk about civilzed behavior. Better yet…..lets get ophrah here. This might be an everyday event in nyc and the bronx but around here….up until yesterday…..unheard of. Naturally the whole community is in an uproar.

    • corysiles

      Why aren’t you being a role model if your so enraged why aren’t you doing more besides blaming another race why are you acting like you have no ethical responsibility ?
      Why Are you not being a positive role model?

    • deborahrmorgan

      To cory….i am a good role model…..i do set a good example ……and im an excellent mother….for example instead of shooting a cab driver in the head yesterdaty morning ….my son graduated from rutgers last weekend w a phd. in physical therapy……what have you done lately?

    • corysiles

      Well Deborah to answer your question I am currently in college and also not shooting people in the head or blaming one race for society’s problems your son graduating college is a good thing but did you graduate? And give me one reason why you are a good role model and as for your parenting skills I don’t see why that is relevant because I didn’t ask you or say you were a bad mom stupid.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Yes cory i did graduate from college….marywood in fact if you want to know. And i had a black stepmother as a child and i witnessed my grandmother get stabbed in the temple by two black women because she wouldntvgive up her purse…….i was 12 years old at the time. Why am i a good role model…..because despite all of that…..i did not teach my son to hate any race. Hes asian actually…..and he likes everyone…..color doesnt matter to him at all.

    • VERN


      • undem

        Don’t you realise that if the races were able to be completely, blacks would only have other backs to rob & murder.

  • Justathought

    Remember people this is what our ancestors fought and died for. So people can sit by and watch as these people take over our country. I don’t usually post here, and for good reason. Most of you are racist keyboard warriors. This kid is a monster, but he is not the only one. How many more will die before you take back your towns. The reason people get away with this stuff is because you feel it’s everyone else’s responsibility to report it and stand up to it. Why? Because you have kids? Well then teach them to have a backbone. This place used to be the kind of area where doors stayed open on hot nights. You not only knew your neighbors but you had cookouts together. Now I need cameras on my home and a gun by my bed because I refuse to be a victim to anyone. So yea this guy is off the street, after taking away childrens father. Who’s next?

    • Mary Beth (@Mary184Beth)

      My mother in law lives a few doors down from where this kid was arrested on Washburn. She’s lived there about 40 yrs and until a few years ago, spent her summers sitting out on her front porch chatting with other elderly neighbors. She will not go outside anymore – she is too afraid. That neighborhood has turned into a ghetto. People need to wake up and realize what is happening around them, but I think it’s too late. Most of the city is overrun. We lived in west side for 10 years and packed up and left a few years ago to a neighboring town with a nice school district. We had enough. Scranton is going to be another Detroit, wait and see.

  • Ruthie Smith

    This person has probably been a burden on society since birth.No doubt he has been a burden on the welfare system. Society will continue to foot the bill for this scum as he becomes someones bride in jail.Thank you sister Adrian Barrett for all the importing of dirt into our area in the name of god

  • JusticeMind

    Few weeks ago, a white kid got convicted for killing a friend over a girl…so what’s the difference both took a life.. and treateda human being less than dirt…all your opinionated rants serve no purpose unless you come up with a realistic positive solution and rally for supporters an make the effort to clean the area of all scum..white, black and hispanic…all races do wrong an murder others..the media view is what’s set the perceptions of most weakminded fools.

  • Bill D

    We need to start tying them to a stake in public square and give everyone a small rock! Cure this problem real quick if we had a couple of public stonings!

  • Bill D

    Typical scumbag gang banger wannabe tough guy. It doesn’t take a big man to pull a gun on an unarmed family man working to support his family and kill him you pu$$y scumbag! I’m sorry but this is exactly why we need public stonings on the square! I only hope this state grows a set of balls and executes this piece of garbage as soon as he is eligible!

  • Bill D

    Now if ever there were a time when police would be justified in beating down a suspect, this is it. Why don’t they at least handle him a little rough rather than taking it out on the innocent guy who has a bulge in his waistband that turns out to be a colonoscopy bag?

  • deborahrmorgan

    What i want to know is where are all the positive blacks role models in scranton? I dont know of one….surely there must be some. The black community needs to put positive black role models in front of its youth. How bout that instead of gangsta music fancy sneakers and chains. I am in complete an utter shock over this!

  • EEH

    This story is tragic! I don’t care what race this poor excuse for a human is. He killed an innocent man who was just doing his job. The murderer admitted to the crime & it sounds that he would do the same thing all over again without hesitation. He will have his day in court & hopefully justice will prevail!! God bless this innocent cab driver & his family!

  • Justin

    I’m afraid to think about how much seed this mindless scumbag may have spread already. Should start snipping these kids the first time the commit a felony no matter how small it may be. And if you get welfare you should automatically be banned from reproducing.

  • Justin

    I didn’t realize SCRANTON was a state……… Maybe this is what is wrong with people, they are uneducated. Must just be the way of life up in the state of SCRANTON.

  • Dbucks67

    This entire situation is ridiculous. Let’s see if this piece of scum gets off in lesser charges because he’s underage and black. People like this deserve the death sentence. If you have absolutely no remorse for the victim and his family, the killer is obviously so messed up psychologically. Juvy isn’t going to change his personality. Just a vicious scumbag that’ completely disregards human life. I hope he gets what’s coming to him, and they decide a pebaltiy on him as he did on an innocent man’s life. The charge couldn’t have been more than five dollars more. This guy’s life isn’t even worth a penny you step on. And you wonder why this area is so racist. This doesn’t happen in our community unless it’s a mixed race or drugs involved.

  • Antonio C

    Well where were they when Reginald Denny the white trucker in the LA Riots who got yanked out of his Tractor trailer, and the Black young man threw a brick into his head crushing his skull then did a touchdown dance after spiking the brick into an innocent white guys head !

    Al Sharpton was no where ! See that is my prob with him, I am fair, white or black wrong is wrong, but with Sharpton he pops off when an injustice is done to black people, but never do I here a peep from him when an injustice like this 16 year old pig does this to a white person !

    Al Sharpton fair is fair, regardless of skin color, so it is YOU Al Sharpton that I think is the racist !

  • Carol

    His parents must be so proud. BTW, where are they? He’s from Newark, right? Did they put him on a bus with his gun or did they move with him (& feel that any activity that their son was engaging in was far more important than being asleep…so that he could attend school)? At its core, this is about a senseless murder that many young children had to pass in their way to school, and not about blaming his parents (who had to raise a sociopath), but why does a 16-YR OLD have a gun? Or have access to one? And I’m not even alluding to the gun debate… Pro-NRA or not, he’s 16

    • mfitzy111

      I’m pro-gun for this reason – why does a 16 year old have a gun? easy answer -because he’s chosen to be a criminal – and criminals don’t follow laws- it’s against the law for anyone under 21 to possess a handgun, it’s against the law to rob and murder someone- I’m pretty sure that this thug is a wanna be gang member trying to prove himself – and I’d bet his gun was stolen, where does a 16 year old get money to buy a gun? he doesn’t! – gun control laws only work for people who follow laws- this is the reason gun control will never work you can’t legislate away evil.. just like the drug laws only work for people who follow the laws. Prayers to this murdered mans family, and prayers to this 16 year old for making bad life choices – and yeah I totally blame his parents who should be charged as accessories since they let him run wild in Pa.

  • burtfan

    Please, somebody waste this POS. He’s not even worth 3 hots and a cot. He obviously has no regard for human life, why should we have any regard for his.

  • Antonio C

    Wow, that poor cab drivers family ! May God Bless and comfort them !
    Just think people, that could be your Dad, Brother, Son, etc. murdered in cold blood by this monster, and he would walk in to the room saying *#*% you to us also ! I have never seen such a more infuriating piece of news footage from a killer in my almost 50 years of living ! This 16 year old is a cold, heartless, uncaring, evil pig !

  • EyeAmMe

    Ella —>we all realize that horrible things are done by people of all races. I don’t understand why so many of you “liberal” folks need to repeat this mantra and sugar coat the truth. While I don’t agree with some of the comments, I understand the frustration and it is well founded. THERE IS a serious problem with the black family in particular today. It is willful ignorance to ignore such a thing. Our children are holding thugs up as idols, and so many have lost basic human empathy. We need to address these problems, not pretend they don’t exist. Your “political correctness” only exacerbates the problem. By the way, I happen to be black. Please don’t tell me there is no problem in the so-called black community. That one poster is right. Many of us moved to Scranton to get away from the problem.

    • corysiles

      I am black too and I’m wandering if you have done anything for the black community before you gave up on it? Have you attended college? Do you think your better than the average black family because you moved? I’m just curious because you seem to think you have it all figured out and that moving to scranton eliminates all your problems an places you higher in the white community.

      • Save The Squirrels

        It seems to me that many have given up on THEMSELVES. Never mind what this guy did. If he worked hard to better his situation or environment, I hardly see that as giving up on anyone, and I hardly see it as “trying to rate higher in the white community”. That’s just ridiculous. Maybe the guy just wanted to raise a family someplace safer.

  • Antonio C

    And can you all imagine if this cab driver somehow defended himself and killed this monster ? And I am not disrespecting Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed. I am just pointing out that it was a no win situation for this poor cab driver. Either let this punk kill you, or today he would be national news for killing this 16 year old monster.

    He would be considered a Evil, if when this 16 year old pulled the gun if he grabbed it and shot this kid first killing him, and you all know that is likely true !

  • Rob

    Put a gun in this kids hand and drop hom off in the middle of one of the countries our soldiers are dying in and ship one soldier home in return. Lets stop letting innocent kids, men, women, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters die in vain, and start sending these useless “thug” murderers into a scene where they can see the discipline required and where they are just as vulnerable as their victims.

    • Harold Smith

      Why would you want to unleash this creature on foreigners in another country who did nothing to the U.S.?

      Unfortunately, “our” “soldiers” are senselessly killing people in foreign countries just like this creature did here. They are nothing but Zionist crusaders, willing to do evil for a lie and a paycheck.

      I don’t want to change the subject but it’s a part of the problem: The “U.S. government” says there’s nothing wrong killing people en masse, all over the world.

      We will never get our society straightened out until “we” stop the criminally insane mass murderers that hold high political offices in the “U.S. government”.

      • lewisandclarklc

        Our SOLDIERS And other service members are doing their JOB! They HAVE go to over there and do those things, because if they don’t, they can face jail time. Not all service members agree with the war. Just saying.

      • Harold Smith

        So if some country invaded the U.S. on some laughably absurd pretext, and subsequently shot your family to death at a “checkpoint”, or blew your family up with a missile fired from a drone, because they looked like “suspected militants”, for example, that’d be fine with you because, after all, the troops were “ONLY DOING THEIR JOB”?

  • Lisa

    DISGUSTING! PIG! I don’t care how old he is. People like this should not be allowed to roam free in society! God bless the cab driver and his family.

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