Murder Suspect Loose, Neighbors Worried

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SHENANDOAH -- Police are looking for Luis Ramos Nunez Calderon on charges including criminal homicide

Court papers show he got a ride to New York City after he allegedly killed his former girlfriend Wendy Contreras Hernandez in Shenandoah by cutting her throat.

"I don't know, it's scary, you know? It was so close. We didn't even know and we live here."

The victim and Ramos used to live together in a home on West Centre Street in Shenandoah

Court papers say the victim, Wendy Contreras had stayed with a friend because she was afraid Ramos would come back to the house and hurt her.

Neighbors say they saw the two fighting hours before Contreras was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

"They were fighting and they were arguing. I guess because they were together she broke up with him. He had dragged her into the house by her hair," said neighbor Nicole Brobst on Tuesday night.luis ramos nunez calderon mug

Police say a relative found Contreras dead in the home. The coroner says her throat had been cut.

We spoke with several neighbors. Most of them did not want to speak on camera because they're afraid, knowing a suspected killer is still at large.

"We have to catch him because obviously there are a lot of demands up inside of him. I don't want to show my face today because it could come back to me or my family."

Troopers say Ramos got a ride from Shenandoah to Hazleton. From there, a driver took him to New York City. The driver said Ramos had bloody clothes, was crying, and said he needed to talk to his mother.

Neighbors say they won't feel safe until Ramos is found.

"I'm shaky and the whole nine, you know? Yeah, it is scary. I didn't even sleep last night. I didn't even sleep last night at all."


  • Dawn

    Okay, if I was a neighbor and seen some poor woman being drug on the ground by her hair, I would have called the police. A life could have been saved here!!

  • randy

    Hazleton, Shenandoah, Ashland, Sunbury, Frackville, Tamaqua, Pottsville, Shamokin and Minersville all these towns progressively went downhill the last 10 years. it is a crying shame. Ignorant people can say what they want but it is true!

    • WildBill@WB

      Yeah but don’ say anything about their quest or a better life or criticize the New World Order or you’ll be branded as a racist and lose your basketball team. lol

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