Flames Spark in Home, Alleged Arsonist in Custody

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DURYEA -- Police in Luzerne County believe they have the man responsible for Tuesday morning arson.

Firefighters were called to a double block home on Main Street in Duryea a little after midnight.  Crews said one side of the house is vacant. Firefighters said two people live on the other side and made it out safely.

Police said the investigation found two fires were set in the vacant side of the home. One on the first floor, the other on the second floor.andrew ryzner arson mug

According to authorities, officers questioned Andrew Ryzner, 25, about the fire.  Police said they found evidence in the man's car.  Officers said Ryzner admitted to sparking the fire in an attempt to scare the owner into fixing bad electrical wiring.

Ryzner faces arson and burglary charges and is locked up in Luzerne County prison.


  • Jason L

    Get your story straight before you say anything, Bill. The same profile you pulled that info from showed he has not been a member at any fire department since 2011.

  • Jason L

    If you look at his profile you will see he has not been a member of the Hughestown or Dupont Fire Departments for several years now. Just a shame that someone who would want to help people would take time out to do something like this. Complete disappointment. Please do not compare this bad apple to all the firefighters in this area, as most of them worry about putting out fires and not trying to cause them.

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