Outrage Continues after Proposal to Close Schools

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STROUDSBURG -- Parents in the Stroudsburg Area School District said their battle against school board members is just beginning after a heated meeting Wednesday night. Parents and taxpayers were screaming about the proposal to close two elementary schools.

Parents and community members are infuriated with the school's board of education after it voted to close Ramsey Elementary School in June in order to consolidate and save costs.

"It's not over. I refuse to lay down and die, and I said last night with my very last breath I will continue this fight," said Erica McCabe.

McCabe is both a parent and the PTA president of Ramsey. She is now circulating petitions to recall the school board's president, Richard Pierce, and board member Bruce Stewart for how she says they went about deciding to close Ramsey as well as Clearview Elementary School the following year.

She vowed to take legal action.

"Their violations of the sunshine law are so blatant, that other board members are bringing attention to this at meetings," she said.

Parent Katherine Bullard of Stroudsburg said she moved here because of Ramsey, and that's why she's fighting to keep the school.

"Absolutely, I've already signed the petition.  These were decisions that were made behind closed doors, with no community input, no open air discussion," Bullard said.

But Pierce said he stands behind his vote and doesn't beleive these petitions circulating hold any weight.

He said he voted in the best interest of everyone he represents.

"It's just a witch hunt. It's actually driven by a couple board members. They're very upset," Pierce said.

About 150 students in kindergarten through second grade will be redistributed throughout the remaining elementary schools.


  • chris

    Can someone politely tell me why its a big deal to close this school down? im not from stroudsburg.

  • Mike

    Pierce, a man who has public records showing that he had to be sued by the school board for back school taxes, obviously has no clue! This is not a “witch hunt” driven by other board members. That comment should show exactly how clueless he is when it comes to these petitions! When he is removed from office (not IF but WHEN) maybe he will see just how foolish he was/is with his statements! Sign the petitions for Richard Pierce at http://www.tinyurl.com/SASDPierce and Bruce Stewart at http://www.tinyurl.com/SASDStewart

  • Erica McCabe

    I am no one’s puppet. I started attending these meetings due to my eldest son’s school requirements and had no knowledge of who ANY of these board members and quite honestly, I still don’t know these people. Pierce think its a witch hunt but he’s the one who was sued EIGHTEEN times by our local community members and businesses including not paying the IRS, the commonwealth and get this – his SCHOOL taxes! Please support us in getting these clowns out – http://www.stroudsburgschools.org

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