LGBT Community Reacts to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- The LGBT community in Luzerne County celebrated an historic ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Judge John E. Jones overturned the ban on gay marriage in the state, making Pennsylvania the last state in the Northeast to recognize same-sex marriage. He compared the state's marriage laws to racial segregation.

In his historic ruling, Judge Jones said: "Some of our citizens are made deeply uncomfortable by same-sex marriage. However, that same-sex marriage causes discomfort in some does not make its prohibition constitutional. "

Members of the NEPA Rainbow Alliance in Plains Township held a celebration after the ruling. The group's board was originally scheduled to hold a meeting on Tuesday, but when news of the ruling spread, they opted for a party instead.

"It means our relationships are recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. It was already recognized by the federal government and now they're being recognized in the state of Pennsylvania. So, this is really big for us," said Carl Halkyer of Waverly.

One woman who has been with her partner for 14 years, said, this week, that partner will undergo surgery. With the judge's ruling, the women will have full spousal privileges at the hospital, since the couple recently got married in Massachusetts. While other people said the ruling doesn't want to make them run out and get married, they hope it gives other people the courage to be themselves.

"Hopefully more people are going to come out and not be afraid to come out because so many people are hiding. That's why I'm out. I'm not afraid to come out, I'm not afraid of losing my job or losing my house, I'm not afraid of that. Two years ago I said I'm coming out and helping and fighting and we're going an awesome job," said Beth Hartman from Hanover Township.

While people who support same-sex marriage say at the end of the day, the ruling is all about equality.

"Life should be about love and acceptance, and how much better this world would be if we could all just do that," said Hartman.

As for the ruling, the state can still challenge the decision and file an appeal before the 3rd. US circuit.


  • JJ

    I for one are celebrating because we can finally be a family! GOD made all of us. No matter what race, handicap. Each of us are different. GOD made us gay. We did not choose to be GAY. We need to be treated with respect and with dignity. We are all GOD’s children. GOD does not want hate or for people to judge others. If you spent one day in our shoes you would know. It has not been an easy road.

  • Calvin

    The people who are always crying and asking for tolerance are the same ones who are intolerant of Bible believing Christians. They bash my beliefs which are based on the word of God.
    I believe in treating people nicely but marriage is between a man and a woman period regardless of what law anyone passes.

    • c

      i agree whole heartedly. god will deal with this in his own time. they can bash my belief but can’t stop me from staying that this law is wrong. marriage is between a man and a women. period

    • Bill D

      Your word of God comes from a book written in the 16th century by MEN! Get a grip! Word of god? Who says so? MEN! and half of them are closeted homosexuals themselves so live and let live moron!

  • c

    it is not up to us to judge. god will do the judging when it is their time to face him on judgement day. why get to upset about this. let god handle the problem

    • Calvin

      But one Judge did judge and why should one person decide? Even when states vote down gay marriage a court rejects the majority of people that don’t want it.

  • John

    You people who say it is “disgusting” and “wrong” are probably the same people who said terrible things when African Americans were given the same rights as Whites. This is a country built on tolerance, not “god”. Although most people use “god” as some sort of shield against equality. I think its disgusting that Pennsylvania is the last Northeast state to allow a right that should have been allowed from the beginning.

    • jbrony

      Not true, John. People are born into their race or ethnicity, they don’t choose to be black, white, Chinese, Italian, Irish, etc. Despite the best efforts of the gay agenda they cannot prove that they are born that way. And if you can find unbaised scientific proof to the contrary we would love to hear it. I will agree that discrimination of any type to any person is wrong, past or present. And actually this country was built on God. Read that pesky Declaration of Independence and you’ll see in the very first (God), second (Creator) and last (Divine Providence) paragraph. The Constitution and Bill of Rights came after our Declaration of Independence from Britain.

  • Dave

    Right away others turn sexuality into sex.. This was never about sex or agenda’s and never will be.. For me this is about not being taxed for property owned after one of us pass’s..I am sure if your Partner was taxed on 1/2 of your property you would be screaming ..This is about being able to go into the hospital when only family members are allowed.. The same rights you now have that we don’t.. I am sure you can agree we deserve this and other rights that you have that we don’t .. Yet you turn to statements like perverts and agenda and bring up your religion to beat us down once again.. We just want to live our life in peace and enjoy the same benefits you take for granted ..

  • carl

    No problem with this- just remember folks equal goes both ways- and opinions are opinions- you have yours and I have mine- do not begrudge me for mine- I do NOT begrudge you for yours- do not go over the top for your agenda.

  • joe schmoe

    Well, this is an excellent ruling for 3 things. #1. Population control, #2. Securing Votes. & #3. Increasing media and commercial profits to HUGE levels! once this wears off, and it will, it will be on to the next latest, greatest thing. POLYGAMY!! I guarantee you this is next.

  • Snshn

    I think it’s about time, personally.
    And seriously, how many “Normal couples” do you truly see kissing in public? Not many.

  • jim

    let me see more older fat guys kissing in celebration! It ain’t natural, people. If it was, man would be extinct ! Think about it !

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