More Students Picked Up By Parents After Scare Near School

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WILKES-BARRE – Parents told Newswatch 16 that more students were being dropped off and picked up today at Heights Elementary School, after a scare involving kids walking alone to class.

According to a safety alert posted on the Wilkes-Barre Area School District website, a man approached elementary students walking to Heights Elementary on Monday morning, asked if they wanted to buy drugs and then threatened to kidnap them.

Several parents said they won’t allow their children to walk alone to class for the rest of the school year, because of the reported incident.

"There was a lot more parents dropping them off. You know I live only like two, three blocks away and it’s easier for them to walk sometimes,” said Melissa Getz. "Drugs and you know, the threat of even a kidnap right afterwards. That poor kid; if I was that kid I would have been running to school faster than anything."

According to the alert issued by the district, the man was described as a white man in his mid-twenties, 6 feet tall, wearing a black, red, and gray jacket, black shorts, red sneakers and a ball cap.


  • jay

    Krystine! Haha, thats the liberal democrat philosophy I expect to read. Basically lets ignore reality. Lets pretend that the 6-9 people who deserve and rightfully recieve those benefits represent the whole scumbag population! Oh geez we cant judge these bums, even though murder, rape and all other viciousness has increased as the law-abiding like jason either move away or they get old and die. Hey wilkes-barre, I have a secret… Its okay to judge people bfor your safety. If youre walking in a dimly lit alley down by Sambourne St and you see a group of stinky, baggy-ppants twenty-somethings comin atcha, dont assume theyre the nice boys who just couldnt find work and theyre down on theyre luck. When youre lying on your back with blood running down your neck and theyre sprinting like olympic runners with your purse just remember, its not their fault, its your own fault for being a dumba$$. my .02 sense.

  • Jim Brony

    Make drugs illegal, that will fix them. All drug dealers need to be registered and go through a drug safety class. All drugs should have locks on them or be locked up. People don’t need drugs that only the police and military should have. People should have containers that only hold up to ten drugs, nobody needs a 30 drug container.

  • jay

    Jason, Your story is very similar to my own. My wife and I were newlyweds and had a small baby in the early 2000’s. We lived in the heights. There was a very nice little old lady lived across the street. A few years later she passed away and the house was sold to a slumlord who then rented it to welfare bums from philly. I used to call the cops all the time. They were always smoking dope and shooting up on the porch, fighting, throwing their garbage all over. Eventually when I was away on an Army reserve weekend they shot my front window out while my wif and daughter were sitting on the nearby couch. I sold that dump a month later and I try to never go near that sewer if I can help it. My daughter is now 15 and we will drive her to montage to the movies even though its 1/2 hour further. I do think it is poetic justice that all of the public officials must live in the city. Soon itll be scumbag welfare dopers and corrupt public servants left to duke it out! Haha let em all rot! This is what happens when one political party rules, no need for fresh ideas. My .02 sense.

  • krystine

    I think the real question is what is bloomsburgh area doing or other areas that are a college area that are culturally rich college town (Bloomsburg as an example) with thriving businesses and industry to control these issues have wilkes barre or scranton and other troubled area adapt those policies.

  • krystine

    Can we please stop always sayig everyone in housing are drugg addicts and criminals etc or go forbid your on welfare, just another lazy slob. I would say more then about half the people just having hard time and doing what they can to get by in life, try to survive. Trust me getting assidted housing or welfare isnt the greatest the help, its actually quite a vicious cycle. Yes wilkes barre been going down hill for many years ive been hearing that since i move up here in ’91. But not due to assisted housing, shits been going bad for yrs and with the media is just becoming more and more known to society.

  • Jason

    It’s just another day in the paradise that is Wilkes Barre. Get rid of all the low income housing developments and make landlords more responsible for the tenants they allow to reside in their properties and I’m fairly certain the level of criminal activity that takes place in the city would drastically plummet.

    My wife use to work in the city and we use to also reside there. She quit her job and we moved out of Wilkes Barre altogether. We got sick of hearing gunshots at night and sirens blaring at all hours of the day. Another issue we had was random and unknown (to us) people asking us if we wanted to by any assortment of drugs almost every time we even tried to go for a walk. We were newly married at the time and trying to establish ourselves in the early 2,000’s. This was right around the time Mr. Mayor Leighton was running for office against Tom McGroarty in 2003. We voted for Mr. Leighton, unfortunately. Despite his statements during his campaign, we realized very quickly that he was just another liar trying to get into public office. In my opinion, he’s done no better than his predecessor, possibly even worse. We left Wilkes Barre and now refuse to do business there in any manner.

    Anyway, my point is, the city is a dump and offers nothing positive for new/young couples who are looking to establish themselves. Good hard working people quickly leave once they see what the city is really all about. A high instance of low income housing, offering a safe haven for criminals, a mostly empty business district with no real industry and empty remodeled pipe-dream storefronts (who’s pockets were lined with those remodeling deals?) and out of control political and business related corruption.

    Wilkes Barre should be a culturally rich college town (Bloomsburg as an example) with thriving businesses and industry. However, it is not and I think local politics, old ways of thinking and just generally being stuck in the past is keeping this city down.

    This story in the news, it isn’t news anymore. These things happen on a regular basis in Wilkes Barre. It’s just normal goings-on for the city. Why waist time reporting it?

    I think the city would prosper (at least more so than currently) if a Republican mayor was voted into office. But, with such a high population of people living in public housing, that will never happen.

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