L.A.G. Towing Owner Guilty Of Theft

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WILKES-BARRE -- The owner of a towing company in Wilkes-Barre was found guilty of theft.

Leo Glodzik was charged with stealing money from a car he towed.

Cell phone video taken by Newswatch 16 shows Leo Glodzik racing from the Luzerne County Courthouse shortly after a jury returned a split verdict in his theft trial Thursday afternoon.

Glodzik, the owner of L.A.G. Towing Company in Wilkes-Barre had been accused of stealing more than $2,000 in cash from a vehicle that had been towed to his lot back in January of 2013.

Now a jury found Glodzik guilty of theft by unlawful taking but not guilty of theft from a vehicle.

When asked if he thought the jury would side in his favor, Glodzik said, “I`m hoping, I`m hoping. I’m confident.”

Glodzik had a towing contract with the city of Wilkes-Barre.

That was suspended after his arrest, and the city formed a temporary contract with Falzone's Towing.

A neighbor living across the street from L.A.G. Towing on Carey Avenue said Glodzik was always helping out, even shoveling his driveway after snow storms.

“Plowing out here, does the street out there, does the sidewalks, and he was a good guy as far as I`m concerned,” said the man who did not want to give his name. “I come out in the morning, ready to go to work, I got a flat tire, they fixed it, they do a lot, even the kids that worked for him.”

Glodzik is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11. However prosecutors said they are still working out what type of punishment they will ask the judge.


  • Corrupt Luzerne County

    Well i more interested in the dirty cops that may relate to this story. The ones who got good deals on cars and trucks and were using fancy cars to drive around from him. I HOPE he RATS out all the corrupt cops and even up the food chain. There the WORSE criminals who are in power and abuse it. Seen one to many times CORRUPT COPS. I hope an investigation is underway and they clean up the force and politicians in this area. Reminds me of the NYC police force in the 70-80’s when so many were busted. These are my opinions!

  • Lori

    They should throw the book at him and lock him up for a few years. When you get into a brutal accident, family members taken to a hospital, the last thing you need to worry about is a thief stealing your stuff out of your car.

  • r

    I got in an accident in 2006 and the dirty corrupt cop who showed up called LAG towing and they towed my car, (I had zero choice on the matter) and charged me $300 to tow the car about 2 miles. Glodzik is a dirty corrupt criminal. He’s been stealing money for as long as he’s been in business.

  • MsM

    I know a lot of parents that wouldn’t have a problem with this kind of labor if their kid was making money. I for one am not one of them! and who leaves 2-grand cash in their car?! Guess the temptation was too great for him? Lame.

  • dee

    What is the definition of “kid”? Is it someone under 25? 18? 16? 14? “Kids” at the age of 14 & 15 can work minimal hours in non-hazardous jobs as long as they have working papers. “Kids” 16 & 17 are able to work slightly more hours than those that are 14 & 15. When did they say they were employing child labor? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

    • dj

      There’s nothing wrong with kids working if they want to. I think MORE of them should be working, instead of sitting in front of a TV screen, or out shooting donkeys, or yacking on cell phones. Work is good exercise! Kudos to the kids!

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