Search Closes Part of Route 54

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP — Part of Route 54 in Northumberland County was shut down early Saturday evening due to a search.

Crews said the road was closed in both directions in the Mount Carmel area from Strong to Locust Gap.

The search took place in an area known locally as “the crater.”

Officials on the scene confirmed that a jogger reported seeing a naked woman in distress.

As of 7:30 p.m., nothing had been found.

Crews said they planned to call off the search at dusk and reopen Route 54. They tell Newswatch 16 there are no plans to resume the search on Sunday.


  • keith

    obviously if people would watch the full news story they would have seen the State Police was in with the helicopter and the flare and searched the entire area twice and surrounding areas

    • SRV

      Exacty. If she was there in the first place she wasn’t any more else they would’ve found her, or perhaps found evidence of a crime, or her clothing?

  • Bill D

    If they eventually find a body you’ll see all about how sorry they are after, after the fact! They should bring in a chopper with flur!

  • Eugene B.

    don’t the state police choppers have thermal cameras? that would only take a couple of hours if she is out in the open of course

  • AC

    You know the search should go on. maybe some girl was kidnapped on some other state, and then someone trying to rape or harm, or worse her in the woods in this state ? Search should go on even with night vision and tracking dogs, some girl could REALLY be in distress and trouble !

  • mfitzy111

    seriously? I have a question about this story… what if this was your daughter? why would the search and rescue guys give up and not search on Sunday? something about this story is just wrong…

    • SRV

      It would help to have known who the “reporting jogger” was to assess how reliable the sorce…there are some pretty sick tickets in this town! lol! I hope it was just BS. And if it was, the jogger should be cited.

      • SRV

        Indeed. I am sure if this report was more tangible the search would’ve pressed on. They would weigh such a report against reports of anyone missing in the area. I am sure they also evaluated the area for evidence of a crime.

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