String Of Robberies At Dickson City Businesses

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DICKSON CITY -- Within the past 10 days there have been three armed robberies in Dickson City and police are releasing surveillance video hoping they can get some new leads.

Police believe it's the same person behind all three of these recent crimes.

Surveillance video from Turkey Hill on Main Street in Dickson City shows the man police believe robbed the place May 14.

It was also robbed on May 8.

Sunday night, Johnnie's gas station nearby was hit.

In each case the robber had a gun and got away with money

Joseph Draper works at Johnnie's.

"Especially when they start pulling guns, that's getting to the scary part of it all."

Just down the road from Johnnie's is a Turkey Hill store. Police say armed robberies don't happen too often here in this area, but thanks to the surveillance video from this store, they think it is the same person in all of these crimes.

"At this point, the clothing descriptions match. It would be a dark-colored, close to a black sweatshirt and one time it was black jeans. The other time it was blue jeans and a black mask with a hood up over his head," said Dickson City Police Officer Michael Fredericks.

Draper says a few months ago Johnnie's gas station was broken into, making this at least four times this year the store has been targeted. He says it's frustrating for the owner, and now also the workers.

"Go get a job. Don't take other people's money. They're not only hurting my boss but they're hurting us because that's our paycheck."

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Image taken from security video

If you have any information on these robberies you're asked to give them a call at 570-489-3231.


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