Guilty But Mentally Ill Plea For Crash That Killed Two

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SUNBURY — A man from Snyder County pleaded guilty but mentally ill to homicide by vehicle while DUI for a deadly crash in Northumberland County.

Brian Glass of Port Trevorton was accused of driving under the influence in July 2012 when he hit another vehicle on Veterans Memorial Bridge outside Sunbury.

Glass was charged in 2013.

Kirk Mahaffey and his 3-year-old son died in the crash.numb fatal 6

On Monday, a judge accepted a report saying Glass suffers from a mental illness and must get treatment when he serves his sentence for the deadly crash.


  • Jim Brony

    Well NEP, you deleted my last comment, let’s see how I make out this time. The perp and his brother were not only drunk, they were also high from ‘smoking a few bowls’ and snorting Vicodin on top of that. Check the Daily Item archives. Oops, can’t mention Mary Jane though, it never killed anyone. Don’t want to offend the pro-pot crowd. Click on the link from 2012 for a good laugh – authorities don’t suspect alcohol, but they were quick to point out the man wasn’t wearing a seat belt or the child safety seat wasn’t fastened properly. Never mind the worthless scum that ended their lives.

  • Melissa

    If the cops would do their jobs and crack down on the DUIS then just maybe there would not be as many. l was a bartender i know.

  • Bill D

    If you kill a man and his child while DUI, mental illness should never come into play! I’m sorry but it has no relevance! The question here is, will he do this again? Is he fit for society? Is he a danger? Is he guilty, and the answer to all is yes yes yes yes yes! Lock him up and throw away the key!

  • luvshorses

    It is a sad state of affairs when everyone under the sun can blame anything and anyone for their own bad choices and actions. If this man was mentally ill, he should never have been driving. Oh, wait, that’s right, let’s plea our way out of committing a double homicide with a deadly weapon.. a car. He took the life of two very innocent people.
    Seems like we are becoming a nation of .. oh, it isn’t my fault, it was because of the prescription drug I took that made me gamble, it was because I have mental illness that I should not be thrown in jail, it is because of … fill in the blanks.
    In my younger years while I was growing up I was taught to be responsible for my actions, now, it seems as though it is being the lesson to use any excuse, use any means, to make the punishment for our wrong choices, horrible deeds and miserable lives so that we do not have to suffer the full consequences for same.
    What a sad state of affairs to hand down to future generations.

  • stephanie

    My 7 year old daughter was killed back in 1999 The man had no license. Guess what he never even went in front of a judge. Monroe county

  • MsM

    Claiming mental illness a license does not give you for mayhem, death, and destruction. It might be an “explaination,” as it were but there should still be consequences of the highest order!

  • JP

    The judge is an idiot!! Glass was obviously mentally competant when he killed this father and son, maybe used poor judgement but that should not be grounds for a mental illness. Personally, this guy should be put in the chair. I’ld even volunteer to throw the switch. The family will never have their son and grandson back, and my heart goes out to them for this loss and injustice. I hope I never have to live through such a thing. I couldn’t imagine life without my kids, and sadly I live in Northumberland County. Granted corrupt politicians and such are everywhere, at least in PA.

    • ME

      How do you know he was mentally competent? Did you examine him?
      Just because he is mentally ill, doesn’t mean he won’t get punishment.
      He will still be confined to a hospital and maybe later, to jail.
      Please stop rushing to judgement about cops, judges and the law.
      It is very sad though, that this father and son are no longer here.
      The picture of the baby breaks my heart.

      • E

        So ME based on your comment you or someone you know has commited the same crime and now you’re trying to go on the defense. I like how you wrap it up with the sympathy line for the child at the end to change gears after defending this person. Go f**k yourself.

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