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Jury To Resume Deliberations Friday In Frank Bonacci Murder Trial

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SCRANTON -- After nearly eight hours of deliberations, the judge sent the jury home Thursday night in the Frank Bonacci murder trial.

Attorneys for both the prosecution and defense left the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton Thursday evening after the first day of jury deliberations ended with no verdict reached.

The jury for Jason Dominick spent most of the day trying to determine if he is the one who shot and killed Frank Bonacci last July.

Bonacci`s body was found inside his SUV down a ravine near the University of Scranton a week after he was reported missing.

During closing arguments, First Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico reminded the jurors that Dominick and the other man charged in this case, Neil Pal continued to let the family and friends of Bonacci search for him, knowing he was already dead.

Gesturing to Bonacci’s family, Talerico said: “They lived for seven days with no answer, nothing, and some people could have changed that. Hold him (Dominick) accountable for that because he owned the knowledge of what happened."

While prosecutors say Dominick was the shooter, the defense argued it was Neil Pal who shot Bonacci and that Dominick helped cover it up because he fear Pal would kill him too.

During deliberations the jurors asked the judge several questions, including requests to see the reports filed by both the prosecution’s and defense’s ballistics experts.

Earlier in the week, Dominick took the stand and said he still believes Pal will kill him and has nightmares about it.

During the defense's closing, attorney Bernie Brown said: “The Bonacci family lost a son, the Dominick family lost part of a son based on what Jason saw."

Dominick faces six charges including first-degree murder, third-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

Jury deliberations are set to resume at 8:30 Friday morning.

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