Getting Dirty For a Good Cause

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SCRANTON -- The Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run has come to Montage Mountain with nearly 8,000 women joining in the fun in Scranton.

The course put these women through a grueling race through mud pits, crawling on their hands and knees.

Some of the ladies who made it through to the finish said it was well worth it.

"Lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of dirt and mud. Shoes are covered, yeah, lots of fun, it was a great time, great event," said Kate Walsh, Waverly.

The Dirty Girl Mud Run helps benefit an organization that promotes early detection of cancer in women.

The mud run continues Sunday in Scranton.


  • Valerie

    If you compute the earnings and percentage though in total, a good amount still goes to benefit the charity. The more who participate, the more gets donated. Ever dollar counts when it comes to donating. I participated on Saturday and had a blast! It was worth it.

  • burtfan

    Kudos to the ladies who run this race but from what i’ve heard in the news only $2 of the $75 you have to pay goes to the cause. The other $73 covers overhead. Make sense?

    • Gracie

      Well you don’t pay $75, I paid $50. Survivors are free. I have heard that 2% of the total proceeds goes to cancer research which is the case with most of these type of 5Ks. Unfortunately I think the cost that is charged to use tw facility, set up the course, pay staff, etc. is outrageous. I agree it’s too bad more can’t be donated free. Although again, I believe that’s the case with many organizations for raising funds-they pay themselves and all of their bills of course.

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