Praying for Peyton

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP---Hundreds of people gathered at the Jenkins Township Little League Field near Pittston Wednesday night to sing and pray for little Peyton Rusyn.

The field is the same one where Rusyn played ball.

The seven year old was badly injured in a crash in Pittston last week.

"When I heard of this terrible accident, my motivation was to get prayers out, as many and as quickly as possible, and that really snowballed with this Pittston community. We are so fortunate and we have such a caring group and community," said Colleen Kutchkus of Duryea, an organizer and Peyton's former CCD teacher.

Pittston Police said the car Peyton was riding in crashed into the back of a UGI truck on South Main Street in Pittston last Wednesday.

The crash is under investigation.

Since then, there have been donations and an outpouring of support for Peyton's family while she remains hospitalized at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. Her mother is at her side.

"From the time of the accident until now, it's remarkable how far she has come, and she is literally fighting, kicking her feet and moving, but she does have a long way to go. We're still praying for her," said Chrissy Loyack, Peyton's aunt.

To raise money for the family, people have been buying 'Team Peyton" shirts designed by Peyton's twin brother, Preston.

"I just know that her favorite color is pink and purple, and I know that she likes butterflies, and that's how I figured it out," he said.

During the ceremony at the ball field, there were prayers and songs, lit candles and a balloon release.

There were 200 balloons in Peyton's favorite colors: pink and purple.

"It feels very good to be here to support her and I hope she feels better soon," said her cousin, Bailey Loyack.

"This is tremendous, I can't believe it. How quick they got everything together, it's unbelievable, just unbelievable," said Peyton's grandfather, Thomas Loyack.

A fundraiser for Peyton and her family is scheduled for May 31st at the Jenkins Township Fire Department.


  • Kim

    If the mother chose to have all these kids she should pay her own bills. She’s responsible for her own children. Sitting on welfare was her choice
    Get a job and the father is just as responsible. Don’t have kids if you take can’t care for them yourself.

  • tom

    It’s a shame that bills should pile up because of this.I thought Obamacare was going to take care of us all,guess it’not that great.Too bad we we weren,t like rich lawmakers who can go anywhere and everything is taken care of.

    • June C

      With 5 kids and no help from their father per the post above (why I don’t understand, the man should be made to help through the system) the children should be receiving medical assistance which will cover all costs. There shouldn’t be much to cover afterward. And most hospitals, have charity if you don’t have the income to cover the bill. Her medical bills should be very minimal if at all. I would surmise that since her mother is not working currently with her daughter in the hospital, the household bills are not being covered.

  • Clara

    It’s well known in the Pittston area that this 7 year old was unbelted and in the front seat when the accident happened. In PA you have to be 12 years old to be in the front seat. Why is this not being reported? This can save lives. She is lucky. Will the driver be cited?

  • lora

    Sad that the truth gets twisted into ignorance. When a simple fact is being stated. People and the news shouldn’t mention donations will be use to pay medical bills when it is really not. Lies.

  • GBB

    Lora, please just stop talking, because you sound incredibly ignorant !.
    If you are upset that a community is coming together to help a seven year old who was badly injured and fighting for her life, you should consider getting some kind of help. Yes, a lot of people have medical bills, but how do you know their families situation,and furthermore, it’s none of your business. I personally know this little girl and your comment sickens me.

  • lora

    If the girl didn’t have medical insurance I would be all for it. But it’s being paid. There are people who really need the help out there. Its a sad sad story believe me what happened to the little girl is sad.

  • lora

    I know my comment will disgust people. But it’s simple question that’s all. What bills are piling up???? Didn’t you read how she gets by. Its okay I won’t put a penny in her pocket. Just hope her little girl gets better. My opinion freedom of speech.

    • Angela LaSorba

      Well Lora, you must have enough money to pay for a life flight,. Not everybody does. No matter what kind of insurance you have it does not pay for everything. When we pray for Peyton. the little girl laying in a hospital bed we will pray for you too for your heartlessness and that you will never ned any help. Because it may not be there. God Bless you and your family.

  • Joe kelly

    Listen thye money is for the child and the family to survive. You can call me and I will be Happy to address your concerns. This child is fighting for her life you don’t need to donate a dime. Our concern is to help this child and family. You seem to have a very negative outlook on people helping other people in need.

  • Joe kelly

    Listen the money is for the child and the family to survive. You can call me and I will be Happy to address your concerns. This child is fighting for her life you don’t need to donate a dime. Our concern is to help this child and family. You seem to have a very negative outlook on people helping other people in need.

  • Jessica

    Lora, your ignorance amazes me. For starters, the mother hasn’t left Peyton’s side and has nothing to do with any fundraiser going on. Have you brought into consideration that she has not been to work? How about her 4 other children at home with no financial help from their father? It’s going toward the children, travel costs, food, etc. also, my child is ok financial assistance and was also in Danville, & guess what hunny I have bills piled up! Get a clue! You disgust me

  • Kither

    Was this girl wearing a seatbelt? I am asking because the photo of the car did not look severe enough to harm this bad.

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