Williamsport Movie Theater Opens New Screens

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The manager at a movie theater in Lycoming County says his customers can expect more options this summer.

The Digiplex Cinema Center in downtown Williamsport is adding some new screens.

Construction is almost complete. Two new screens have been added at the Digiplex Cinema Center on West 4th Street in Williamsport and two others were renovated.

Now, it's almost show time. The four screens will all be open by the weekend, bringing the total number to 11.

“More variety of movies. I think that they need it," said Rahsheena Hill of Williamsport.

"I think it's good because there will be more movies being shown and then when you come here on nights movies are just coming out, it will be packed and sometimes you go and have to come back," said Taneesha Rivers of Williamsport.

Manager Les Barnhart admits he has turned away customers in the past because the movie they wanted to see wasn't playing in the theater.

“There is nothing worse than to tell a patron, 'we can't get that movie,'" said Barnhart.

One of the newer smaller screening rooms has half the seating but the same big screen. The manager says that his customers love it.

“Certain people like the small ones because it gives them the feeling of their own private screening room and it's cozy, they have a great view." said Barnhart.

The new screens that aren't as big won't be playing those 3D movies. Instead, they will be used for smaller showings and documentaries. It’s something Barnhart says the community is interested in.


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