Power to Save: King’s College Going Green

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WILKES-BARRE -- Officials with King's College in Wilkes-Barre recently bought some more downtown property for the school.

Those officials hope to bring a little green to the Diamond City.

The northern end of downtown Wilkes-Barre is mostly filled with the brightness of the King's College campus.

But right along campus grounds, there are some sore spots, including three crumbling buildings.

"They do need some kind of help or to be taken down or something. It's been that way for a while," said Mary Ann Roditus, who works in Wilkes-Barre.

As it turns out, King's College recently bought the buildings for roughly $470,000.

They sit next to the former Memorial Presbyterian Church, which King's also owns.

The college bought the church a few years ago.

"An initial priority for the church was really just to protect it, which the college accomplished," said Freddie Pettit, King's College.

Now King's is considering tearing down the buildings next door to help beautify the church area.

"If we're able to do that with the church as the focal piece, we're really interested in providing. One idea is to provide some green space around it, so that we can buffer the church," said Pettit.

The only green you see there now are green weeds and overgrown bushes, but King's is hoping to change that, and people who live and work in the city think it's a good idea.

"They need more in this area for the kids and for us, like an area you could spend time reading with benches or trees, just a nice area," said Roditus.

Nothing has been decided yet, so it could be some time until something is done with these buildings.

However, King's officials said with possible green space coming it would be worth the wait.