Vandals Hit Memorial Park in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT --Police said picnic tables were found upside down at Memorial Park on West Fourth Street in Williamsport.

This comes after the basketball hoops in the park were removed a couple of weeks ago.

The city's mayor ordered them be taken down in an effort to stop littering and drug use at the park in Lycoming County.

There is no word if the vandalism was done as retaliation to the hoops being removed at Memorial Park in Williamsport.


  • w

    Smart move mayor! You got rid of the basketball hoops and now people have nothing constructive to do at the park so they are flipping picnic tables. You should fire the person that gave you that advice.

  • Garrett smith

    This is proof evolution can go in reverse they should have someone hide in the bushes and execute these wild rats

  • Dave

    Everything is under control people. I was there this afternoon eating a doughnut. I figured the cops were busy catching drug dealers and stuff. Some chic was picking up litter around the basketball court. It’s all under control.

    You should have seen it the year the park flooded and they were using the picnic tables as rafts. That was something to see.

  • Missy

    AS a retaliatory move, Mayor Campana announced that all ice will be removed from city hockey rinks.

  • Rebecca

    Now it’s time to take everything out of the park, and close it for a while.

    Oh, and so much for those expensive surveillance cameras. What a waste of money.

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