Brush Fire on Montage Mountain Burns for Hours

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SCRANTON -- Officials with Montage Mountain are figuring out how much damage was caused by a brush fire that burned for hours on Sunday.

The brush fire started burning around 6 p.m. on the grounds of the Scranton resort. Fire crews said the flames burned for nearly five hours due to windy, dry conditions on the mountain.

Crews had a hard time getting to the location to battle the smoke and a plane attacked the fire from above.  Officials with the winter and summer park said they're not sure how much damage was done by the brush fire.

"We had an amazing winter and I don't think this can affect us at all. The way we've been running with the new ownership we can pretty much get through anything," said Jessica Bouchard, a spokesperson for Montage Mountain.

Crews on the mountain used the the snow-making system to shoot water on the fire.


  • Andy Shuta

    When is a certain weather person going to stop commenting on hew much rain, snow, what the the wind speed and temperatures are on Mt. Top we are sick of hearing this, who cares already.

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