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Sober Driver Arrested for DUI After Deputy Hits Her Car

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – “It was a miracle I wasn’t paralyzed,” Tanya Weyker said about her February 2013 collision with a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Tanya Weyker suffered a broken neck in the crash.

Tanya Weyker suffered a broken neck in the crash.

The deputy, video proved, rolled through a stop sign and T-boned Weyker’s car. However Weyker, 25, was charged with drunk driving, according to a report on

After the crash, Weyker said she told deputies she’d taken a few sips of a friend’s drink that night. When a deputy asked why her eyes looked red and glassy, Weyker said she told him he had been crying. She also told him she had taken Vicodin after she had her Wisdom teeth removed the week before.

Weyker’s injuries were so severe, deputies could not perform a field sobriety test. She was arrested anyway, on five separate charges including drunk driving causing injury.

“They made me into this criminal,” she said. “I knew I was innocent this whole time.”

In the weeks after the crash,  test results showed Weyker had no alcohol nor drugs in her system, reported.

Weyker has since filed a complaint against the deputy who arrested her who, she claimed, made up his version of the story to protect himself.


  • Tom

    Isn’t falsifying a police report against the law. I mean people get busted all the time for falsifying documents. The police State this country has become is concerning but too many people think they need them so they say/do nothing.

  • alan

    Lying to your employer or supervisor, making up stories to protect one’s position and job is a crime .Certain serious offenses of company policy may justify immediate termination Putting blame on a person such as a DUI .Easy paper work and usually not question . Deputies could not perform a field sobriety test..Even in uniform it’s protect and serve the community with public trust .
    Support the second amendment and support the constitution . The DUI police sit out front of clubs ,bars just waiting for some sorry person leaving going home from a night out .Some police are the worst offenders of this law .And most uniform police protect their own . But not everyone are ”The Choirboys ”

    • Dennis Vandercreek

      cops are the worst kind of criminals. They commit acts like shooting dogs in fenced in yards, and as well on leashes, steal our money, and occasionally shoot a kid. Even dogs on a pole the is unable to defend itself. H IN GOD’S NAME (OR ANY OTHER FOR THAT MATTER) CAN THEY CALL THIS JUSTIFIED, BUT YET THEY DO. THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

  • Linda

    A non-immediate family member got hit by a Sheriff’s daughter 20 years or so ago. Accident was clearly her fault as she ran a red light. This family member though had had a beer in him but not over the limit by any means. They would not test him. They charged him. Lots of money was spent trying to mitigate the damages. Sheriff’s daughter I assume got off scott-free.

  • DE

    She will win this case simply based on the fact that they were in the wrong. I hope she gets everything doming to her, and this is terrible that this happened to her. It’s not like there aren’t PLENTY of idiots out there DUI-ing everyday! Can’t have laws leanig in the favor of individuals trying to see what they can get away with in life, particularly because it puts others in danger. The worse part of this story is this cop was as dumb as dog doo after hitting HER car rolling thru a stop sign then trying to pass the buck on her. Pretty lame. But one bad cop doesn’t all bad cops make just like all drivers aren’t irresponsible druggies, drunks, speeders.

    • Dennis Vandercreek

      It isn’t just one bad cop, anymore. The cops are the worst kind of criminals as they steal our money, shoot our dogs and occasionally shoot our kids. We have to prove the money and vehicles were not used for such. They target drivers and money, not stopping the drugs. They are on the wrong side of the highway to stop the drugs from coming in, but are on the side of the highway to collect the out going money.

      Tell me this how does one justify shooting our animals and especially those on a chain in a fenced in yard? This kind of thing may not be happening where you are but it is here and somehow justify and call it legal.

      They have also been known to shoot a few kids with toy guns, here and elsewhere. Granted some (most today) toy guns do look pretty real, but what ever happen to “MINIMUM FORCE” FIRST AND NOT LAST???
      Even a doc I went to; went for what should have been the last option first, instead of let’s try this first; losing weight rather than cut on me.

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