Suspect Nabbed For String Of Robberies

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police have taken a man into custody for a robbery at a movie theater.

The holdup happened shortly after 1 p.m. Monday at the Cinema Center on West Fourth Street.

Police believe Jason Talini, 39, may also be responsible for other robberies in the area, including one Sunday at Moon Mart.

During Talini's arraignment he admitted to a heroin addiction and said that's what made him rob the stores.

Talini is locked up with bail set at $250,000.

Police expect to file other charges against Talini involving other robberies in the area within the week.


  • WildBill@WB

    That’s Jason ‘no neck’ Talini doing his impression of a turtle. I like to see him try that in Exeter.

  • MsM

    At your age dude if you don’t beat this thing bymaking the most of your time in prison; you won’t be long for this world. Hopefully you will be given enough time to get clean.

  • Erica

    First off, Why did they not say Christopher Robbins name, the poor guy’s face was all over the news and the front page of the paper, and WASN’T even guilty! Secondly, how on EARTH is this jason’s bail LESS than christopher’s was??????????

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