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Foul Weather At Fine Arts Fiesta

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WILKES-BARRE -- Day two of Wilkes-Barre's Fine Arts Fiesta was mostly a washout.

Things began drying out on Public Square later in the day, but the damage was done. High school trips here were cancelled and vendors lost out on a lot of business because of all of that rain.

Fans of the Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre said there always seems to be a bit of rain for their yearly event on Public Square.

But they haven't seen weather wreck a day like this in about a decade.

"There's this sort of urban myth that it rains all the time at Fiesta. We get showers and we get some bad weather. This is probably the first real all day soaker we've had maybe in ten years," said fiesta organizer Mary Anne Fedrick.

The seats in front of the performance stage were soaked and empty.

Many of the tents showcasing local artwork were closed up tight.

A few food vendors tried making the best of the situation but only a few people braved the rain during the usually busy lunch hour, including Nicole Nalepa and her daughter Jenavieve from Nanticoke.

"It's awful! We were hoping something would be open but I guess not so we'll find something else to do today," Nalepa said.

Sue Guzik of Duryea opened up her art tent even though others were damaged by the wet weather.

"A 60-mile an hour gust just came out of nowhere and tents were just going."

One of the big safety concerns with all of this rain are the power supplies and the extension cords bringing power to the art tents and the food vendors.

"Unfortunately this year, the rain has gotten the best of everybody and the winds. A lot of our vendors have booths that are flooded, just kind of decided to keep everything closed down for now," said Fine Arts Fiesta organizer Carla Reck.

Those rain drops could not take away the smile painted on a clown's face as her "pet penguin" splashed through the puddles.

But smiles were hard to come by for folks who lost a good chunk business at the Fine Arts Fiesta.

"It's sad. Hopefully they make up for it the next two days."

Vendors told Newswatch 16 they are looking on the bright side, saying they'd rather deal with this rain today than the weekend.

The Fine Arts Fiesta runs through Sunday night.