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Footgolf Show and Tell

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Stone Meadows Golf Course in White Haven, PA, is the new home to Pennsylvania's first footgolf course, opening its links just three weeks ago! Footgolf was first developed in Europe, five years ago, and Stone Meadows G.M. Scott Salvigsen, is trying to kick start the sport here. The scoring is the same as in golf, but instead of using a golf ball, you are using a soccer ball.

Looking the part, is part of the fun! Many footgolfers wear the traditional golf cap and argyle socks, while playing this sport. Having never kicked a soccer ball before, and having played golf only once in my life, this was a very new experience, but I caught on quickly!

Stone Meadows has seen people from all over the country come to its links and try this new sport, and I can see why! It can be played by anyone, is easy to learn, and is great to do with friends.

If you are interested in playing footgolf, head to for more information.

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