Woman Killed in Wreck Involving Police Officer

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NESQUEHONING -- A woman died following a crash Monday night involving a police officer in Carbon County.

Authorities said the wreck happened on Route 209 in Nesquehoning around 6:30 p.m.

According to police, Officer Steven Homanko, 25, lost control of the cruiser and hit a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. Carola Sauers, 69, and Michael Sauers, 64, were taken to the hospital along with the officer.

Carola Sauers died at the hospital. Police said Michael Sauers had severe injuries, and Officer Homanko was listed as having moderate injuries.

Troopers will not confirm that the officer was involved in a chase, as they initially reported.

Route 209 between Nesquehoning and Jim Thorpe was closed for almost nine hours while troopers investigated. The road reopened around 3 a.m.

Two people who may have been involved were questioned. Troopers have not said if any charges have been filed.

State police add they still need to know more about what happened, and if you were in that area of Route 209 in Nesquehoning Monday night, troopers want you to call them at 610- 377-4270.


  • Carbon County

    This is the idiot that follows people leaving bars trying to get DUI arrest. He pulled over friends of mine leaving a bar and they don’t even drink. After he pulled them over he let them go because he didn’t smell alcohol. When asked why he pulled them over he says there tail light it out. When they checked it wasn’t. This guy thinks he is a super cop from a small town. But all he is is a punk. Now he had to live with this the rest of his life. God bless the family and the deceased.

  • Schuylkill County

    Eric very true but there are reports of the cop car doing 80-100mph around a turn they probably never saw the car till it hit them. To say it’s the drivers fault of the deceased you are an idiot

  • Eric

    Why didn’t the car pull to the right side of the road when they saw the emergency vehicle coming? “the driver of every other
    vehicle shall yield the right-of-way and shall immediately drive
    to a position parallel to, and as close as possible to, the
    right-hand edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection
    and shall stop and remain in that position until the emergency
    vehicle has passed…” You don’t know where the cop was going. These laws exist for a reason and some of the blame needs to be put on the driver with the deceased passenger. It aggravates me I regularly see people ignoring these laws. I hope this is a wake up call to everyone.

    • Tim

      Depending on how fast the officer was traveling when he lost control they may never have even seen him coming.

  • mcadoo man

    hey Genius, he is a part time police officer in both McAdoo & Nesquehoning, and is now seeking another code enforcer position in McAdoo.

  • Nesq resident

    My friend who is a cop says that jim thorpe pd got the car and couldnt cite them for anything except a faulty exhaust system. Someones life was list over a worn out muffler? Where is your head officer? Ridiculous. Poor couple was probably yogether for 40 years.

  • Pete

    Yeah if he had a camera I am sure it was damaged in the wreck Or some technical difficulty caused a malfunction. I have seen this happen time and time again.

  • Tony

    Everyone knows he is employed by nesquehoning. Pd, reference was to his past employment in mcadoo….genius, lol

  • Mcadoo res

    Theres supposes to be alot of ppl going to McAdoos Council meeting tonight to stop this particular cop from being appointed code enforcer due to his personal vendettas and his immature personality. And there is truth behind the “underage girls”. Lol boy oh boy. I hope this ALL comes out. This guy is new to the profession and already abusing it. Prayers for the victims of an idiot w a badge.

  • Tony

    Do not bash people, it is rude. If he was speeding to a call that was say, someone being murdered, that is a different situation. That I assure you was not the situation here, we would have all heard of that by now. If it was your mother in that car and she was killed , then what? See your bending of facts works both ways.

  • ME

    This is tragic what happened and we don’t have all the facts. It is sad that you are so happy about another’s misfortune, when the officer might have just been doing his job.

  • Pete

    @Brant, it is always the same thing “if he were coming to rescue your kids” Guess what he wasn’t, He was in a HIGH SPEED pursuit driving beyond his skills and 1 person DIED. There is no excuse and yes Police SHOULD be accountable to a higher standard. His training should tell you that. I hope that chase was worth a life. Now it is time for him to give up that badge till the truth comes out. Your response would have been taken more seriously until you decided to sling mud at the end of your statement. Too bad….

  • CaptainMerica234

    I love that people jump to conclusions based on no information whatsoever.. “He was probably answering a stop sign violation!” Pure ignorance.. In the end it was an accident and I’m sure more information will be leaked soon so relax.. Yeah some cops overstep their boundaries but in the end we’d be even more screwed without them..

  • Mcadoo citizen

    Yes. This is his son.
    And this isnt police bashing. I have alot of respect for the police. But when im getting pulled over 3x a month for a “license plate light that was flickering but on now” i tend to get agitated. McAdoo has had enough of this particular officer and another one.

    • Louise

      If there isn’t a NO CHASE policy, there should be. What did speeding gain, but the loss of a life, and injury to others. God bless the family.


    He was told to cease and divert from the pursuit due to the fact that the risk to motorists was great. This is a case of police road rage!! very unprofessional to say the least!

    • nepabl

      How exactly do you know that the officer was called off? Also, what exactly do you mean by road rage? He was in a pursuit! Road rage? Give me a break. I’m also laughing at the “unprofessional” comment. How is doing their job unprofessional? It was exactly what it says… an ACCIDENT! And they are in the hospital too. I hope when you have an accident one day and the news reports some ignorant person with no knowledge of the facts calls you out for “road rage” and being “unprofessional.”

      • Harold Smith

        He probably means “road rage” in the sense that the cop became emotionally involved/angry and said: “I’m gonna get this SOB if it’s the last thing I do”, and accordingly made the unreasonable, unjustifiable personal decision to continue the high speed pursuit while ignoring the obvious risks to himself and others.

        Of course it was an “accident”; an “accident” that was the foreseeable result of irresponsible, unprofessional behavior on the part of the cop.

      • Tom B

        As per PENDOT there is no such thing as an accident. Had this ben a 25 year old civilian in a race of just plain driving like an idiot, there would be a cop posted at his hospital door until he was released and then would be taken into custody facing multiple charges. So let’s just see what happens with this cop.

      • mcadoo man

        under normal circumstances i would agree with everything you said, but what you dont know is that the people of Mcadoo, where he is also a part time officer have been complaining and going to coucil meetings for 2 years trying to get this guy to stop harassing motorists. he is always pulling people over for no reason at all, even our elderly residents he will insist your license plate light was blinking, and for a violation that small he will make a huge deal of those small if any violations, where he will have his vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, even call for back up, you would think a major drug bust was going on and its an elderly lady with a flashing regestration light. he is also known for arresting people for personal reasons. this accident was bound to happen and 100% avoidable if people would have listened.

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