Rain Slows Farmers’ Planting Season

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WAYMART -- The clouds broke and sun shine peeked out over parts of Wayne County which allowed farmer Brian Fox to get out and get some work done at Salem Mountain Farm in Waymart.

“Well, we like sun. We could do with a little less rain here. People think 'oh, we have gotten a lot of water isn't that good for your garden?' It's actually not,” said Fox.

The lingering cold weather combined with lots of rain left Fox's fields a mess.

“We're kind of in a holding pattern after our last rain storm which was about three inches,” said Fox.

Still, he's making the best out of a rough season and growing all the vegetables he can inside his greenhouse.

“It really helps us get off to an early start, especially getting a lot of transplants going and ready to go in the ground as soon as we can get them in there,” said Fox.

Fox says he has to wait for the fields to dry before he can plant which could take up to two weeks. That means he'll have fewer crops to sell this month.

“There's lots of small farms here producing great foods. Hopefully, they will be able to get back on track here soon,” said Donni Hoffman, Executive Director of the Cooperage Project.

In just a few weeks, the courtyard will be filled with locally grown produce. Farmers bring it to the farmers market. The project says they depend on the farmers rain or shine.

The farmers market in downtown Honesdale will open on Wednesday May 14. Donni Hoffman helps run the market.

"They're a resilient crew. They work hard and they always manage to bounce back somehow. So, it's really good when the community can come out and support the farmers," said Hoffman.

As for Fox, he doesn't expect to raise prices because of the slower start.

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