Troopers: Boy Shot and Killed by Uncle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- A 10-year-old boy died after being shot in the head by his uncle, according to state police in Pike County.

Chad Olm, 34, was arrested and locked up on a charge of homicide.

According to state police, the shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. Saturday at a home in Wild Acres development near Dingmans Ferry.

Hunter Pedersen was at a family gathering that included Olm, who was his uncle, as well as Olm's own son.

Prosecutors say Olm was showing the boys his gun collection, which included a Glock 27 with a laser sight on it.

According to court papers, Olm was showing the pistol to the boys and pointed the laser on the ceiling and walls.

He then allegedly pointed the laser at his nephew's forehead. Investigators believe Pedersen may have reached for the pistol before Olm pulled the trigger.

Lt. Christopher Paris of the Pennsylvania State Police said the crime scene was emotional and challenging for the officers who responded.

"There is nothing you can say that would make the situation better. They have lost something that is irreplaceable. You certainly try to express your condolences and let them know thoughts and prayers go out to them."

Paris says that Pedersen was fifth grader in the Wallenpaupack Area School District, and that the school is making provisions for grief counseling for students on Monday.

Olm could not post bail after his arraignment. He is behind bars in Pike County.

The Wallenpaupack Area School District had grief counselors available for students.



    GOD Bless this Family for the loss of such an innocent one. He’s with the Lord now and the family needs our prayers that they will remain united and be strong for one another. GOD Bless.

    • MsM

      There are no aetheists in foxholes, your time will come. What matters is eternal, not temporal save what goes down in our lives while we are in this temporary place. This boy will be in heaven, his murderer that remains to be seen. He took an innorcent life thru his foolishness. It’s not God’s fault this man is a fool. Free will caused this to happen. Where was everybody else while this dolt was playing toy gun? When my husband and his brother were out shooting target practice on the brother’s property and I found out my son was out there with them I flipped out! I yelled at them for not sending him back in, and I fetched him straight away from them.

  • Edward K

    My condolences to family. such a tragic loss of an innocent child. I have read in here more then four times. That you point your weapon at the ground or up in the air. And anyone who thinks this, it is only a matter of time before you hurt someone with your gun pointing up word. At the ground yes. Up word never. A bullet will travel as much as five times higher then the Empire state building, and what house up must come down, and if your lucky that bullet will not hit someone, but if it does it is negligence on your point, if you point your gun upward at angle the bullet could travel for up to a mile and a half, and again that stray bullet you fired in the air, well you better hope it does not strike someone, a bullet will go thru a house wall. And never point a gun at someone,or something that you do not wish to destroy, once fired you can not take the bullet back,

  • Benji

    He was my best friend why did this have to happen to him it wasn’t his time I prayer one day I can see him again

    • MsM

      Benji, we are all so very sorry this happened to your friend. It isn’t fair, I know. A way you can honor your friend is start an initiative and this means to set an activity in motion to promote gun safety and responsibility awareness.

    • Reginald VelJohnson

      Benji – take care young man. An 11 year old shouldn’t have to deal with this. Do us a favor though – get off the Net for a bit. It’s only going to make things worse. Mourn the loss of your friend, and spend time with your family.

    • Jill Zugibe Cassas

      Little Benji, I know you must be hurting but take comfort in knowing God has a plan for all of us that through this horrific tragedy something good will come out of it in the name of your best friend. God loves you and he will help you through your grief. It’s through you and all the people who love Hunter that will keep his memory alive. There will be a day that you will see your best friend again in the Kingdom of God and it will be glorious but until that day you be the best person you can be that’s all God wants of you. I will be praying for you. God Bless you, Benji.

  • Sue

    I think that if the families wishes r for it to b taken down then u should respect that in their time of grief and sorrow..and everyone should just chill out and spend ur time offering up prayers for this boy and his family and spending time with ur own u never know when your time on earth is over so cherish every moment

    • Reginald VelJohnson

      You people make me sick. It’s NEWS.
      WNEP is merely reporting the news. They are not injecting an opinion on right or wrong. They are doing their job – reporting a big story in our area. They only want it taken down because they are embarrassed.The family should be more concerned with grieving than what the court of public opinion thinks.

      • Jim Brony

        They are embarrassed? About what part? The fact they have a idiot in the family that should not be handling weapons, or that he is the boys’ uncle AND father? OK, time out – somebody draw this out in family-tree fashion for me – I’m confused.

    • MsM

      Sue, this is not the family’s personal website or FB wall, all due respect.This IS a horrible thing that happened. But sometimes if not most times the news isn’t good news. The news informs us, warns us, and gives us pause to reflect, comment, and act. The action here is not one of let’s bury our heads in the sand, the action here should be what happens with irresponsible gun ownership in the wrong hands. End of story. A little boy is dead because of someone’s stupidity that could’ve been prevented. This was not an accident but one of deliberate negligence. Henceforth; “negligent homicide.” In a court of law, what do you thing a judge would think of a grown man in his thirties pointing a gun at an 11 yr old boy’s head? If this was your loved one; a child for the Love of God; God forbid! How would you feel? Nothing? No anger at the futility of it all!?!?

  • Karmic

    Some people understand that it should be taken down,but this is a case that a child that was involved that possibly did nothing or did do something as we do not know. The thing is that a 34yr old was very much in the wrong for pointing a gun at the child. Yes the family is going through alot,but so does the community because someone or anyone is not using their head correctly. You in anyway shape or form ever put a gun up to a person? Your answer would be no right?

  • Tom R

    Sorry, Yvonte, but this is a news website and this story IS local news. The public has EVERY right to be informed of local news events. If you wish to have your news censored, move to Russia. I for one want to know what is going on in my community.

    WNEP is a NEWS website! For people wishing to leave condolences, please visit

  • Dawn Nagy Shultz

    gun saftey.. its a very sad event but it comes down to gun saftey.. period.. you never ever point a gun at anyone unloaded or not… you can lock the gun up and all that, but it still comes back to never pointing the gun at a person.. i just cant understand how this fact that is so simple but has happened time and time again.. prayers and thoughts are with the family of the lil boy…

  • jbrony

    So Jake, what news article should they take down next? The pedophiles, meth cookers, or negligent mothers? Who are you (or anyone else, including me for that matter) to say what gets put on the news and what doesn’t?

  • Tom R

    WNEP is a local news outlet, and they have EVERY right to post the news on THEIR website. They also have EVERY right to allow commenting on THEIR website. You have NO right to tell them otherwise. We live in America, where people have the right to their own opinion without the fear of being censored, even if you disagree. So please, do not tell other people what they can or cannot say.

  • pam

    My prayers to the family and everyone involved. May god wrap his loving arms around him to carry him home. Life as you know it can change in a blink of an eye for anyone. With that said a tongue is the sharpest tool anyone can own. It can cut the hardest. Please be curtious to this family while they wrap themselves around this terrible tragedy. Everyone is very well aware of how this could have been prevented so please show respect with what you comment. The community needs to come together in prayer, support and guidence for the family.

  • Tom R

    WNEP is a local news outlet, and they have EVERY right to post the news on THEIR website. They also have EVERY right to allow commenting on THEIR website. You have NO right to tell them otherwise. We live in America, where people have the right to their own opinion without the fear of being censored, even if you disagree. So please, do not tell other people what they can or cannot say.

  • jbrony

    Perhaps you should read the article again, Diane. It wasn’t the boy that handled the firearm, it was the supposedly mature, responsible uncle. Please tell us, what gun control measure(s) would have prevented this? A trigger lock or safe? Perhaps a background check? Maybe the gun should have been registered? Oh, wait, it should have had a reduced capacity magazine. There probably is more to the story but some cardinal rules of firearm safety(and common sense) were violated and no gun control laws can protect people from idiots that choose not to follow them.

    • dsm927

      What is it about handguns that makes them so appealing. What is going on in someone’s mind when they need to “collect” a tool designed only to kill another person? Glocks are covered in plastic and not noted for superior craftsmanship or detail, just their efficiency when it comes to killing. On WHAT is the appeal to own one of these based? Does it make you feel powerful? I’d love to hear a psychologist explain why men (and some women) get from owning and playing with handguns.

      • MsM

        Why do soldiers, cops bodyguards, hunters, CIA, FBI, and etc…own guns? We all have our reasons and for some it’s our job. It is my job to protect my home and family. I believe God does that for the most part and my part is to be armed and ready in the face of a threat. And yes, I had been put in that position and glad I had a gun. Guns are not meant to be misused. What is it about kitchen knives that everyone must have them? People never get stabbed? Most people get stabbed by hunting and utility knives. They bring them to school, out on the playground and start stabbing away. Where is the gun in that picture?

      • dsm927

        For the same reasons carpenters own hammers: they are a necessary tool that they need in order to do their job. You actually think God needs you to own a gun to supplement His caring for you? You didn’t get that from the Bible, that’s for sure.
        Kitchen knives? Mostly used for purposes unconnected to protection or for stabbing, whereas guns were designed for no other purpose. That’s a pretty weak analogy. Without GUNS, fewer people die- the vast majority of homicides & suicides involve a gun.
        The real point is how to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. The rest of this is a distraction from the real problem. It says: “…well-regulated…”!

  • Sydney

    seriously? the family asks you to take this off and your asking them why and telling them to get over it? that’s ignorant if you ask me… as far as I’m concerned the death of this little boy is none of your buisness and you have no right to be gossiping about it the way you are. I find it extremely rude to tell this grieving family to “get over” the death of such an innocent little boy. whether you want to believe it or not no ones perfect. not me, not any of you, and not the uncle. we all make mistakes whether they’re tiny mistakes or a huge mistake like this that cost somebody their life. I guarantee this uncles intention was not to kill his nephew, and I bet he feels terrible about this tragedy along with the rest of the family and all your comments aren’t helping. getting over a death of a loved one isn’t close to easy and of you’re so heartless that you can do that, kudos to you. the family isn’t. I think all of you should have respect for this family and take this down.

    • Sarah

      I am sure everyone here feels sorry for the boy and his family.What has everyone her commenting is the fact this was not a child that pulled the trigger it was a 34 yr. old. Unfortunately it is news. Good or bad it will be commented on. Uncle or not he was negligent in his handling of a fire arm that cost a child to lose his life.

    • Tom R

      @ Sydney – WNEP is a local news outlet, and they have EVERY right to post the news on THEIR website. They also have EVERY right to allow commenting on THEIR website. You have NO right to tell them otherwise. We live in America, where people have the right to their own opinion without the fear of being censored, even if you disagree. So please, do not tell other people what they can or cannot say.

    • MsM

      “Maybe the family of this horrific man is embarrassed that someone this irresponsible, and that’s putting it nicely, is in their *family*!

  • Michael Horowitz

    Why is it that these morons hardly ever point the weapon at their own head before “dry firing”? Because that would be insane! So point it at a family member instead, and a child no less. Even if the gun WAS empty, what kind of an example are you setting for the child? I’m sorry, but this isn’t comparable to a car accident, accidental stabbing, falling off a ladder, etc., etc., etc. . . Anyone who is defending the perpetrator really sickens me.

    • Jim Brony

      Actually Michael, it is comparable to falling off a ladder. If you choose to not read the safety information, not tie the ladder off, not set it up properly, and not work off it in the manner prescribed, then you are responsible for the outcome. Too many people use the excuse – it was an accident. With a few exceptions, most vehicle ‘accidents’ are preventable. Falling down the stairs can be prevented by keeping one hand free and using the handrail. Having the mindset of ‘stuff happens’ is setting yourself up for stuff to happen to you.

    • jerseygirl

      I think it is absolutely sickening that we are looking for sympathy for the uncle. This fool will have to deal with his guilt and pain of shooting his nephew. He is an idiot , what person in their right mind points a gun loaded or not at a child or anyone. This man deserves to rot in hell forever. Gun safety and common sense was definitely lacking. What about the other adults in that home. What the hell was going on there? Really, child protective service needs to investigate the entire family!

    • dmt73

      dannalserv it is perfectly analogous to when a reckless or drunk driver causes the death of innocents in a car wreck. In both cases a tool is used recklessly and causes the death of innocent people. In this case this man was reckless and irresponsible and deserves to be punished severely.

      • danallserv

        I absolutely agree he needs severe punishment. But I disagree that it is similar to misuse of a ladder. You hurt only yourself and not a little defenseless boy with a ladder. This person knew he was putting everyone in that room at risk by pointing that gun around like an idiot especially around children. It is like drunk driving, yes, not like a construction accident. The ladder accident is stupid.. The gun accident is homicide.

  • jbrony

    Dana, you should add to your list of things that are horrible and you hate them:
    Ladders, motor vehicles, bicycles, hammers, knives, stairs, etc. All of which if used improperly can kill. And statistically, some of those items kill far more people than firearms.
    It’s not the tool, it’s the user.

  • mike

    When handling a firearm always make sure it is unloaded and chamber is clear. And ALWAYS keep firearm pointed in a safe direction, up or down. Irresponsible gun ownership, and safety practices costed the young child his life. And the man responsible for the shooting will have to life with this for the rest of his life wherever he may live it. To everyone else always practice firearm safety. After all a gun is only a mechanical devise. And at any time a mechanical devise could fail.

    • dsm927

      I do not see how foxholes or atheists have anything to do with this story. It’s yet ANOTHER example of why we need sensible and proper regulation (as in “well-regulated…) to keep guns out of the hands of irresponsible, immature, angry, or the mentally ill people (many “men” fit into one of these categories.) A Glock is a tool designed with one purpose only: to kill another person with ease and efficiency. Let’s not be surprised when it happens.

  • dmt73

    A horrible tragedy that could have been avoided with common sense. This individual deserved to be charged with 3rd degree murder. Condolences to the family.

    Guns are tools and nothing more and should not be blamed for this tragedy anymore than we blame a car when a reckless or drunk driver take a life.

    Basic gun safety. If you can’t follow this then you have no business touching a firearm.
    -ALWAYS treat guns as if they are loaded, even when you know they are not
    -ALWAYS keep a gun pointed in a safe direction, loaded or unloaded
    -NEVER place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire

  • Stacey

    When posting please be aware of all that are reading this. Because it may be a family member. My prayers goes out to this family. They are a strong family and god will help them together and indivualy .

    • Dawn

      Thank you Stacey for saying that. I’m a family member & I’m his cousin. He will be missed terribly. Thank u for your support & prayers for my family. God Bless You Stacey!

  • Cathy K

    You do not play with guns, learn how to use them as what this says Troopers say Olm pointed a handgun at the boy and the gun went off. State police say Olm thought the gun was unloaded. NO gun should be pointed at anyone! Now a kid is dead. No do not take tthis down maybe someone else might be able to read this and lock the guns up!

  • Kristen

    Right or wrong this was a horrible accident! Do not pass judgment on people that you do not know. I know this family and they are great people. This was not Chad’s intent they are a loving very close family. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Be a human and show support and compassion, it was an accident!

    • Karmic

      Your right i will admit i dont know the family. But the thing that is most likely getting everyone is why would he point the gun at the child in the first place? My prayers go to the family

      • MsM

        Right on Karmic!
        Kristen, great people do NOT point guns at one aother for fun? Do great people point guns at chidren? Or do they in some circles? Is this the “norm” in your circles?

    • jbrony

      It was an accident? It was an accident that the gun was loaded? It was an accident that he pointed the gun at the boy? It was an accident that the trigger was pulled? WRONG WRONG WRONG ! It was stupidity and incompetence.

    • Nancy

      There is something wrong with you people who feel the need to discuss this. A family has lost a child, a son, brother grandchild,cousin, nephew.The only thing that should be on this site is prayers and condolences to the family. PERIOD!!!!!!

  • Cc

    Kayla, my family and I are very sorry for what happened. We are all praying for you and your family.

  • mike

    The little girl asking for this to come down is his family. That’s the victims sister. I believe she is asking the person that posted this on Facebook to take it down. Show some compassion. Find something else to talk about.

  • Karmic

    First of all why would you point a gun at anyone? I dont care if its unloaded or loaded you dont do that. The things i would like to say,i can not say them because it will get me no where. what i can say though is i hope he rots in jail and karma gets him. As for the boy’s family and friends i am praying to god to give you this strength to get through this time.

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