Jeers Over A Jeep: PA Governor’s Race

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We are now two weeks away from Pennsylvania's primary election and one of the biggest races is for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Last week that race took a negative turn and now the attack ads are running, even attacking one candidate's choice of vehicle.

Somehow a Jeep has taken a starring role in the race for governor in Pennsylvania. Polls show Tom Wolf leading on the Democratic side. Some of his ads feature him riding in his Jeep.

Now his opponents have used it in their attack ads. Republican Governor Tom Corbett got involved in the Democratic primary, showing the Jeep stalling out and a Corbett truck running strong.

Jeep owner and lover Johnny Kay of Ashley is getting a kick out of Jeeps becoming such a big part of the governor's race. Kay likes his Jeep's reliability.

"This is a legend right here in its own time, this Jeep will go everywhere!"

There are a lot of voters in Pennsylvania driving a lot of cars, so does it really matter what kind of vehicle the governor candidate is driving?

"They're nitpicking already and they still have a long time to go until the election," said Bob Lohman of Nanticoke

Lohman, a Buick driver, doesn't care about a vehicle and doesn't care for the negativity.

"I think they should leave the mud out of it. What they've done, what they've planned to do," Lohman added.

"If you want to be elected, tell us what your background and your qualifications are and tell us what you'll do for the state, that's it."

Toyota driver Frank Malek from Hanover Township thinks the negative ads are silly, too, especially when a Jeep is the star.

"That's hitting a stupid low. I look at a lot more things than that, that would be priority number 99 or something like that."

There are two more weeks to go until the primary, and Jeep or no Jeep, there are a lot of ads to come in this governor's race.

Also running for the Democratic nomination are Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, and Allyson Schwartz.



  • ryry

    Jokes on the old busted a$$ Governor for trying to be smart beating a Jeep in his Ram truck. Because Chrysler owns Dodge JEEP and RAM. HERP A DERP!

  • Jack murray

    It just shows us that are Gov. Does not care about fuel that he use a big gas hog to try to show wolf up. Wolf is useing a 6 not a 8 for his commercials.

  • Angela

    I think people are forgetting the point I think Wolf was trying to make…he was trying to point out that he doesn’t want/need a government issued vehicle. Whether he would take one if elected governor remains to be seen and only time will tell.

  • June Arnold

    The facts everyone just the facts, I don’t care what you drive, just tell me what your background is and why you think you can lead the state better than Corbett has. What are your plans for the state? How are you planning on lining your pockets while in office? Leave the mud slinging to the little boys in the park. The public is sick of it and if you keep it up you can kiss the election goodbye Grow up already, if you don’t I don’t want you leading my beautiful state period.

  • Sammyd570

    Seeing as the jeep was basically invented in PA (butler PA, north of Pittsburgh) I’m gonna say the people of PA will side with a jeep, or whoever supports a more leinient marijuana policy…

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