Sofia’s Spotlight: Liuzzo School For The Performing Arts

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A woman from Lackawanna County is helping change the lives of dozens of little girls by doing exactly what she loves.

Faith Ann Liuzzo-Bartholomew is a dance teacher from Carbondale.

She has recently started teaching a dance class for students with special needs.

Newswatch 16's Sofia Ojeda shows that Liuzzo-Bartholomew is being recognized for her love, compassion and dedication to the young girls.

With a little moving and some shaking, Liuzzo-Bartholomew kicked off classes at her studio in Lackawanna County.

Liuzzo-Bartholomew teaches dozens of kids dance in Carbondale.

From tots to teens, it's something she's been doing for almost three decades.

"I started dancing when I was four, and I started teaching about 28 years ago, so it's definitely in my blood, I don't see me ever stopping," said Liuzzo-Bartholomew, owner of Liuzzo School for the Performing Arts.

Liuzzo-Bartholomew is widely known in the community for her love of dance, her fun classes, and her choreography.

However, what some may not know is her love and compassion for her students.

Liuzzo-Bartholomew recently opened up a class for dancers with special needs.

She works with kids who have muscular atrophy, and others, who have Autism.

One dancer, five-year-old Macy, has a condition called, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Macy's grandmother said Macy's condition affects the muscles in her legs.

Since starting dance classes, Liuzzo has helped Macy tremendously.

"Her doctor, she goes to Hershey, and their suggestion was to keep her moving, and we decided to try dance. Faith is absolutely wonderful with her," said Margaret Bognatz, Macy's grandmother.

Other parents said Liuzzo-Bartholomew has become so much more to these girls than just their dance instructor.

"She's more of a friend and a mom and a teacher. She's a role model, and that's what the girls need these days. There's not many people that will give that kid that extra push that they need, that extra shove they need to succeed and Faith Ann does that," said Nicole Rosar of Carbondale.

Liuzzo-Bartholomew said she loves what she does. It comes from her heart, and she's always wanted to share her love of dance to help give back.

But most importantly, let kids know that anything's possible.

"I think it's important that every child learns that they have the opportunity to do whatever they want to do, that nobody can put them down and say you can't do that. You have to try if that's what you want to do, you need to be able to try, and I just wanted to show every child, everywhere that you can be what you want to be," said Liuzzo-Bartholomew.

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