Four Charged, Accused of Armed Home Break-in

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BERWICK -- Four men face robbery charges for an armed home invasion in Columbia County.

Berwick Police arrested James Hopper, Jack Defranco, Shawn Davis and Martin Addison on Wednesday.

Officers said the men used a sawed-off shotgun during a break-in in March at a home on North Chestnut Street.  Police said the men were after cash and drugs.

All four face a slew of charges and were arraigned later on Wednesday.


  • deez nutz

    According to the Press Enterprise newspaper here in Bloomsburg, they were not attacking honest hardworking people. They beat up a drug dealer from NYC. I’m not defending these thugs, but I say let them all kill each other and rot in jail!

  • SRV

    Same here, we’re all set.
    And did anyone notice they’re as lily white as can be? Many times if it’s persons of color there are those on here who will jump on that train..your criminals will reflect the area they live in for the most part. Nasty lookin’ bunch of creatures! To think they’ve been walking around since then! UGH! The horror of it all there were 4 of them. They know people have arms to protect themselves and scurves like this are ready for an all out gunfight..they are souless. I hope they do some kind of time!

    • AC

      Makes no difference to me what color you are, if your a crook, criminal, law breaking gun toting idiot and you try to harm me or mine, your skin color does not mean anything, I would shoot and defend myself in my castle just as fast for white person as I would a colored person, I am white and not a racist, you break in and try to rob, assault me or mine it makes no difference what color you broke in as, your leaving all RED after I greet you with my Legal Firearm.

  • Antonio C

    The Eyes are the window to the soul ! And no offense you 4 home invaders, BUT even if broad daylight and me and my family were walking down the sidewalk toward you 4 and you 4 toward me and my wife and kids, I would need about 2 seconds to see the eyes on your 4 mugs and tell my wife, Honey we need to cross the street and get in a safe place ASAP !

    Your eyes say it all Gentlemen, I mean *UNGENTLE*men

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