College Seniors Stressed About Job Prospects

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WILKES-BARRE – While some students are excited about their new found freedom as they move out of their dorms at Wilkes University, some seniors said they’re stressed over their struggle of finding a job.

Hazleton area native Kat Dodson told Newswatch 16 that she is about to graduate with a double major, but she is now considering graduate school because of the rocky job market in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

“There don't seem to be a lot of open jobs in the area. All the positions have been taken already,” said Dodson. "My grades were pretty good so I was figuring that is was more important to focus on the job search then studying. But then they were both taking off a lot of time so I definitely ran myself to exhaustion the past week trying to do both.”

Sarah Kennedy of Pittsburgh said some of her freshman friends are reconsidering their major because of the career outlook.

"A lot of my friends who are English majors, who wanted to do history but they couldn`t because there`s nothing there really, said Kennedy. “They`re still on the brink of where to go.”

New Jersey native Christian Victoria told Newswatch 16 that he’s enjoyed his time in the Wyoming Valley, but he fears that there won’t be many accounting jobs available when he graduates next year.

“I’m probably planning on going back home because that’s where my family is, and like that’s where the job opportunities are for me,” said Victoria. “If I had the chance to stay here I definitely would. It’s definitely a nice area.”

A recent poll from a career networking website said 4 out of 5 college students that will graduate this month do not have a job lined up.


  • Rebecca

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing in this area but service jobs and low paying warehouse jobs. If you want to drive a truck for the gas industry, know how to weld, or have a nursing degree, that’s a different story.

    My advice to the graduates is leave while you can. Not every area is as depressed as PA.

  • Me

    There are no jobs but in restaurants, bars, grocery stores or distribution warehouses. Get a college degree and you need to move out of state or even out of the country. Our great leaders that these dopes all voted for have outsourced all the jobs for low war slave labor in china and Mexico.

    Looking for a job,…..Mc Donald’s is hiring !

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