Man Faces Almost 200 Child Sex Assault Charges

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CATAWISSA -- Matthew Mausteller of Catawissa faces 198 charges, including child rape. He is accused of having sexual contact with two young girls.

Police say Mausteller forced a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old to touch him inappropriately and he allegedly touched them, too. Mausteller was arraigned Thursday morning in Catawissa.

Mausteller, 24, of Catawissa is accused of having sexual contact with two young girls in a development in Catawissa. Mausteller faces close to 200 charges, including rape of a child.

"Really didn't surprise me on what I heard about him."

"It didn't surprise you?"

"Nope. None whatsoever," Billy Rhone said.

Some of Mausteller's neighbors heard about his arrest and say it upsets them to live so close to someone accused of such horrible crimes.

"It's shocking. I have two little girls and it's kind of scary," Ashley Brown said.

According to court paperwork, the two girls, ages 6 and 11, said Mausteller forced them to touch his private parts and he touched them inappropriately. Police say the child asked Mausteller if he was trying to rape her. Mausteller allegedly said, "No but trust me, if I wanted to, I would."

But Mausteller told police he tripped and fell on top of the child. He told cops he was wrestling with the girls and that it happened close to 50 times.

"It is devastating knowing what could happen, whether it did or not, nobody really knows for sure, but if it did it's really scary," Kayla Brown said.

The people who live at Hillside Village tell Newswatch 16 it is especially concerning because a lot of these apartments have small children living in them.

"There are kids all over the place in just about every apartment here. For that to be going on, it's scary," Ashley Brown said.

Matthew Mausteller is in the Columbia County Jail.


  • Matt

    No body knows what happened and yet you all jump to run your mouths you don’t know the truth about anything only what the news and the paper wants you to know it is bull but whatever karma will come soon

  • Summer

    So it seems the two girls kept changing their stories about what happened. If anything DID happen, they would’ve had the same story over and over with some pretty big details. Not to mention their mother was going to be his future sister-in-law and wasn’t always on the best terms with Matt. And if anyone is wondering how I know this, its because I’m a close neighbor of him, and the girls’ mother. So I sincerely hope people have the mind to THINK about things before jumping to conclusions, especially since the NEWS doesn’t put everything in their stories.

    • K

      “But Mausteller told police he tripped and fell on top of the child. He told cops he was wrestling with the girls and that it happened close to 50 times.” Abnormal and unacceptable. A 24 yr old man ha no business wrestling with little girls!?

  • Abi

    Matty would never. He helped me through my firefighting classes and I’m a girl. He never pulled anything, he always talked about his beautiful babygirl. And his twins. He loves his kids, and knows better than to do anything that would come between him and his kids. Now you all may not know him like I do. But this all seems like a load of bull. I got you Matty!

    • Summer

      He’s one of my neighbors. I’ve never found him to be anything “odd”. In fact, him and his girlfriend have always been pretty helpful and friendly to me, my son, and my boyfriend.

  • Wyatt

    Looks like the Pennsylvania Prisons and jails are gonna fill up in PA. Between the recent Assaults, Murders and Sex abuse cases in NEPA. Its getting clearly out of hand.

  • Justin

    I went to school with this man if you could call him that. To know him from then makes me sick to ever have met him. I hope that he is guilty and get what’s coming to him and worse. Hopefully a few inmates can give him a taste of his own medicine.

    • Summer

      Have you met him since then? Dont you think its wrong to wish such a thing with out KNOWING first??? I’m not saying he’s innocent, not saying he’s guilty either. But if you currently KNEW him, and the situation he’s been in, you’d be questioning EVERYTHING, not just one side.

  • Summer

    The girls live with their mother who’s been battling with cancer. So its NOT safe for you to assume that all the residents are drug addicts. Choose your words better next time.

  • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

    I’m telling ya, the freaks was cut loose, there are to many of them! I feel bad for the little girls that had to experience such a dirty act by an adult. There are still to many perverts out there, and everyone needs to keep their eyes open.

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