Parks Ready to Sparkle on Memorial Day Weekend

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- Memorial Day weekend, considered the unofficial start of summer, is just around the corner. While many of you are likely digging out the sunscreen and cleaning your outdoor grills, one state park in Schuylkill County is also getting ready for the long weekend ahead.

Take a look around Locust Lake State Park in Schuylkill County, and you'll notice a little sparkle on the lake, already attracting fishermen, dog walkers, and campers a few days before Memorial Day.

But it took three months to get the park ready for the thousand people who are expected to camp here over the holiday weekend.

"It had to deal with cold weather, pipes freezing and breaking, stuff like that, stuff that normally we don`t have problems with," said Park Manager Lew Williams.

Williams said there haven't been this many leaks since the year this area was hit with an earthquake, but he said everything's been fixed. Regular visitors, like Peggy Miller, of Andreas, said she's noticed the updates.

"We noticed they did a lot of roadwork. They put in some new fire pits and it`s really, looks really cleaned up, looks like they did a good job," said Peggy Miller, of Andreas.

The park manager says the camp sites are almost at capacity for the weekend, and some people that are already setting up said they`re happy to get out after the long, harsh winter.

"We come out every memorial day weekend. Our families come in from out of state and stuff. We all get together," said Miller.

People we spoke with said they'll spend the weekend fishing and going for walks. But for some, like Catherine Bambrick, just sitting outside will suffice.

"When you get to be my age, you don`t do too much. You`re glad to sit. So I just sit and watch the beautiful lake and oh, I think the trees are beautiful this time."

A beautiful start for summer's unofficial beginning.